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  1. What else could SOD have done, if anything Sondre was not aware what was going on round about him, he had no idea where the ball was, it was really unlucky the way the ball fell but you single out SOD
  2. 100% agree with this, I love the atmosphere as much as anyone and get we all have different opinions but a small minority of our fans need to get a grip. The guys were standing at the front after we scored so can't see the sudden need to throw a drink at that point just a coincidence that it nearly hit O'Donnell, I saw the guys looking for a square go and it made me think is it worth it going to away games. To be clear this is a minority
  3. I beg to differ I saw it clear as day
  4. 1991


    As above the target was met within the first few hours, the remainder of funds raised will go to the season ticket initiative. The badges also sold out just shows how well he was thought off.
  5. I thought Lamie had a good game. We need at least 1 more midfielder as well as Ohara coming back. SOD has had a poor start to season but i think he will get better. Good point to take from game. Lawless contributing was a pisotive.
  6. As i said my hearing must have been off, sorry for the mis info but its def Jesse
  7. Its def Debrah, i checked internet and saw forward then looked on transfer market and saw he is listed as CB.
  8. Just to clarify my first impression was he looked ok but did say you cant judge in a bouce game, Kipre was used as comparison re physical presence i didnt say he was the next Kipre. As for watching from afar yoy may have a point as my hearing seems to have failed me, Christian was actually Jesse, now established to be Jesse Debrah ex millwall
  9. The irish centre half from Leicester played. Another big physical cantre half who's first name was Christian, he looked not bad, he had a similar physical presence as Kipre. he looked a bit better than the Irish lad but hard to judge either of them. At half time an athletic looking central midfielder came, he was tidy on the ball, reminded me of the role Andy Rose played. Think is first name was Mikel or similar, i heard after game he has been training with us for 4 months but was recovering from a lengthy injury, he looked quite comfartable with the ball. Think there were a couple of trialists who didnt get on. It was a really tough game so hard to judge anyone of them espically from my point on the hill watching the game
  10. We didnt create much today, Millwall controlled large parts of game, we had a few chances but nothing much else. Watt looked our most likely and Woorley looks like a good addition. They were a really good side, the Millwall fans i was talking to seem impressed with their pre season so not looking into this result to much
  11. He hit a freekick over the 10 footfence behind the goal today
  12. I watched the game today. O'Connell started the game along with another really physical centre half who had the same phyisicality as Kipre. His first name was Christrian. O'Connell didnt have his best game but hard to judge as Millwall were impressive. Donnelly played first half and played well. Van Veen played had some noce touches but looked a bit short of fitness. Woorley looks decent, never gives up and looks to have pace. At half time a trialist came on in middle of park, anotger big physical player, reminded me of Andy Rose, he looked calm on ball, his first name was Mikel and has been at the club for 4 months. Amaluzor came on, reminded me of Seedorf but a bit more physical. Max Johnston looked decent, Watt put in a really hard shift and Kelly made some great saves. Interesting that McGuire played full 90
  13. 1991


    As i mentioned in my previous post myself Andy P have co hosted on the MFC Podcast, last night Andy Ross and I were joined by Allan Burrows to pay tribute to Andy P We also decided to discuss pre season and have a general chat about Motherwell as that's what Andy would have wanted, il post a link if anyone fancies listening.
  14. 1991


    Absolutely gutted, had the pleasure of doing the MFC Podcast with Andy P and Andy Ross through the last year, he was such a good guy. Always the winner of any quiz. I had the pleasure of doing a podcast with Andy P in May talking about the cup final, the passion from both of us showed how much football meant to him. I will miss speaking to him about all things Motherwell, he had a photographic memory about our team. I send my condolences to his family who i know he spent alot of time with. RIP Andy, you will be missed

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