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  1. Cannae see us dropping him for the last two league games if he does that!
  2. Are you asking if I think we could get a better striker than Lee Erwin on the money we pay? Surely you can’t be, since we’ve already had loads of them...? He’s by no means the worst we’ve had, but we should certainly be aiming for better.
  3. He didn’t play much, but I remember him falling flat on his face under no pressure at all while in possession of the ball right in front of the East Stand. Rightly or wrongly, that was enough to convince me he was pish.
  4. Robinson has strongly denied the accusations, which makes me assume there can’t be CCTV footage showing him doing it, otherwise he’s been very naive. I suspect there’s not much in this story, but if he is found guilty I would have to agree with those saying he would have to go. And I’d like to think we’d be tearing up his contract rather than let him resign. However, based on the very limited information available, I believe he is innocent until proven guilty and it would be disrespectful to speculate otherwise.
  5. None of us know what would have happened but I suspect this is correct.
  6. I understand about Bosmans and freedom of contract, but this isn’t a simple free transfer. Columbus Crew are asking Oxford for £1m for him- if they decided to pay that, he’d be moving directly from us to them but the cash is going somewhere else entirely. That’s just plainly not right. I don’t blame either of the teams or the player who have all shafted us- they’re just exploiting a loophole that shouldn’t exist.
  7. I agree but that’s not the point. Even if someone pays a tenner for him, it should be our tenner.
  8. Not sure how you can say we’ve not been shafted when we developed the guy for a decade and a team whose country he has never even visited is currently holding out to be given £1m for him. That stinks.
  9. As a gesture, I’d like to see John Philliben get in before any of the Cup-winning squad.
  10. A left-field but entirely serious nomination for Bryan Jackson from me.
  11. Frazzie

    retro kits

    This is most of my collection at the last count if anyone cares:
  12. It is close to impossible to get claret and amber from any of the “big” companies- I’ve been trying for many years for Fir Park Corner!
  13. It’s only in the S*n thus far and doesn’t state where. Middleton is in the same boat apparently.

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