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  1. As a gesture, I’d like to see John Philliben get in before any of the Cup-winning squad.
  2. A left-field but entirely serious nomination for Bryan Jackson from me.
  3. Frazzie

    retro kits

    This is most of my collection at the last count if anyone cares:
  4. It is close to impossible to get claret and amber from any of the “big” companies- I’ve been trying for many years for Fir Park Corner!
  5. It’s only in the S*n thus far and doesn’t state where. Middleton is in the same boat apparently.
  6. Frazzie

    retro kits

    The badge looks shite. Aztec one is far better in my opinion.
  7. He was interviewed in the St Johnstone programme a few weeks ago and stated the Motherwell result is the first one he looks for every week.
  8. Delighted that we can now include Bigiramana and ATS in this thread...
  9. That game was terrible, but will seem much worse if you block out our three goals....
  10. Bigi was winning this poll on here before a ball was kicked yesterday.
  11. Technically the current Scotland manager is probably the top answer.

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