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  1. Seems completely reasonable for them to keep it fair for both sides.
  2. I think he'll be here until January.
  3. Not when we're 10th in the table and it's all his fault mind
  4. Genuine question - how do you know that the deal that Rangers offered was the first decent deal on the table? Another one - how do you know he didn't think he was good enough to break into the Rangers team in his first season? You could argue that he went there to do exactly that and should be commended for that level of ambition.
  5. I disagree, I thought he was very good when we provided him service.
  6. I completely disagree, I thought he was very good, and would thrive with a fully fit Turnbull in behind him.
  7. Our business this preseason appears to be excellent. Long re-signing would be the icing on the cake.
  8. Surely the word potential means we have a fat sell on clause and if he gets sold for 5 or 6 million then we make a hefty chunk.
  9. This this this this this. Jake Carroll says it was within lockdown guidelines. An anonymous neighbour says it wasn't.
  10. 25 seconds in. One minute in. Hastie would be a very good loan signing, regardless who he plays for.
  11. We sent Stephen McManus out to do a press conference 3 days later with an absolute beaut of a shiner too haha.
  12. Very hopefully that Kipre makes us a couple of million one day with that sell on clause.
  13. Baraclough came across as a really likeable guy, but he was unbelieeeeeeeavably out of his depth managing at our level. It's quite funny he's now the manager of an international football team.
  14. Anyone who wouldn't take Murphy is mental.
  15. Great signing. Now let the quoting of who leaked it first and who knows more inside info than anyone else commence!
  16. Absolutely buzzing for it, thought it'd be years before we had another European tour. Hopefully we'll be able to attend, would love for us to go far enough to get a semi-big name.
  17. GazzyB


    Completely agree. Tait has told the club he's not signing the contract, then he realises the season is ending and he has come running back saying "I've signed it, I've signed it!!" Fuck him.
  18. GazzyB


    We sent him a contract, he rejected it verbally, then the pandemic occurred and he returned it as signed?! Hope we boo the fuck out of him when he comes back.
  19. GazzyB


    Sounds like the club have properly fucked him over if what he says is true.
  20. GazzyB

    MFCTV subs

    Also been paying mine every month, really should cancel the VPN subscription though.
  21. Would love to get O'Hara in.
  22. How likely is it that the midfielder in question is away? Done deal?
  23. With Tait gone we were going to be struggling in the looks department, glad we've signed Lamie as a replacement.
  24. Craig Gordon available on a free and in talks with St Mirren...

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