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  1. Will be sad to see him go........he clearly had a passion for the club. Nice that he stepped down on his own terms. Probably wil see him back at Fir Park in some capacity in the future.....
  2. Vorago

    Rival Watch

    Couldn't have asked for more from today's results. A win tomorrow and I don't think we'll be caught.
  3. Sure, the gaps narrowed the last couple of weeks....but it's still better to have the points on the board, than to be chasing 5/6 points behind. We are a better team than Hibs, and if we stay focussed we should take the points against them. After that, I don't think St Johnstone or United will catch up 5 points after the split.
  4. At least a point is a must, especially with Dundee United playing Dunfermline. We do seem to struggle against Hibs, though.
  5. A true footballing genius.....and a terrible loss.
  6. Hi, I was advised that you are the best person to ask about Well DVD's. Do you have a list I could see? Any help you could offer me would be much appreciated?

  7. I can only go with the ones I have seen since starting to go to Well games (89 onwards). Davie Cooper Tommy Coyne Phil O'Donnell Dougie Arnott Paul Lambert James McFadden Luc Nijholt Steve Kirk Rob McKinnon Mitchell Van Der Gaag Tom Boyd
  8. Vorago

    Well Dvds

    Been on the official well shop looking to buy some Well dvds...but the selection is a bit limited. Been trying to find some DVDs of classic Motherwell tournaments, games etc....but hard to find. Is there anyone on this forum who has a list of well dvds that I could buy......I would be extremely grateful!

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