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  1. Try months rather than weeks. The quotes are from an article that ran 25th October: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/motherwells-tony-watt-love-here-25290915
  2. Watt's signed an additional 2 contracts since that short term deal. 29th May 2020 9th November 2020
  3. The accounts from that season show "Player registration gains" of £1,036,412 - "This primarily came from the sales of defender Ben Heneghan to Sheffield United, and in January, striker Louis Moult to Preston North End." It was reported at the time that Moult was "in the region of" £500k - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/42353648
  4. Depends on what the script is with the Lowland League. Will he get a game for Rangers B?
  5. That would only apply if we had cancelled his contract before the last window shut. It's why you see as many players get their contracts mutually consented on deadline day to allow them to sign for a new club outside the window and also why it's fairly uncommon for players to mutually consent outside a window. We didn't. He was still registered Motherwell player when the last window shut (he was literally in the team photo a fortnight ago). So while yes, he's a free agent now he can't play for another club until January unless he moves to a club where their transfer window is open.
  6. Unless he's going to a league who have an open window he can't play for another club until the January window opens, no. I suppose there's nothing to stop him provisionally signing for another club but they'd be paying him two and a half months wages to come into training and I don't think his player registration could be transferred until the next window opens anyway.
  7. Roma pretty much did that in 12/13.
  8. He's with Alexander and Boles at 2:31 of this video from the other week.
  9. Rarely post here anymore but Mr. Burrows spends 20 odd minutes (possibly more) giving a comprehensive update on everything club related on the most recent MFC Podcast. Here's a link in case any of you are interested/missed it (it was only a post on P&B that brought it to my attention): https://open.spotify.com/episode/6q21Uk47ehl3IuH7k8VfGe?si=fdf6f7db17184025
  10. They played in the same Oldham side - season 2018/19
  11. When the story of the Norwich offer broke it was reported as being the same as offered by Celtic including sell on % (see tweet from the PA below) I've no idea for certain what the agreement is but given absolutely everything else associated with the deal was leaked to the press and it's been a staple of our business model to include sell on clauses then I'd say there's a fair chance there's something there.. I'm happy to stand corrected here but even if there was no official sell on clause we'd still be due 5% of any future sale due to FIFA's solidarity training payment. Also, FWIW: United received a sell on from Celtic when Armstrong was sold to Southampton: https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/dundee-united/676342/dundee-united-to-cash-in-as-former-player-stuart-armstrong-heads-to-southampton/ https://www.sundaypost.com/fp/dundee-united-set-for-windfall-from-stuart-armstrongs-move-from-celtic-to-southampton/
  12. Pretty much. There are pretty formal criteria that contribute to establishing the fee. There are also precedents in that we've received development compensation for former players in similar circumstances: Erwin, Hall etc. The reason for the dispute between Aberdeen and Accies was Aberdeen thought they could get Ferguson for £80k or something like that and Accies decided to dig their heels in and be difficult because tbh, why not. It's worth being a difficult when Aberdeen were low balling In the end Aberdeen had to pay £238k. In itself that's a bargain of sorts as Ferguson's come good but it's near enough 3x what they thought they'd be paying. The full details of clauses are pages 55-61 here but the key ones are below: At Tribunal the criteria are as follows:
  13. It was on the squad list on official site earlier this afternoon but it's been changed back now. It looks like it had been published by mistake.
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    retro kits

    Depends how much you're wanting to pay... There are a few 90s shirts here: https://www.shirtsofexcellence.co.uk/shop/shop.php?page=2&pn=motherwell (there's a 94/95 away shirt there) Also Classic Shirts though they're more 00s onwards https://www.classicfootballshirts.co.uk/nsearch/?q=motherwell#?keywords=motherwell&search_return=all&sort_by_field=Oldest+Season

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