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  1. I would much rather have Cole than Seedorf and Hylton, he can get us up the park quickly in a way that nobody else really can, he's very quick.
  2. Mugabi has been just fine this season, probably our best defender.
  3. Think he means Turnbull. I was also a wee bit surprised he wasn't included tbh.
  4. ---------------Carson ------Gallagher---Mugabe----Maguire Grimshaw-----------------------------Hastie ------Campbell---Polworth----O'Hara ------------Watt---------Lang O'Donnell's been rank for a few games now and Hastie will at least get us up the park. Lamie needs dropped pronto, the guy is a bombscare. Gonna go 3-2 to us, Watt, Lang and a late Campbell winner.
  5. Lamie is a fucking bombscare and needs dropped asap.
  6. The old firm levels of paranoia is cringeworthy.
  7. Agreed the first two gave us one or two good memories but Gannon was an utter rocket and Barraclough was so far out his depth it was unbelievable.
  8. GazzyB

    Big Dec

    ^ agreed. Still raging at Declan for Thursday, utter fuckin stupidity.
  9. That was O'Donnell's first poor game tonight in my opinion, but it was a bit of a shocker.
  10. Very disappointing, we started so brightly. Individual errors have cost us. Gallagher is a fucking clown also.
  11. Robbo and Long going mental at each other on the touchline?
  12. Robinson's bringing on of Jordan White is akin to McCall shutting up shop in Russia or Greece or whatever it was.

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