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  1. I don't blame them tbh; it's clear for all to see the Hearts players/interim manager couldn't give any less of a fuck if they tried. Also the whole Levein saga and the amount of money they've spent and how shite they are. They are an absolute shambles.
  2. Watched the game today and if they play like that against us I have the fear. It's unlikely they bring the same intensity so I'm gonna say we can nick a point. 2-2, Long early doors and then Hylton emulate Son's goal for Spurs on Saturday!
  3. Very good 3 points, wee bit of quality was the difference in the end. Thought Hylton, Polworth, Campbell and Carroll were class. Crazy to think some people had written Carroll off because of a few Twitter comments. The guy is class.
  4. Mulraney telling the ref to fuck off clear as day. Idiot.
  5. "Hibs substitute... err sorry Hearts substitute." Superb.
  6. One of the best tactical fouls I've seen from a Motherwell player there from Donnelly. Absolutely done the Hearts boy haha.
  7. This Lewis guy commentating is next level biased towards us, it's actually quite annoying. Still much better than the days of "AW REFEREEEEEEEEE!"
  8. Great start to the second half, Scott doing a lot better. Really need this second goal, and the earlier the better.
  9. A decent enough first half. We are a decent right back, right winger and holding midfielder away from being a top three side. Would like to see Seedorf on for Scott at HT.
  10. Fucking hell, what an assist from Hylton Contract extension now.
  11. Really poor performance from both teams so far. We are too slow moving the ball around.
  12. Long in for Cole, Hartley on the bench. Maciver on bench too, a youngster I assume? Edit - having a look at our bench, it's the strongest one I've seen in a long time.
  13. It's an absolute nightmare for Robinson. Hartley was very patient and finally won his place back, and by all accounts has done okay, but Mugabi is absolutely class and if we take emotion out of it probably deserves to keep his place ahead of Hartley. Hopefully someone comes in early Jan and offers us 750k for Gallagher.
  14. Great result. 7 goals for, 0 against in the last 2 games. Tonight was a real potential bogey game, and we've come through it very well. Five clear of 5th, 11 clear of 7th, and only one behind 3rd. Fantastic stuff.
  15. Ross County equalise, that's very good for us given the recent surge up the table from Hibs. C'mon to fuck Rangers.
  16. Got Man Utd vs Spurs on one screen, Merseyside derby on the other, and listening to us run riot vs St Mirren. What a feast of football tonight! Some pass for the goal in the Liverpool game.
  17. Here's hoping St Johnstone can hold Killie too and County can hold Hibs too!
  18. As ever, if anyone finds a link to our game please post it in here. www.vipboxing.top is listing our game but I think the chances of there being a working link out there are pretty much zero.
  19. Gillespie Grimshaw Gallagher Mugabi Carroll Polworth Donnelly Campbell Hylton Scott Cole Gallagher captain, Hartley not in the squad, Long on the bench. No sign of Sloth either but that's not surprising.

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