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  1. I can assure you, he does and is very, very particular about it. It is Stuart who wants to communicate with our supporters and to be as transparent as possible which is a very fresh approach which fans seem to appreciate. Cheers Ab
  2. OfficialMFC

    Pitch Invasion

    Folks, The reasons why we don't have invasions, as people have mentioned, is because the authorities frown on it - quite heavily as it happens. We've not had one at Fir Park for six seasons now and that, combined with other factors, means our relationship with the relevant authorities both locally and nationally is much, much better (which is why we've had majority Police-free games this season and, as such, a much more relaxed stance on standing, drums, flags and what have you). So no, please stay in the stands as per usual and the players will, without doubt, acknowledge the quite brilliant support we've had this year! That puts the club in an even stronger position when it comes to demonstrating our capability to 'safely' steward a match at the ground and will allow us to continue to make progress on the matchday experience, free from the occasional over-exuberance of the authorities in most matches. Cheers,
  3. All tops are now gone folks and we've raised a quite brilliant £7,496.33 (before eBay and PayPal deductions). Thanks to everyone who put in a bid and a big well done to those that won. Should be a great day...
  4. Sorry for the bump folks but the auctions are now reaching the 24 hours to go mark! For all the information you need and for direct links to bid for a spot - CLICK HERE
  5. Folks, Apologies for starting a new threat and not adding to the Well Society version already on the front page. Keen for the message not to be lost! Hopefully you already know of the evening tomorrow night, if you don't, the club is hosting a 'Sign Up' night tomorrow (Tuesday) in the Centenary. It's your chance to come along and, in an informal setting (i.e. no top table, no open floor), chat through the Society with members of the board and, hopefully, join us. Stuart McCall, along with the rest of the management team and players, will also be there for you should you want to chat about the season so far or the hopes and aspirations for the last two months of the campaign. As you all know - we've got to the 31st of March to raise £250,000. We have already amassed over half of that but we need to keep pushing to hit our total. It's a fantastic opportunity for the fans to properly control the club. Well Society 'Sign Up' Evening Tuesday 5th March 2012 Centenary Suite Fir Park, Motherwell 6.30pm - 8.30pm We would love to see you there! Cheers
  6. You've covered a lot of what I was going to say there mate... There were technical reasons why we couldn't add the goal up on Saturday night - won't go into it too much but we (Ross) weren't able to film the match on Saturday. However, as you have said - we only add goals up on a Saturday and the feed highlights (like Aberdeen TV / Hearts TV etc) usually arrive on a Sunday/Monday, via BBC to Perform. You are absolutely correct to say that, sometime in the (hopefully, near) future, we will do our own Saturday night highlights completely independent of anyone else. That will arrive about the same time we can finalise our streaming plans which, admittedly, is perhaps more complicated than first anticipated. Sorry for any inconvenience on Saturday night... Cheers Flow
  7. SiO - Tried to DM you on here but don't think we have enough posts to be able to do it as yet. If you email [email protected] then Alison would be delighted to hear from you... Thanks,
  8. No they don't! Your Voucher H (in the book) will get you directly in to the ground - no need to exchange. Match Abandoned vouchers MUST be exchanged at the Ticket Office prior to entering the stadium. At the moment, there is genuinely (not held back etc) a few 100 seats left unclaimed (i.e. not Season Ticket seats) in both the Cooper and East Stands as people come and exchange vouchers (and have been over the past few weeks). Still plenty of space in the POD Stand North and South wings though.
  9. I think there was some confusion - even earlier in this thread - about it mate (may have came from the PA at a game a few weeks back). Fans without a Season Ticket or Abandoned Voucher have always been able to still go - but it has always been under the arrangement of a pre-purchased ticket from the Ticket Office and not the turnstile. Most of the stands are either full or nearing full so hopefully most have claimed their ticket by now, although we will be on hand tomorrow with more staff etc to cope with any last minute exchanges etc. Cheers
  10. There is NOT a Pay at the Gate! That match is all-ticket. Season Tickets will use Voucher H from their book. Motherwell fans who have match abandoned vouchers MUST exchange them for a ticket BEFORE trying to enter the ground (exchange at the Fir Park Ticket Office). Motherwell fans who don't have a Season Ticket and don't have a match abandoned ticket can still go to the game, but they MUST pre-purchase a ticket from the Ticket Office BEFORE trying to enter the ground. There will be no pay at the gate anywhere at Fir Park tomorrow night.
  11. Just to be sure folks... 1/ If you have a season ticket, please disregard your match abandoned ticket and use Voucher H from your book on the night. 2/ If you don't have a season ticket but have a match abandoned ticket, the please exchange it for a match ticket at the Fir Park Ticket Office before the night of the Hibs game. 3/ If you don't have a season ticket and don't have a match abandoned ticket, but would still like to watch the match, you can still purchase a ticket from the Fir Park Ticket Office (this is where the all-ticket confusion relating to the PA is coming from as you will not be able to pay cash on the turnstiles on the night) prior to the match. Hope this helps clear it up...
  12. That is 100% correct Dave! Matt is also right to point out that the whole sum of membership does not need to be paid in full by March! That is a very important point and worth highlighting again. Commitments can be made and the membership fee can be spread over installments. Moreover, this is a wonderfully unique opportunity for the fans to actually have a direct say and, eventually, run the club. A club that is not reliant on the goodwill of any one individual but returned to its core supporters and the local community of which it was founded. The club has set a March deadline to raise a minimum of 250k - which is a demonstrator that the whole project has the buy-in of the supporters and can work as a viable model. If you haven't done so - check out: http://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/the-club/the-well-society/
  13. OfficialMFC


