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  1. If true, also stick me down for a Large.
  2. Been looking like this, but today just shows that we are going to be very incosistent under McCall.
  3. muir on tour

    Celtic Forum

    The boy that posted is declan robert year below me at school. Talks a fair amount of shite and is quite a dafty. Just to clear it up the boy is prodestant, although we do ask why he doesn't go to our ladies suucks up there Arse big time, just wants to be accepted me thinks
  4. Hi, Im a better fan than you because I dont moan.
  5. Well then statistics don't lie, he will break the record and that would mean Randolph is a better keeper. I think he is anyway, much more consistent and makes very blunders and can also pull off the odd wonder save. Ruddy at times was very incosistent and had a few blunders at times, although when on his game was arguably the best in the SPL.
  6. muir on tour

    Ross Forbes

    I dont really know what to make of Forbes. Obviously footballing wise a very talented player, but coinfidence and fitness arent the best. When his coinfidence so does his game entirely, I dont think he is unfit because he doesnt put the work in aswell, I think he is naturally just like that.
  7. Glad Jeffers got a goal, but just remember this guy scored a goal on his England debut...just saying like doesnt mean hes gonna be a success. Being serious, hope he does well and scores more important goals
  8. Sure are! Fair enough its your own opinion
  9. On the current form we are in and what ive seen so far, we are gonna fish 9th or 10th. Pretty shocking if you ask me and thats the way it is heading. I want Motherwell to suceed, but McCall is already looking to be quite a shite appointment.
  10. May be your opinion but Randolph is not better than Sczesny, Almunia and Al Habsi. Maybe Kingson and Fabianski but you would face problems trying to convince people. Your absolutely bonkers if you think Randolph is better than these players 7-8 months after getting released by a very lowly Charlton Athletic.
  11. Ha! You have got to be kidding me on! Randolph is a solid keeper very consistent. But never good enough to be a Premiership keeper.
  12. Are we allowed to slag off McCall yet? Or have we to stop be being so pessimistic still?

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