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  1. Hastie’s move to Rangers is an example of how bad/desperate a manager Gerrard is rather than Robinson.
  2. Good point. So just postpone The final 3 Scottish Cup matches until late summer if they can’t be fitted in. Easiest of all competitions remaining to scrap as well.
  3. Assuming any games can be played it would be worth working out how to decide places on a “play-off” type basis. No one can think Celtic will be caught by Rangers or we/Dons will get 2nd so why not Well/Dons play off For 3rd/4th and so on down. Possibly the bottom 4 playing each other in mini-league with current points and goal difference as start. Hearts forgo their Scottish cup semi or accept automatic relegation. imperfect but may avoid the legal wrangling.
  4. 4th official had a word with him about it at the tunnel.
  5. Strange to say but losing the early goal seemed to inject a resolve in us and County did not kick on. Long was excellent and just a pity he didn’t get a goal for himself. Donnelly has been good all season but O’hara has a similar defensive input and bit more attacking threat.
  6. Disgraceful attempts at penalties from professional footballers. Watt and Hylton should be fined. Donnelly’s was poor but would at least have gone in had keeper dived other way.
  7. Ohara. Donnelly played well second half but was poor in first (along with most of defensive side) -penalty was pathetic.
  8. Good fee but as others have said it’s not all about the balance sheet. My 13 yo is devastated.
  9. Scott definitely. The look on Whittaker’s face as JS passed him in second half was priceless
  10. purestate

    Vs Hibs

    Attacking line up. Could cause them problems with Long and Scott swapping around
  11. At no point have I called for managers to be fired, players crucified or punted, etc. Don’t understand the comment on computer game or TV show I get to see a reasonable amount of development level football so feel I have a perspective to differentiate between basic technique and application and fully fledged experience and guile. I recognise it was a young team against more seasoned professionals but since Clyde have had a less than stellar start to their season I don’t see why the result and most of the performances cannot be characterised as disappointing? It is important for younger players to get this experience and there are ways of getting it - this competition being one so part of my personal disappointment is that Motherwell FC didn’t seem to take it seriously enough Evidence only 3 subs - Jamie Sempie (scorer last week and not a likely starter on Friday) was there so why not at least on bench
  12. Very disappointing performance from almost all of the Well team. Basic passing and control absent and too easily beaten in challenges. A harsh lesson and absolutely no sign that anyone anywhere near stepping up to first team squad. We also only had three subs and one was goalie.
  13. Tanner on twitter saying he got 65 mins. Promising sign.
  14. Donnelly is obvious choice for goals and had a decent allround game however I think Ilić (only one l) looks like he is going to be a major player for us. He got stuck in and was making intelligent moves and passes throughout.
  15. Brian McLean may be playing g against us on Friday although maybe should tell him he’s now with Morton. https://twitter.com/bmac__6?lang=en-gb

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