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  1. Don't like McCall never have and I've never hid that fact, but I've come round now tae what others are saying ,no point changing the manager were safe from the automatic relegation place and its highly unlikely we'll be in the play off either. Not going to be a great deal to play for now till the end of the season but that's just the way its panned out this term and its the same scenario for 3 or 4 other teams in the league.
  2. henry

    U20 Fixtures

    Under 20's are playing Patrick thistle tonight at the Excelsior stadium 6pm ko , word is were playing an understrength team and not using our full quota of substitutes preferring instead to keep them fresh for the big game against Celtic on Friday night ...Inspired I tell thee inspired.
  3. What McCall HAS done is gone ,its what he's doing now that matters .Much along the same lines as the old chestnut " a teams only as good as there last result " he ain't doing to well. League position I hear some say ,sitting nicely in the top six ,Nae chance of going down ...mmm I wonder.
  4. henry

    U20 Fixtures

    Final score Killie 3-1 Mwell Lee Erwin was stretchered of the park with what looks like a serious injury.
  5. henry

    U20 Fixtures

    2-1 now Killie Erwin scored for Motherwell
  6. henry

    U20 Fixtures

    And Killie take the lead 1-0.
  7. henry

    U20 Fixtures

    Our cup tie against Killie has just started at Rugby park ,let's hope the decision tae rest Moore and Erwin for this game pays off.
  8. Moore and Erwin both starting for the under 20's cup tie, the only cup we might be in after Xmas. Stuart McCall G.T.F.
  9. Zaine has yet to prove he's got what it takes to be a footballer.
  10. Aye and a part time third division side that are second bottom of there league!
  11. This place is going tae be on fire tonight .Oh aye and McCalls time is up . We now need a fresh start and a gaffer who has some tactical ability and a youth policy.
  12. henry

    U20 Fixtures

    Turned things around Noah ,think that's 8 without defeat and 7 of them wins.
  13. Be good on here tonight so it will. Oh the banter.
  14. 2 down after 20 mins …....no looking good.

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