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  1. +1 to that, happy to pay a bit extra if needed
  2. Flow said on Twitter they were having issues. Reckon there’ll be a scramble for tickets for the away leg if it’s in Sligo, or will it be the usual “everyone who wants a ticket will get one”?
  3. “I hope a sixteen year old boy who I had never even heard of up until today goes on to have a terrible career because he doesn’t play for my team any more.” Wise up man.
  4. Full trip to Sligo booked, fuck it.
  5. That’s fair doos. We’ll get a decent indication when the bookies post odds for the game. I’ve got two hotels booked as well, if Sligo are heavy favourites then I’ll buy flights too.
  6. Are people booking or just looking into it, out of curiousity?
  7. That’s a truly ridiculous thing to offer even money on, and you know it.
  8. I’ll bet you 100 quid one of them finishes in the bottom six.
  9. I don’t think we do. We have a very similar squad to the one that was 3rd for so long last year and managed to finish 5th. 2 or 3 quality additions and a better style of play from the manager will hopefully see us finish top six.
  10. GazzyB

    Fixtures 2022/23

    Not a bad start at all.
  11. Bit disappointed at the news, means I can’t rant any more…
  12. It is absolutely amateurish. Do you think Man City would tweet the dates of their Champions League tie, only for their chief exec 6 hours later to say “sorry I was on holiday, hold off on booking anything for the home leg yet, we are gonna ask UEFA if we can swap the dates about.”? It’s the last I’ll say on the matter, but it’s just standard from us to fuck about like this these days.
  13. That’s just ridiculous, as already stated the club tweeted the dates after the draw. Burrows’ excuse of being on holiday is amateurish in the fucking extreme. The club could have put it out there any time in the last few weeks they might have looked into changing the dates for the draw.
  14. That’s really annoying for those of us that have booked travel for the home leg. Six hours after the draw before he mentions it. Not everyone lives in and around Fir Park for fuck sake.

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