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  1. Maybe they did but it seems strange that after years of us hitting towards the Cooper stand in the 2nd half of games that twice in consecutive home games the away team who after running onto the 'away' end at the start of the game decide to change ends prior to kickoff. The Saints captain seemed to clearly make that decision yesterday. I know it's not of any importance but curious to see what Rangers do on Sunday.
  2. Until these 2 games I can’t recall it happening before or a Motherwell captain deciding to face the Cooper stand in a first half. At the Accies game I thought it was them just playing mind games or being awkward. The sun can’t be the reason yesterday because the St Johnstone keeper had the sun shining in his eyes in the first half and by the second half it wouldn’t cause him any problems. Not a big deal just a rarity that I thought there may have been a known reason.
  3. That’s now 2 home games in a row (both 3-0 wins) where we’ve kicked towards the Cooper stand in the first half, can’t remember the last time that happened. Wonder who decided?
  4. Anyone know anything about the trouble prior to the game in Adele Street, Catherine Street, Gavin Street areas?
  5. ECOSSE1991

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    I'll try and find out.
  6. ECOSSE1991

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Well done to the club today for honouring a club legend, Willie McSeveney who celebrated his 90th birthday last Monday. Article in match day programme and a presentation by another legend Willie Hunter on behalf of the ex-players club in the Centenary Suite. I spoke briefly with Willie McSeveney and it was an honour to shake his hand.
  7. ECOSSE1991

    2018'19 Game 28: Kilmarnock (A) March 2nd 3pm kick-off

    I agree, no reason why we can't finish in top 6. In the last 19 league games we've conceded 24 goals, 14 of them in 3 games v Old Squirm. Only Livingston (2-0 loss) have scored more than once against us in that time, so in 15 league games only 8 goals conceded, no real defensive problems according to these stats. I know there just stats but we should be confident of making the top 6.
  8. ECOSSE1991

    Robinson... How Do We Think He's Doing ?

    Couldn’t agree more.
  9. Can’t remember a game where Stephen Robinson was so motionless particularly in the 2nd half (I wasn’t watching him closely during the 1st half), there was little or none of his usual shouting/gesturing/talking with his staff, looked as though he was watching the game but his mind was on other things. Like when do I pack this in?
  10. Law 12 of Laws of the Game states; A direct free kick is awarded if a player commits any of the following offences: handles the ball deliberately (except for the goalkeeper within their penalty area). Having watched the highlights on Sportscene I don’t think McHughs action was deliberate and I say that as someone who wouldn’t have him in my starting eleven.
  11. ECOSSE1991

    2018'19 Game 3: Rangers (H) Sunday 26th August

    Some people in the World have lost their sense of humour, yes it's debatable if he should have made the comment that the Compliance Officer is reviewing, but it'll make no difference to Rangers motivation, how the officials carry out their duties or make the game any harder for the Motherwell team. How many of the current Rangers team know or have even heard of Peter Hartley or were playing in the game when the nose was accidentally injured? Is it just me or have people got so soft that Hartleys comment upsets/annoys so many? Noise about hehaw in my opinion.
  12. ECOSSE1991

    Robinson... How Do We Think He's Doing ?

    After only 15 months as manager, a near complete rebuild of the playing staff last summer which resulted in 2 cup finals, granted league performances have left a lot to be desired but for people to want Stephen Robinson sacked is just indicative of modern football supporters. I wasn't Tommy McLean's biggest fan but he would have been kicked out after a month if some of our current fans had seen the dross that he served up, yet he lasted 10 years. We aren't, to quote 'The African', "down amongst the dregs of the division, already fighting for survival", yes we've played poorly in 2 league and 4 Betfred games this season combined with a shocking league run since last December but fans need to just calm down and stop calling for the managers head. If you're a young Motherwell fan who has experienced top 3 league positions and European participation then this bad run might have you asking for changes but if like me you've been aboard the claret & amber roller coaster for decades this is nothing new. Check our history, this is just Motherwell, yes it hurts but it's just Motherwell and it's not going to be any different unless a billionaire wishes to throw away some of his money in our direction. We are usually the highest finishing league position team of all the clubs outwith a city based club, think about that. Celtic, Rangers, Aberdeen, Hearts, Hibs, even St Johnstone at a push and in days past Dundee United are all city based with the potential support that can bring, we are a small town based club with 4,000 die-hard fans. We all want to see our team win. For me winning in any style is more important than playing nice entertaining football but losing football, "hoofball" as some have called our recent style is just a long pass game which I've no problem with and yes it needs to have an end product which at this moment it's not. But we have to be realistic with our expectations of a Motherwell manager who has very limited money and as result a limited ability squad to select from. How many would swap last seasons cup runs for any recent top 6 finishes achieved by any of our previous 3-4 managers? European qualification is great but with our poor record in Europe it can cost the club much needed money, a top 6 finish is good too and brings in extra revenue but if I was offered Europe and top 6 or a repeat of the victories over 7 Premiership teams to reach 2 cup finals like we did last season I know what I'd chose. It may be small minded but the cup wins over Aberdeen, Hearts and particularly Rangers helped heal the painful memories of many sore defeats by these clubs in the years I've followed Motherwell. Every player and manager deserves criticism at some point but we must support whoever wears claret & amber or manages those that do until a clear and obvious time for change presents itself and I may be wrong but I don't think we've reached that stage yet. Apologies for the length of my ramble but just relax folks and enjoy the ride, it's just Motherwell. COYW.
  13. ECOSSE1991

    2018/19 season tickets

    Unfortunately Ballso/Clackscat you are wrong, I am a season ticket holder who has received my Client Number which allows me to activate my account and when having done so it wouldn't allow me to buy my ticket. Waiting on Ticketmaster & MFC sorting it out.
  14. ECOSSE1991

    2018/19 season tickets

    There have been problems with the Ticketmaster website, including a section where after confirming the seat you want you can opt out of receiving “updates from or about Hibernian FC or their partners”. This has now been rectified. However some seats are still ‘greyed out’ with no price available for that specific seat when checking out. Ticketmaster must get that sorted quickly particularly if people want to take advantage of the early bird pricing which ends on the 8th June.
  15. ECOSSE1991

    Scottish Cup Final v Celtic (Hampden) 19/05/18 15:00

    I don't understand why Motherwell fans left about "30 seconds" after the final whistle. Stay and applaud your team, just don't watch the other team celebrate, don't take your eyes off any Motherwell players, staff or fans and no need to look at anyone else wearing anything other than claret & amber. To leave 4 finals within 30 seconds after the final whistle makes me despair for my fellow Motherwell fans who do so. I don't know your age or how long you've been supporting Motherwell maxywell but if you will only applaud your team after a cup final appearance when they win the trophy then I suspect you'll have to live a helluva long time, longer than myself who has seen them win only one major cup in the 50 years of supporting the 'Well. Do you not believe that the players deserved a 'thank you' for their efforts this season? The fans who went into the Davie Cooper stand may have done so realising this was the last opportunity this season they would have had to show their appreciation, particularly to those players who may be leaving. I would consider a club of a non-city, small town based team with average home crowds of approximately 4,500 who pay the players an average basic salary of £820 per week that has a turnaround of 17 players in less than 10 months, that reaches 2 cup finals in that time, finishes 7th in the league to have had more than a "pretty good season", yes bordering on a great season and the manager, players and staff deserve all the plaudits given. Thank you Motherwell FC. See you next season.

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