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  1. I don't post here very often........but get a grip people! Let's welcome the new man, welcome what the WS society have done and a man now behind the scenes with some significant personal wealth! Today could be the start of a new era for us
  2. Exciting if true........good work by WS also.
  3. To be honest - think Hearts will be out of business before end of season! Who knows what happens then.
  4. From twitter: ottiss79 Espen Otterstad BREAKING: #Motherwell close to signing norwegian striker Finstad from SLASK FC!
  5. italix

    Cup Final Tickets

    Well done to the Club! Yes it was busy, yes there was a wee bit of confusion at the start at Fir Park, but everyone who wants a ticket either has them or will get one soon. All the staff selling the tickets are also doing a fantastic job and deserve great credit. Was a great idea to have the shop in Brandon Parade and to have the foresight to be handing out the forms / clipboards to those who hadn't completed the forms. Well done again and roll on the 21st May!
  6. BBC website strikes again! League table as it stands has us with 31 points but still in 7th place.
  7. Regretfully I have came to the conclusion that a large proportion of posters on here are simply an embarrasment to the claret and amber!
  8. oh yeah forgot. Just waiting on the 'positive' comments about our new loan signing.............
  9. Lol - I really can't respond to any of that! Let's see what happens.
  10. Just woke up on holiday and checked these boards before breakfast. I can't believe the crap being spouted on here again. If the new guys fail then by all accounts give them the stick they are currently getting - but at least give them a chance just now. All it takes is a couple of good results in the league and we are easily back in with a 4th place finish. A semi final slot is already on the cards with the league cup and the way the Scottish Cup is going there is a real possibility of something special there. So when you all wake up back home and read this why not take a long hard look at yourself and get a grip - support your team. Positive things happen to positive people!
  11. Does anyone know when press conference is scheduled?
  12. I can't believe the rubbish being spouted on earlier posts by some fans. This is a fresh start for us, sitting in a good position in the league for a final push for the top six - and european footie again for us next season. Get of your high horses and back the man! Cheers
  13. The new prices are a great deal for any game in a European Competition - stop moaning! The clue is in the name - we are 'supporters' so we need to 'support' the club. For those moaning remember we almost never had a club a few years back.
  14. italix

    Season Tickets

    Good to see the club bashing continuing !!! I can't believe we are being criticised for not being able to give the tickets out when purchased - it must have been really disappointing! Also, it is likely the club will be subject to a charge for any credit card transaction, which is why it passed on. Get over it - or pay by cash. Simple! Finally, it's a great idea to try and get the club in bother over storing of data!!! Please give the club bashing a rest and stop moaning for the sake of it!
  15. italix

    Season Tickets

    Buy it before end of May and it is £351 - Around £19.50 a game based on 18 games a season. This isn't bad for a seat in any club's main stand. If thats too much why not sit in Cooper or East stand at around £14 / £15 a game. OK you didn't get a letter - its a mistake get over it. You all know season tickets need to be renewed - go to club or phone and get your ticket sorted!!! Why all this club bashing !

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