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  1. Stumbled upon this photo and can’t believe this was nearly 12 years ago! Having said that, it does feel like 12 years since I last had a night oot!
  2. Was it? This is the XI for that famous game at Pittodrie: 1Hollis 2Reid 3Hammell 14Lasley 5Hutchinson 6McManusSubstituted forMcFaddenat 76'minutes 25AinsworthSubstituted forAnierat 18'minutes 11VigursBooked at 41minsSubstituted forLeitchat 72'minutes 9Sutton 20Kerr 17Francis-Angol I reckon Hutchison, Ainsworth and Sutton would get into our current XI from that lot, when you consider the ages of Hammell and Lasley at that time. Make no mistake- that team he took to second in the league was mediocre at best, with some absolute dross in amongst it.
  3. Aye, I was sure Jock Brown was incorrect when he was saying pre-match that’s how we would line up but both done fine. Interested to see how they do against better teams. Likewise the big keeper- did everything that was asked of him, albeit that wasn’t much.
  4. I’d take him back here. O’Donnell will be sway and Grimshaw has been poor so far this season.
  5. Was Lehman before or after Sengewald?
  6. Stjarnan definitely didn’t, and I’ve no idea where my ticket went- sorry.
  7. Not a fan of saying “I told you so” but some of my pre-season criticisms are starting to shine through. Bold in-game change cost us against Accies and he’s given Jordan White more game time than Tony Watt, which for me shows up what his preference is in a front man. My point on signings is standing up aswell as we have nine first-team forwards to fit into three shirts and still couldn’t score in a a barrel of fannies. I still maintain that I like the guy but if we lose EITHER of the Coleraine or St Johnstone games his job must be on the line.
  8. This even upsets me! If anyone is chucking out old Motherwell shirts give me a shout as I have a few gaps in my collection that I’d be happy to pay to fill.
  9. No need to be a dick. Lets get this thread closed off- definitely been given more attention than the story deserves.
  10. Aye, that’s what I mean. If they pay the money I couldn’t care less what they put in the cut-out. It’s for a good cause.
  11. If folk want to pay £22 to the club to be hilarious, great. It they want to pay £22 to be terribly unfunny, also great.
  12. That looks great and I’d be happy if the club adopted that.
  13. We don’t change the badge because the stuff depicted Isn’t there anymore. If anything, that makes the badge even more important.

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