    To counter what I said yesterday - neither Carswell nor Ojamaa have penned anything as yet. If anything should happen either player (or anyone else for that matter), then as the ink dries, you will know about it on the Official Site/Twitter/MFC TV.
  14. Tam, The club can't officially comment on rumours or gossip! 1. We would be here all day as stories fly in right, left and centre. 2. It is quite often inappropriate to comment on deals that may be commercially sensitive. 3. If we were to deny this and deny that, the moment we couldn't or wouldn't comment on an individual case then people would then assume a rumour had substance even if it didn't. The club can only really comment when things are tied up. We've learned the hard way at times about trying to let fans know about deals quickly and being stung for it. What I would say is that believe very little of what you read - I am sure most of you know how days like today work.
  15. Has your monthly sub expired maybe Iain!? If not, I will look into it first thing tomorrow...
  16. Check out big Higgy's 'wiggle wiggle' celebration after our second goal yesterday. Was obviously getting some stick from the home fans and gave them it back! Not sure if Alba picked it up but it's on MFC TV if you missed it - MFC TV - St Johnstone Goals Class from the big man and as Joe said earlier, another terrific performance from him and the rest of the team.
  17. If not straight away David, then certainly in the near future... That's the plan anyway. Perform are having some server issues today so might be some intermittent problems. Don't panic, they are working on it. Still trying to work through some of the issues some people are having with their log-ins too. Sorted one or two, few others left. As always, thanks for patience...
  18. Hi Brazilian, We will be working with Perform over the next few months on mobile apps that will allow you to watch and listen to content on your mobile phone, tablets etc. Given a lot of these are made by Apple and, as such (hopefully changing soon), not compatible with flash, then hopefully we will be accommodate more. From a technical point of view, flash helps keep down things like bandwidth which it is now the preferred method of our digital media partner. Cheers
  19. What I would say folks is that we are still finding our feet with a lot of it - it's only been four or five weeks since we launched. There are some excellent features planned in the weeks ahead - the Motherwell Podcast for example - that should hopefully entertain. The focus from the start has always been to give you access that the BBC and STV can't and we're working towards that. Our priority in recent days has been to try and iron out some of the issues people are having watching it which we are doing in partnership with Perform. Thanks for all the feedback though (positive and negative) - as I've said, it will get better and better as time goes on. Cheers,
  20. Match highlights along with reaction from Gordon Young and skipper Stevie Hetherington available on MFC TV. Next U19s game is next Friday vs St Mirren at Creamery Park again! 1pm KO.
  21. Iain, The survey ended a few days ago - it was initially added a few weeks ago but bumped up for one last day to try and get one or two more opinions. It was an SPL-wide poll as the league is looking at certain options in relation to the programme going forward. Sorry you missed out but given some of the ideas being thrown around; don't expect it to be the last opportunity to air your views. Regards,
  22. Good morning folks, We are really sorry to hear some if you have had some issues with our new subscription service. Our digital media partners, Perform, handle any problems however, we will push it at this end to make sure all problems are ironed out and people can enjoy the product how it was intended. So, if you are having any issues with MFC TV, please send the following to [email protected] and we will follow up on your behalf. Name: Username: Detail of any issues: Thanks again,

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