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  1. McIness was sitting next to us at the dundee united game thought he might of been looking at randy because david james is leaving them is he not.
  2. i noticed it. and if he is fuck him. he came in and when straight into the team by the way quite rightly so he gave the full team a lift at a time were it was needed. But murphy and humphrey have been on the same bench this season at times so he has to take the bad with the good.
  3. lets fucking go for this motherwell a dont mind if end up losing 3-0 just fucking go for it
  4. they c***s are talking about checking soccer base to compare fouls when we play rangers, really are fuckin paranoid 23 points clear and there worrying about that fucking idiots.
  5. Always remember Bruce Springsteen - My Hometown getting played good song.
  6. Wulliemfc1


    Right they c***s are taking the piss just watched aberdeen and queen of the south for 20mins wouldnt even class it as football utter pish killie and hibs got about 15mins worth of boring shite, we win 6-0 and they show the fucking goals no more than 40seconds WTF.
  7. Murphys not the type of player rangers need right now i think he will stay and as for 250k they can go and take a run and jump wouldnt sell for any less than 500k.
  8. i like a wee song now and again but really need to cut out that fuck the SFA pish thats old firm nonsense were better than that.
  9. what a fucking joke!!!! we better not accept this theres no way u can justify these muppets giving the same punishment to jennings as they did that baldy ugly wee rat bastard no fucking way. RAGIN.
  10. Wulliemfc1

    Dundee Utd

    Thought hutchy was outstanding considering the conditions
  11. Wouldnt pay much attention to this one considering he doesnt seem to exist even according to rochdales website he doesnt play way them lol
  12. fir park holds 13,742 the attendance was 10,440 where was the 3000 odd empty seats?
  13. just shows you the mentality of them
  14. are uz sure it wasnt pat mcCourts green army? sounded like that to me if am wrong its fucking disgraceful if thats what they were singing

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