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  1. Can't wait til we're independent and we can be free of this pish.
  2. I don't think it's that Hampden is unavailable, it's that the authorities deem it too soon to have fans at events. Quite right IMO.
  3. 2-1 to us, a late Richard Tait OG of calamitous proportions to win us the game.
  4. Moult in the matchday squad for the first time since August 2019. Madness.
  5. GazzyB

    Big Dec

    Can you show me where in my post I said I thought he was kidding on with an injury? I would imagine him and the club came to the agreement to both say he was injured if asked why he wasn't playing.
  6. GazzyB

    Big Dec

    By refusing to play because he didn't want to trigger an extension in his contract and costing himself a place in the team for a few months meaning Steve Clarke has picked Hanley, McKenna and McTominay ahead of him and now he might not even make the squad for the Euros at all let alone have a starting berth. But you knew that'd be the answer. You just want another chance to write big paragraphs about how you won't see the forest for the trees because "BUT NOBODY HAS CONFIRMED IT!!!!"
  7. GazzyB

    Big Dec

    Not only is he on the bench but a centre mid has been preferred to him. O'Donnell rested too, good for us given our game on Saturday.
  8. It takes all of about two minutes to sign up and buy the game. There's no rush.
  9. GazzyB

    Big Dec

    O'Donnell has been superb tonight.
  10. GazzyB

    Big Dec

    On the bench again tonight. I wonder if he would be starting for Scotland during this winter break had he not missed a few games for us recently, or if Hanley would have come back in regardless.
  11. GazzyB

    Big Dec

    It's common knowledge that Gallagher had an automatic extension after X number of appearances. He got 'injured' one game before it was due to kick in, spent a few weeks out, and has now come back and played a game and what do ya fuckin know, no contract extension. Fuck him.

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