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  1. This even upsets me! If anyone is chucking out old Motherwell shirts give me a shout as I have a few gaps in my collection that I’d be happy to pay to fill.
  2. No need to be a dick. Lets get this thread closed off- definitely been given more attention than the story deserves.
  3. Aye, that’s what I mean. If they pay the money I couldn’t care less what they put in the cut-out. It’s for a good cause.
  4. If folk want to pay £22 to the club to be hilarious, great. It they want to pay £22 to be terribly unfunny, also great.
  5. That looks great and I’d be happy if the club adopted that.
  6. We don’t change the badge because the stuff depicted Isn’t there anymore. If anything, that makes the badge even more important.
  7. Robinson is doing fine, edging towards pretty good, but I sometimes think he gets a wee bit more praise than he is due. Absolutely correct to point out he’s brought in players that have done well and made us a good amount of cash (Moult, Kipre, etc) but I still reckon he’s made more bad signings than good. He tends to identify where we need to bolster and then signs four guys for the position in the hope that one of them turns out good. Guys like Illic, Manzinga, Sloth, etc seem to fly under the radar but there is a plethora of players he’s brought in, have been pish and have been hunted again so I wouldn’t give him too high a score in the “signings” category despite a couple of high-profile successes. Tactically, it’s spot on to suggest he now tries to play a nice brand of football, using width and pace which, when it works, is what we all want to see. However, I do think if we are trying to give a balanced appraisal of Robinson’s time with us as a whole, it would be remiss to disregard that plan A was to lump the ball up to a couple of monsters in the hope that something worked (sometimes it did, hence 2 cup finals, but very often it didn’t and was turgid to watch). I would argue plan B was Ross McCormack (no further comment required on how that went) and Hastie, Turnbull, etc, and the subsequent change in shape was a last resort, which undoubtedly worked incredibly well. In terms of in-game management, he is certainly bold, and again this has had mixed results. The St Mirren cup tie this season is a good example of this- in Paisley were winning and comfortable, he made a baffling substitution and moved O’Hara out of position with 20 minutes to go- they almost immediately equalised and we were lucky to get a replay out of it in the end. In the replay itself, he basically removed the defence and it somehow worked, albeit with a disappointing outcome I like him a lot- he speaks very well and I think he’s a fine ambassador for our club, but I do think Motherwell fans tend to see things in all black and white and due to a 3rd place finish Robbo is the messiah- I just think a bit of perspective is required at times.
  8. Likewise. Your mates are right- it is sad. But I’m sad too and can’t wait to see it! Well done so far- looks great.
  9. Frazzie

    Club shop

    Yes, but only coincidentally.
  10. Cannae see us dropping him for the last two league games if he does that!
  11. Are you asking if I think we could get a better striker than Lee Erwin on the money we pay? Surely you can’t be, since we’ve already had loads of them...? He’s by no means the worst we’ve had, but we should certainly be aiming for better.
  12. He didn’t play much, but I remember him falling flat on his face under no pressure at all while in possession of the ball right in front of the East Stand. Rightly or wrongly, that was enough to convince me he was pish.

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