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  1. 21 years old, 100 games. What a guy.
  2. I think there's only 3 centre halves in the squad now? He's got an excellent chance of getting a game now, especially after his performance at the weekend.
  3. So poor from Grimshaw there and Tait under absolutely no pressure there. We'll do well to keep this respectable now.
  4. I was too harsh on Maguire earlier, he's done pretty well. Cole has worked his socks off and Long has done nothing but gurn at his teammates.
  5. I wouldn't wear one either, it's not something we need to make a big deal out of. Still very much in the game here.
  6. Straight from kick off Barry Maguire literally launches it out of play while we have a guy who plays international football with Christian Erikson sitting on the bench. Questions need to be asked.
  7. We are playing well with the ball, Celtic very dangerous though.
  8. My MFC TV stream is shite today too.
  9. No Hartley, 3 5 2 with Tait at centre half? Also sloth on the bench yaaaassssss No defenders on the bench, hope we don't get any injuries...
  10. You should've seen the unedited version. I unfortunately bottled it.
  11. ...but he will be in charge until March if they make the playoffs.
  12. Gallagher, Carson and Donnelly all called up for their countries. Maybe a mod can change the title of this thread to Motherwell Internationals or something.

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