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  1. Hey Guys, looking for a bit of help. My Son has asked Santa for the away kits/tops from 2019/20 (white) and 2017/18 (black) both Macron, which obviously can't be bought anywhere. Any chance any fellow well fans have kids grown out of these and are in decent condition? He's 9 but quite big for his age. Happy to pay a decent rate for them, and it would save the magic of Santa for maybe 1 more year Please let me know. Thanks, Colin
  2. On now, cheers guys CMON THE WELL
  3. I'm watching from 'overseas' tonight, is it normal for the video to not be on yet?
  4. McLean came off the bench against Accies, so i wouldn't say he's "nowhere near the team".
  5. Our two bogey teams in recent years have been Killie and St Mirren. One of them put to bed last time out, reckon we can give the other mob a doing at the weekend. 3-0 to the good guys (Anier, Sutton and Vigurs)
  6. The difference being that in England they won't overreact and change the law because of one or two groups of fans. Trouble in once match in Scotland saw the ban coming in to force. As it was the only match that matters in Scottish football and nobody else matters.
  7. HanoMaSano

    Jim Gannon

    I remember the start of the Jim Gannon era with a lot of hope and excitement. The first couple of month or so went really well and things were looking good, young players coming through and the team playing well. However I think some folk are forgetting how bad it actually was after that initial period. While his sacking was mainly down to factors away from the results on the pitch, the team were absolutely shocking in that period. Gannon won only 1 of his last 10 games at Motherwell, conceding 25 goals! His head was stuck so far up his own arse that despite shipping goals for fun he never once in an SPL match started with Craigan and Reynolds. (As far as I remember) The first thing Brown did when he came in was revert back to Craigan and Reynolds in the centre of defence, the result? 2 goals conceded in the next 10 SPL games. I fully believe that if Gannon hadn't got the bullet, the slide would have continued and we'd have been in serious trouble.
  8. Absolutely no logical reason for thinking it, as Kuban clearly should be better than us in every department. There's also the play off round to negotiate (most likely against more high class opposition), but I've got a funny feeling in my gut about the Europa League this season!
  9. Exactly, We'll see the place packed to the rafters for the first group game!
  10. Is it just me that thinks later on a Saturday seems like a great time for a game?
  11. How can you compare jumping on a schedule flight to Alicante to chartering a plane to Iceland/Albania etc? Apples and bananas.
  12. This is true, but only if the draw for the next round is before the conclusion of the current round. eg. If Rosenborg were to lose to an unseeded team in round 1, that team would be defacto seeded in round 2 as the draw for round 2 had already taken place. They would not then be seeded in round 3 as the draw fo round 3 is after the conclusion of round 1. They like to make things simple!
  13. Kind of. The draw for our round is before the completion of the previous round. So "Winner of Rubin Kazan vs Hibs" would assume Rubin Kazan's seeding in round 3 draw. If Hibs were then to win the tie, the draw would have aready been done so they would be playing an unseeded side.

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