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  1. Do you honestly believe that he is "one lazy bastard"?
  2. I recommend ' Motherwell Champions of Scotland 1931-32' written by Alex Smith (published by Desert Island Books Limited in 2003) if you want to learn about true claret & amber legends. One of the first to be considered for nomination has to be John Hunter (Manager 1911-1946, Secretary 1946-1959), in my opinion the most important man in the club's history.
  3. What has Maurice Ross done at Fir Park that makes you say "Been very impressed.........."?
  4. How many 'Well fans would have taken this record after playing 14 games? Won 10, Lost 3 (Crusaders, Celtic & Hearts), Scored 38 goals (ok, so 7 were v Gretna), Conceded 11 (5 v Celtic), scored 4 per game on two occasions and scored 3 per game on 6 occasions. I'm not getting carried away, but particularly after yet another squad rebuild, the manager & players have given us something to enjoy and to look forward to more good days than bad.
  5. Is it not a band rather than a hoop?
  6. Good to see the majority of the crowd show their appreciation for John Sutton when he was substituted.
  7. Spot on. Any Motherwell fan who believes the Chief Executive is not doing his best for the club needs to explain to me why the think that. We have always sold our best players and having supported Motherwell for 50 years I can confidently say it'll never change. We've sold Turnbull to another Scottish team who most of us detest but they are not our 'rivals' as some have claimed, yes they are in the same league but we're not competing with them at any level. I've never been comfortable seeing any Motherwell player move to the two Glasgow clubs, but although it's unlikley to have happened due to the size of the fee, it would have been worse if we'd sold him to any team who we are competing against for league positions. £3m to our club is an amazing amount that can be used on/off the park, most importantly think how some of that could be used to improve the team. Also you just need to look at the state of our stadium to see what improvements are required and how some of the money could be spent. The money couldn't be turned down without a guarantee that in keeping Turnbull for another season he'd be injury free or continue to perform in the same manner as he's done in the past 14 months since his debut.
  8. ECOSSE1991

    Hall of Fame

    The 1931-32 League Championship was won by 19 players & staff (manager + others) and the 1991 Scottish Cup by 18 players & 6 staff. A team can easily be inducted as 'one'.
  9. ECOSSE1991

    Hall of Fame

    I know he wasn’t a player so apparently he wouldn’t meet the criteria to be inducted but John ‘Sailor’ Hunter would get my first vote. Players, I’d start with Willie McFadyen, Bobby Ferrier, Hughie Ferguson, Andy Paton,
  10. ECOSSE1991

    Hall of Fame

    Surprised that the launch poster appears to restrict voting to ‘favourite players’, surely potential inductees should include managers, directors etc.
  11. Maybe they did but it seems strange that after years of us hitting towards the Cooper stand in the 2nd half of games that twice in consecutive home games the away team who after running onto the 'away' end at the start of the game decide to change ends prior to kickoff. The Saints captain seemed to clearly make that decision yesterday. I know it's not of any importance but curious to see what Rangers do on Sunday.
  12. Until these 2 games I can’t recall it happening before or a Motherwell captain deciding to face the Cooper stand in a first half. At the Accies game I thought it was them just playing mind games or being awkward. The sun can’t be the reason yesterday because the St Johnstone keeper had the sun shining in his eyes in the first half and by the second half it wouldn’t cause him any problems. Not a big deal just a rarity that I thought there may have been a known reason.
  13. That’s now 2 home games in a row (both 3-0 wins) where we’ve kicked towards the Cooper stand in the first half, can’t remember the last time that happened. Wonder who decided?
  14. Anyone know anything about the trouble prior to the game in Adele Street, Catherine Street, Gavin Street areas?

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