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  1. You don’t think Donnelly could sit in and let Slattery get forward a bit more?
  2. Kelly Mugabi Sondre/Lamie if he’s not fit Ojala Carroll Goss Slattery Donnelly/O’Hara Woollery Van Veen Watt That is our best team right now. Play it and 2-0 to us. Play O’Donnell, Grimmy, McGinley and put KVV out the left and we won’t win.
  3. Fantastic strike, but we have been beyond pish today. Really quite disappointing.
  4. Get Grimshaw and McGinley out the team and Carroll and Donnelly or O’Hara back in ASAP. As mentioned we have nobody to hold the ball up today. KVV would sort that out.
  5. Could drive a fuckin megabus through the gap Kelly left. Also get grimshaw to utter fuck.
  6. This is true. Im in the states just now, how do I watch the game?
  7. Bizarre team selection. Harsh on Lamie who doesn’t even make the bench.
  8. GazzyB

    Tony Watt

    The away trips would be fantastic and it would set us up for years to come. But like I say, I expect to be in the minority.
  9. GazzyB

    Tony Watt

    I’ll probably be in the minority but European group stage football would be far more enjoyable for me than winning a cup.
  10. GazzyB

    Tony Watt

    Completely agree, the Euros/World Cup is absolutely not 'turgid shite', as Weeyin has pointed out it's the St Mirren vs Ross County's of this world that would make your eyes bleed. Also, England being 1-0 up at home against Italy after 3 minutes of a major final and eventually losing on penalties after being ahead in the shoot out isn't entertaining?!? It's one of the most entertaining things I've ever seen!
  11. 1) wind your neck in, I have never said anything bad about him and even stuck up for him when he was spotted at the Rangers game. I was purely curious about whether or not he was allowed to sign for another club. 2) and it turns out I was right to be curious because despite what you and your petted lip seem to think, he’s actually not allowed to sign for another club.
  12. Is he allowed to sign for another club given it was after the window closed?
  13. O’Donnell on the bench, Twitter appears to be delighted
  14. GazzyB

    Tony Watt

    The “distraction” of international football? Whit?
  15. To be fair, we won’t have a chance to beat them like this for a while! They are a shell of what they used to be and we aren’t too bad. Gonna go for a 3-2 win with KVV getting a hat trick to cement his status as a Well legend already.

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