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  1. We bit on Faddys performance last night McFadden I'm No Shirker
  2. Great team effort from all the guys tonight, cannae wait to see Faddy get back to full match fitness
  3. Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  4. C'mon The Well you can do this hold on now
  5. Higgy

    Cup Final Tickets

    Thanks to all for their offers I have got a ticket now thanks to Shotts Well Fan Will see you in JD's tomorrow thanks again
  6. Higgy

    Cup Final Tickets

    Let me know either way by text mate have sent you pm with my mobile number, leaving work now so no internet till get home in 1 hour ta
  7. Higgy

    Cup Final Tickets

    I'm still in London mate, i can meet you anywhere you like tomorrow or transfer the cash either paypal plus any costs or whatever you suggest? sent you a pm
  8. Higgy

    Cup Final Tickets

    Hi mate i'll have the single ticket if it's still available?
  9. Higgy

    Cup Final Tickets

    Tickets bought & paid for last Saturday to be sent by registered post, the club has managed to lose the tracking number and have no way of locating my tickets and they have not arrived. I'm due to leave from London in next hour to drive up, i offered to buy another ticket and asked if they could leave at the club shop, but they were unwilling to do that Can any one assist? Cheers Higgy
  10. Higgy

    Cup Final Tickets

    Got my email last night about 7pm, called the ticket office today took 4 attempts to get through so no too bad, 2 tickets being posted out. Planning on hitting JD's latter part of Friday night, anyone know who's running busses from there?
  11. Best of luck guys have just sent £20 via paypal, hopefully get to be part of it if i can get a ticket ok? Cheers Higgy

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