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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57513484 I've gone for Rangers Celtic Hibs Hearts Aberdeen Motherwell Dundee Utd Livingston St Johnstone St Mirren Dundee Ross County I think we'll sneak into top six this year.
  2. Kelly O'Donnell O'Connor Lamie Carroll Maguire Donnelly Slattery Woollery Van Veen Watt Or the same line-up but with Watt benched and McGinley coming in and us going 3-5-2. 2-2.
  3. I don't mind not getting the subs on, getting minutes into the guys that will be playing next week is good.
  4. Penalty to Annan, jeezo that was soft.
  5. Pleased for Maguire, he has looked very assured in these LC games.
  6. Van Veen fuming he's not getting the ball. To be fair he's standing with nobody near him with his arms in the air asking for it.
  7. He's absolutely rapid and has an end product, think we've won a watch here.
  8. That deserved a goal, really lovely stuff from us.
  9. McGinley was awful on Wednesday and has been awful so far today too.
  10. The other benefit is that it draws two men out. One guy alone taking the corner = no defenders out. Two guys out there = two defenders not in the box.
  11. What's wrong with it? We've scored a few from set pieces since Alexander came in, no?
  12. No game chat? We all at Fir Park? Unusual lineup to say the least! Maybe a 3 4 3?
  13. Looks a solid signing, shores up the back line. What is our preferred CB pairing? I assume this new boy and either Lamie/Mugabi with O'Connor as backup. A creative midfielder now please.
  14. Fans like you are utterly laughable. I could go through match threads from the end of last season when you were creaming your knickers at the opportunity to scream how we were definitely going down and quote the mountain of utter utter drivel you post. Every fucking week since you came back. And would you look at that you’re completely fuckin wrong always! If we had been knocked out then aye it’s a shambles, and quite embarrassed. But tonight doesn’t change anything, we will still go through, and as a result it’s more about minutes in the legs instead of some faded rivalry from the 80s. Just because I’m not “fucking embarrassed” or in the “we are going to get relegated” camp doesn’t mean I can’t see the clear need for signings/improvement. I’m just not seething with rage and mashing my keyboard for every fourth post like you. Now ring out your knickers.

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