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  1. 1991

    Fir Park Sleep Out

    Might be a silly question but if you set up a go fund me page can it be for the charity of your choice or the charities already selected
  2. 1991

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Big man had a great game nearly scored too, had a wee slip in first half which Villa almost scored from but overall was excellent. Villa were terrible, how Ross McCormack dosnt get a game is beyond me
  3. 1991

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    As we have no game today I'm going down to Wigan to watch Kipre in action v Villa should be a good game.
  4. 1991

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Steve Jones looks good at star sixes, i had forgot about him, he played in scottish cup final for us. Well are well represented I'm going today hope Faddy improves.
  5. 1991

    Where are the bois?

    I have no issue with Imrie celebrating in front of us for me that adds to the atmosphere, at the end of the day we sing his maws a matress every game, so when he scores right in front of us human nature takes over. It not like he ran the length of the park. I sound like I'm the Dougie Imrie fan club but I'm not, if you get singled out ie Scott Brown, Leigh Griffiths Wayne Rooney and get a chance to silence the haters for a few seconds is that so bad.
  6. 1991

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    I think Livinston is a better left back than ATS, I would like to see him get a run in the team. Is Hastie a season long loan or back with us
  7. 1991

    Where are the bois?

    Surprised nothing has been mentioned in media re the seats getting launched on park or the incident in the accies stand which I presume was Well fans in their end. I did think the atmosphere was great at times, first time in a while a large following gets a result
  8. 1991

    Hamilton Man of the Match

    Thought Frear was great but has to be Aldred
  9. 1991

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Would never say Bowman was best striker at club, this has prob been the worst batch of strikers we have had in a long time. Johnson can finish but goes missing far to often. Main is a strange one seems to be underachieving dosnt score enough goals but like Bowman seems to give 100%. Sammon has proven he can score goals at this level, I would like to see him get a few games under his belt I know he is unpopular but he still managed goals for Thistle last year. James Scott, can't judge him maybe deserves a chance playing with Sammon to try something different
  10. 1991

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    I liked Bowman but never thought he was good enough, always gives 100%. I have a feeling we might see Lee Erwin return
  11. I feel I say this all the time but that is one of the worst games iv been at, left thinking i might not bother going on boxing day which isn't like me. I liked Robbo whoever I feel that is a result of the 2 cup finals. I think January is important get rid of guys like ATS and Sammon. I would even let Bowman go as I think we could get better. I know for every last min Celtic equaliser there is a St Mitten at home but that added with Livi away recently is a killer punch.
  12. 1991

    craigan - a big loss

    Who will get the job? Usually a promotion from exiting staff so prob McManus
  13. Elliot Frear is terrible only winger who can't beat a man or cross the ball, he wasn't the only failure today but he brings nothing to the team especially when we have a fight on our hands. I also can't see why Johnson stayed on for 90mins it just wasn't his day today strange why Robbo took Main off
  14. First time Robbo summer signing played a part. Gillespie: prob the first 2nd choice keeper we have had that is good enough, when you lose a keeper of Carson he looks a great addition when you look at guys like Griffths, Hollis and Neilson Mbulu: Looks like a real prospect, early to judge but looks like he adds pace and composure at back Rodriguiez: Did job asked when he came on to protect lead, not saying he is a first choice but good squad player Johnson: worked hard looked fitter and 2 good goals. Sammon will never stay beyond loan spell.
  15. Grimshaw is a strange one, today he was superb and has been great the last few game (apart from rangers) I think today made me realise how valuable a player like him is to a team like us as he can play in so many position mostly defensive. I thought he would go at end of season but now I think he is a first team regular and if he continues he deserves a new deal. I felt the same in build up to cup final last year but he fell away at start of season. I think I may have written him off to soon.

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