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  1. A very good point considering we are bottom of the league, but a tinge of disappointment given we were 1-0 up until the 70th minute.
  2. Lawless already looking very tidy.
  3. Bollocks. Edit - he was a foot offside, fuckin shockeroony.
  4. Watt and Seedorf off for Lawless and MacIver. Didn't know MacIver was back with us, hopefully he can get on the ball for us.
  5. Would like to see us leave a striker on their last man so that when we do hoof it long we can at least put them under pressure.
  6. Need to hold the ball up better up top. Hopefully GA doesn't see White as the answer to that.
  7. Stephen O'Donnell if you want to maybe get out and press your man instead of standing there and giving him 20 yards to steady himself and pick his spot that'd be great.
  8. Seedorf constantly giving away freekicks and throw ins that are so obviously going to go against him and then standing with his arms outstretched looking at the ref with sheer disbelief is infuriating.
  9. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/71628/Motherwell_vs_Rangers.html
  10. Bright start, lose a goal 20 minutes in, end up getting beat 3 or 4 nil. OR Take a shock lead in the first half, defend like fuck, equaliser around 70 minutes, winner around 75 minutes, and another one around 85 minutes when we're chasing the game. Take your pick.
  11. Scottish football is a fucking joke.
  12. He doesn't need to boot the ball away from danger 8 yards out while we are 1-0 up with 8 minutes to go? What is he meant to do? Genuine question.

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