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  1. Ref was the usual disgrace. Never a penalty, how he can give a red card is beyond disgraceful! Not saying we would've won but at 1-0 we had a chance. They had not really created much. Any chance we had was wiped away by the incompetent ref.
  2. Me and my mate are heading there. Hope it's better than it was for the semi final, only about 10 well fans in there. Was good for the last final though.
  3. Unfortunately missed out a couple of times due to not being a season ticket holder anymore. Had a season ticket for years then had to give it up due to change in work shifts. Couldn't get a ticket for either playoff game against rangers even though there were plenty of tickets left as I hadn't bought a ticket for a home game. Always pay at the gate like everyone else when I can get to a game so only time I bought a ticket was for european games which they said for some strange reason didn't count. Season ticket holders and well society members should 100% get first pick at tickets etc but 5 per person is a bit much. Surely 3 each would suffice and then let people who purchased tickets for previous rounds who aren't season ticket holders can get tickets as don't see a public sale happening.
  4. Thats my thoughts as well superward, no early goal. Keep it tight early get their fans on their backs. 1-0 mcdonald sounds good to me!
  5. Unfortunately my mate that I go to the games with is in the same position. Raging! I will be so pissed off if there are lots of empty seats on sunday.
  6. Just phoned the ticket office and have been told I cant get tickets for the home leg even though I am on the database as my name is on the database from buying European tickets. What a load of crap! I pay at the gate for home games so how the hell does that work!
  7. Looks like Baraclough is the new manager then. Down to 1/8 on skybet.
  8. Fair enough looking at the teams above then yeah you are right but I was looking at the games won percentage which was 36%.
  9. If its between Van der Gaag and Barraclough it would have to be Barraclough for me. The fact he is currently working as a scout in the English Championship would mean he would be very knowledgeable of the lower english leagues where I think is our best chance to bring in players who could quickly find their feet and help us climb the league table. His managerial career seems pretty decent albeit in the Irish league compared to that of van der gaag whos best finish was 5th with maritimo, hardly something to shout about. I'm just glad that Butcher, Adams and Shiels seem to be out the running!
  10. Smid

    Rangers V Motherwell

    Really poor performance tonight. Too many slack passes, lack of imagination going forward and yet again piss poor defending of a crossed ball! We look so slow and predictable when we try and play through the middle. Thought Law had his worst game for us tonight unfortunately. Hopefully this is the right good boot up the arse we needed before we play Celtic.

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