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  1. I thought he was our only midfielder who could get on the ball in tight spaces and keep it last night.
  2. Absolutely no chance that it was aimed at the guys standing right at the front, or the linesman. Everyone in that section behind those guys was on their feet, the guys at the front weren’t blocking anybody’s view. As soon as it went tits up on the park O’Donnell started getting a world of abuse. We had attacked a few times before the incident and nothing was thrown, but when he was right in front of the fans taking a throw in the full cup of coke got launched right at him. Throw in the two guys walking up and down the stand offering square goes to anyone having the audacity to ask people not to scream at our captain from 10 yards away that he’s fucking shite and it’s a miserable night for all involved.
  3. There are some utter fucking clowns in our support. Shoutout to whoever launched a full cup of coke at our captain when he tried to take a throw in with 5 minutes to go.
  4. Slattery still not making the XI, interesting one. A bit short in attacking options from the bench. Hopefully we bring in someone this window.
  5. I guess if he’s one of our top earners and wasn’t going to be playing then £100k and him off the wage bill is reasonable.
  6. I’d take a fully fit Leigh Griffiths for the rest of the season, Alexander would do well with him.
  7. I'd trust a side managed by Alexander to have what it takes.
  8. Disappointed he is away now tbh. Not because I'd want him playing for us, but because it will undoubtedly strengthen Dundee Utd who are a few places behind us. I just hope we got a decent fee for him. I see Roberts as a replacement for Watt more than Shields, who has done well out wide but is more suited to through the middle imo. Edit - re the discussion above about wingers and forwards, I thought Watt and Woolery played more as wingers than forwards, they did a power of tracking back.
  9. Absolutely delighted for the wee man.
  10. Roberts signs. A decent first season but not featured much this season. There's a player in there though so reasonably happy with that.
  11. I was having beers with a mate of mine in Manchester the other day and his brother was there. He spent a season with Caley Thistle whilst Malpas and Butcher were there, I told him what Motherwell fans thought of Malpas in particular, his dour demeanour and his infamous "that's just your Donald Duck" quote. He was quite surprised by it and said that Malpas was an absolute character, always cracking jokes and keeping morale up, but at the same time was far scarier than Butcher overall, although he did tell me a story about Butcher having to be held back from ripping one of his players to pieces at half time once. Also apparently Richie Foran loved a pint, who knew?
  12. I think we’ll see a return to full attendances for Ross County away.
  13. Lewis Grabban popping up to score against Arsenal and kill my coupon stone deed.
  14. Moult an unused substitute today, good to see him back in the squad.

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