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  1. I always thought he was a wee ned but I couldn't have been more wrong. Hope we extend his contract.
  2. I was gonna say, £400k for 3rd seemed hella low.
  3. Gonna get a season ticket too and hopefully that'll mean I bother to get along to FP more often and not only go when we are playing Panathanaikos and the like...
  4. This is a great idea and something I've seen done on other forums I participate in. Some of the stuff I've seen done on other sites has been awesome.
  5. Euro 2020 suspended until 2021 to allow domestic seasons to finish. With a bit of luck we could be back up and running in June or so and just go straight into next season after this one is done.
  6. You think telling Hearts they have to choose between a semi final and their Premiership status will avoid any legal wrangling?
  7. Agreed, this could be catastrophic for Scottish football
  8. I very much doubt Grimsby Town players are going to turn us down on the basis of "yeah it's a good offer but I heard you didn't let David Turnbull move to Celtic for half a million so I'll pass thanks".
  9. I'm not so sure he'll 100% be away this summer. He is absolutely dynamite and the club know it. Given we are now debt free if we get an offer of £750k or something I can see the club turning it down and keeping him until his contract expires.
  10. Not the worst point in the world.
  11. I think a Hibs win is best for us, especially if we win today. We have been really poor, allowing a wildly average Hearts side to cause us some problems. Need to sharpen up at the back and get a foot on the ball in midfield. It's been really scrappy.

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