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  1. Good point. Maybe I’ll try a different stand Junior still free but only 11 and under. East is only £70 for 12-17 so looks maybe just dissuading younger fans from PO’d. So club will get less from the both of us put together and I can spend the difference on ear plugs!
  2. Went to renew my ST for me and son to find as a 15yo he’s now being asked for £420!(2019 £0) No way he’s interested in attending every game and so pick and choose it is; probably for both of us. I appreciate the club needs income but this level of pricing isn’t going to encourage new (or existing) supporters.
  3. Don’t agree. McNulty had a purple patch 4 years ago and a brief flourish with Hibs and hasn’t exactly played / scored much since. Wasn’t impressed with him at DU and claimed he was being played out of position (not just straight down the middle). Hardly inspiring given our penchant for how front three are expected to play and contribute.
  4. Do squad numbers give any indication of expected starting places anymore? Just wondering if missing 1 and 9 have been offered to existing players or left for new signings.
  5. purestate


    Very sad news. RIP Andy and best to his family and friends.
  6. At 6'7'' we could put him on the left wing and he might actually get some of Dec's "passes".
  7. Peter Hartley (one of) first to congratulate Bevis on twitter!
  8. Agree. Lamie is not a full back and just as poor on left of three at back.
  9. Obviously Carson got us through with the save in normal time as well as penalties but why was he time wasting earlier in second half. We should have been playing a pressing game as we did with success in the first. Surely that and the stupid high balls to no one can’t have been the players tactics?
  10. When do we play Accies in the relegation 6 pointer?
  11. Yes I think they are Stream improves if restricting all options. Shouldn’t have to do this with modern devices and high speed internet.

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