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  1. Can't believe people are actually reacting to steelboy, surely everyone knows that the boy is an absolute mile oot
  2. Is he moving to a premiership club ?
  3. 17/1 for the 3 teams below us to win their games
  4. Pish! It's a naturally curving shot, not as if it was going one way then swerved the other way, bread and butter stuff.
  5. a drizzle at most though, no chance it gets called off
  6. Yeah Strachan said he is on the radar but they want him to be playing well up a level
  7. Only ever seen Vukic in those two games and he literally done fuck all so I have no idea...
  8. Ive been eagerly awaiting a swatch of the new strip for a while now
  9. Not rated by dundee fans either. only made 15 appearances at 3 loan clubs in lower leagues which says it all tbh.
  10. Cummins also tweeted about a "sour taste" about "not being given a fair crack at the whip". Disappointing that these guys feel the need to make such comments, in the case of Cummins he never really performed to an acceptable standard both with us and when he was out on loan at lower levels so dont see how he can complain tbh.

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