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  1. Heavy Hands Empty Stands are today delighted to confirm the backing from the Supporters Advisory Committee, see statement from the SAC here: "We support any move to remove any sectarian, racist or other unacceptable behaviour not only from football, but from our wider society as a whole. However we cannot support the proposed legislation due to the lack of clarity surrounding its implementation and ongoing operation" We have also heard from Dr Stuart Waiton that the final debate in parliament is likely to be 14th December. Again we urge all supporters to contact your MSPs and oppose the bill.
  2. Just under a week since the campaign was brought online and the response has been absolutely fantastic. We have recieved a great deal of emails from supporters of clubs throughout the UK showing their support and expressing their views on the proposed bill. The facebook page is up to over 300 members and is growing by the day. Again if you want to check it out: http://www.facebook....andsemptystands Like stated before the Motherwell Supporters Trust are backing the campaign, chairman David Crichton gives his word: "The Supporters' Trust have entered dialogue with relevant groups to coordinate a response against the imposition of this meaningless piece of bureaucracy. Fans up and down the country need to make their voices heard on this matter and oppose this "singling out" of the Scottish football fan. As always, it is the minority that wastes things for the rest, but this far reaching legislation potentially places the true fan at risk. The Trust will seek to oppose this legislation and seek better understanding as to why the Scottish government have taken this stance, other than for political posturing." The Heavy Hands Empty Stands campaign will also feature in this weekends One Step Beyond, editor Matt Johnstone explains:"One Step Beyond will always support efforts by Motherwell fans to improve the lot of their fellow supporters. This bill is potentially a real threat to ordinary fans and until the authorites can guarantee existing laws will be applied fairly I fail to see how rushed laws like this one can improve matters. Everyone knows sectarianism is a cancer within our game which needs to be addressed but the powers to do so are already to hand, they just aren't applied by those with the power to carry them out. Better to sort that out than rush through a flawed piece of legislation which will inevitably suffer a similar fate." Another article which may be of interest to those behind this campaign can be found here by lecturer Stuart Waiton who has openly supported Heavy Hands Empty Stands: http://www.scotsman....cians_1_1979352 Stuart can also be heard live on Radio 4 tonight.
  3. The campaign is a Motherwell supporters campaign. We have been in contact with the Motherwell Supporters Trust who are backing our actions and we have also contact the Supporters Advisory Committee and we await their response. Keep the feedback coming on here, Facebook and via email. There will be some information in the next issue of One Step Beyond and details coming very soon about some events and other actions.
  4. Heavy Hands - Empty Stands is a campaign group formed by Motherwell FC fans to oppose the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications bill. The bill is currently being rushed through parliament by the Scottish Government who earlier this year claimed that Scottish football was responsible for a rise in crimes, such as domestic abuse and sectarianism. A crime is a crime. If someone is involved in conduct which is illegal then one cannot make it even more illegal. Let’s therefore be clear. The Scottish Government’s proposed legislation to tackle sectarianism will not therefore make any difference. There is already sufficient legislation which if properly enforced already covers all aspects of improper conduct by football fans both at and near football grounds. Legislation which is hastily derived for what is perceived as a current major problem is invariably rushed, ill-founded and not properly thought out and does not achieve the desired result. Indeed such legislation inevitably fails and will criminalise many people. Whilst not actually addressing the fundamental underlying issues. As Motherwell fans we have witnessed and endured the sectarianism of the Old Firm for decades with nothing being actually done to address it. We should not however be tarred with the same brush and these laws if implemented will simply cause for football fans immeasurable problems due to their vagueness and draconian nature. These proposals will affect all football fans and should be resisted by us all. The consequences will simply hammer a further nail in the coffin of football fans who simply try to enjoy themselves in the spectacle that is football and who do not deserve to be vilified for it. The Heavy Hands Empty Stands campaign will set out to protect Motherwell supporters and fight this bill. We will not allow law abiding football fans to be criminalised and we urge all supporters of Motherwell Football Club to back our campaign. More information on the campaign will be available in the coming weeks. For now you can find us at: http://www.facebook.com/heavyhandsemptystands#!/heavyhandsemptystands and [email protected]

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