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  1. Lionel AinsworthHe's fast as fuckHe plays on the rightHe's fucking dynamite!
  2. How many well fans going to be there do we reckon?
  3. I thought Vigurs was poor yesterday
  4. Can't decide between Lawson, McManus and Hutchy...
  5. As was McFadden. Kuban players weren't just footballers but athletes as well.
  6. Has to be ZFA. He had at least two defenders on him at all points and still did well. He'll be fantastic for us this season
  7. UEFA don't allow it, but St Johnstone did it anyway against Rosenborg and as a result lots of neutrals went to it
  8. We had over 10000 against Celtic back in September
  9. It isn't even Pritchard anyway!! Looks completely different
  10. Don't know how to post pics but that guy Pitchard posted a photo on Instagram of him wearing a motherwell training top with the squad number 35
  11. Looked quite a lot from the stream I was watching. About 300ish.
  12. FrazMFC96

    New Away Kit

    Haha. It's no for me.
  13. FrazMFC96

    New Away Kit

    Is the black top a looser fit that last years blue one?

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