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  1. if martin canning was still in charge I would think a comfortable win, however accies appear to have their tails up at present so it will not be a walkover but I think we have enough to win the match (hopefully) COYW
  2. not often, probably never, have I agreed with steelboy. but this time he,s right. I know it,s a nominal amount but we already purchased tickets for the game. I also appreciate the short notice etc etc for killie but our tickets from wed should allow re-entry on sat. and what was post game all about kept waiting in the freezing cold then they run out of vouchers & take names & addresses instead. farcical does not describe this. couln,t make it up but no doubt we,ll be there sat anyway
  3. haven,t received any e-mails regarding the lotto & I must be daft but in the new site I cannot find the lotto link anywhere??
  4. massive improvement required across the team. play the way we,ve been doing cannot see anything else than a loss, unfortunately. however we will still be at easter road cheering them on, that,s the way of a motherwell fan
  5. appreciate the update but how or where do we check the weekly results meantime?
  6. why go greeting to the papers this far down the line? this could mark kipre,s card for the season with the refs, & they will be a lot harder on him. jack will get a heated reception from our fans when they come calling
  7. good luck motherwell at hampden later today. play to your strengths enjoy the game & regardless how the game pans out lets stay behind the team cheering them on. cannot wait for ko now COYW
  8. are tops with lettering/numbers on the back still ok to bring to fir park? anyone advise?
  9. must must win, please mfc. pride as well as 3 very valuable points at stake. C.O.Y.W.
  10. myteam

    Boycott ?

    all academic now since the club sacked the manager today
  11. to a man/woman who turned up to support that rubbish, our fans deserve the award
  12. myteam

    Mcghee Out?

    i don,t like to see anyone lose their job, BUT if McGhee does not leave now, more people at fir park will lose their jobs when we get relegated, as I fear that that is where we are heading if he stays.
  13. don,t think we,ve done back to back wins this season ,yet.(feel free to correct me) so it,s still not too late for a late xmas miracle on the park for us & 6 points higher in the table. so go on mfc, make the fans happy for a wee while
  14. bt sport 2 & hopefully weather doesn,t cancel the game. 3 points would be a nice early xmas present, m.f.c. so fingers etc. crossed all is well on Friday

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