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  1. Quite a few good performances today. I'd go for McDonald just edging out Marv and Cadden.
  2. He was on the BBC. Didn't say much. Changed the shape to nullify Caley trying to control the game from deep. Mostly spent the interview complaining about the foul on Gomis in the lead up to the winner.
  3. Most of the top tier was open. Only the Lisbon Lions upper is closed. That said I doubt there was over 40k there.
  4. roly

    Celtic Motm

    Has to be Moult for me. I thought Ainsworth sparked the game into life in the second half and looked really up for it. Was surpised he was the one taken off for the tactical reshuffle. Had he picked up a knock? Solid performances all round with McDonald and McManus also standing out for me.
  5. Hall was solid enough. Though I thought he was a bit culpable for the Celtic goal, comitting to a tackle and missing allowing them in behind. He didn't really put a foot wrong other than that and was just unlucky we got punished for it. Thankfully it didn't cost us in the end.
  6. A point on the road to one of the better teams in the league, albeit off the boil a bit, is decent progress. Sounded like a decent performance, which is something we've not seen often enough in recent times. Good to hear a few player who haven't kicked a ball this season up till now finding a bit of form. Hopefully we can build on this... Onwards and upwards.
  7. roly


    Alan Muir.
  8. Erwin only yellow carded after the game. Prepare for more h*n seethe...
  9. I enjoyed listening to the "Celtic fan" who was a "steward" at the game was appalled by he ugly scenes as someone in corporate hospitality gave some h**s the finger! Obviously actually one of those precious Vanguard Berz.
  10. Bonus content of the BT Sport footage of us partying in an empty Ibrox for 20 minutes. Desperate to see that!
  11. "home fans indulged in what can best be described as hate crimes." "Fans were firstly subjected to the following chant, “We f*cking hate Rangers” early on in the first half." "No one likes us, we don't care"
  12. All our clubs and chairmen are desperate for the blue pound. I mean, look how prevented Rangers from financial meltd..... Oh, wait.
  13. Was the blue pound the one Craig Whyte used to by them?
  14. roly

    Josh Laws Wedding

    It's going to be a pretty tough speech to write now!

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