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  1. I know that Bobby Roberts, Willie McSeveney & John Martis are alive and no doubt others who played in the Ancell era.
  2. Top photograph; John McPhee, Tommy McKenzie, Willie Cowie & Ian St John.
  3. On behalf of Motherwell FC I'm trying to make contact with family members/relatives of the 15 Motherwell players & officials who won the 1952 Scottish Cup. John Johnson, Willie Kilmarnock, Archie Shaw, Archie Cox, Andy Paton, Willie Redpath, Tommy Sloan, Wilson Humphries, Archie Kelly, Jimmy Watson, Johnny Aitkenhead, Donald McLeod, George Stevenson (manager), Willie Walker (trainer), Ben Ellis (coach). [email protected] Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  4. It was a shocking performance, however some of the comments are way over the top. Making judgemental comments about new player’s after 45 or 90 minutes is pointless. Polworth made more chances than any other player in the Premiership last season yet he’s being unfairly criticised after one game. If they’re playing as poorly after 6 games then I’ll judge, but having watched the ‘Well for decades I know to have patience and to trust the manager, especially the current one. This is a team led by a damn good manager who finished in 3rd place last season. Calm down guys.
  5. I may be sceptical but if a referee makes a decision on the field and later having had time to view the action/tackle etc. on television he may realise that he made the wrong call and will then change his reason to matchup with what he has seen on the television replay. I agree with the emoji at the end of your last sentence, it's a perfect indication of what both of us think the chances of that happening. Another inconsistent decision by the ref last night. Motherwell were awarded a free kick in the second half and the County player picked up the ball, walked away with it and as Richard Tait tried to knock it out of his hands the County player threw it away. The County player was correctly booked but what action by Tait justified a yellow card? No pushing, shoving, raised fists just a swipe for the ball.
  6. I can't agree with the comments of fans who say that losing Scott will harm our season. The club can't turn down that amount of money for a young player with potential. How many of us would consider our final league place suffered recently when the likes of Murphy, Erwin, Cadden or Hastie moved on? Yes any one of them may have weakened the squad but I don't recall any noticeable damage to that particular season or final spot. We move on and the manager and staff will no doubt keep producing promising youngsters.
  7. Brilliant stuff, take a bow Mr Robinson, staff & players.
  8. Poor stuff but let’s get things into perspective, we’re only 9 points behind Celtic. Would any of us expected this at the start of the season?
  9. He plays like one so I guess he might as well look the part.
  10. Shocking decision, 3 Hearts players between Campbell and the goal line when the ball is played forward by Polworth.
  11. How did Berra last 90 minutes with his repeated fouling and foul throws going unpunished?
  12. Do you honestly believe that he is "one lazy bastard"?
  13. I recommend ' Motherwell Champions of Scotland 1931-32' written by Alex Smith (published by Desert Island Books Limited in 2003) if you want to learn about true claret & amber legends. One of the first to be considered for nomination has to be John Hunter (Manager 1911-1946, Secretary 1946-1959), in my opinion the most important man in the club's history.
  14. What has Maurice Ross done at Fir Park that makes you say "Been very impressed.........."?
  15. How many 'Well fans would have taken this record after playing 14 games? Won 10, Lost 3 (Crusaders, Celtic & Hearts), Scored 38 goals (ok, so 7 were v Gretna), Conceded 11 (5 v Celtic), scored 4 per game on two occasions and scored 3 per game on 6 occasions. I'm not getting carried away, but particularly after yet another squad rebuild, the manager & players have given us something to enjoy and to look forward to more good days than bad.

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