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  1. At 6'7'' we could put him on the left wing and he might actually get some of Dec's "passes".
  2. Peter Hartley (one of) first to congratulate Bevis on twitter!
  3. Agree. Lamie is not a full back and just as poor on left of three at back.
  4. Obviously Carson got us through with the save in normal time as well as penalties but why was he time wasting earlier in second half. We should have been playing a pressing game as we did with success in the first. Surely that and the stupid high balls to no one can’t have been the players tactics?
  5. When do we play Accies in the relegation 6 pointer?
  6. Yes I think they are Stream improves if restricting all options. Shouldn’t have to do this with modern devices and high speed internet.
  7. This is utterly pathetic. BBC commentators are obviously getting a stream. We have stuttering low quality picture with sound well behind.
  8. Definitely looks like Rangers are ahead in match preparation but also have a number of players that could easily be playing at mid to lower English Championship level so they should be beating us.
  9. A big part of our success last season was the way the midfield would often interchange position. I think O’hara fits this approach perfectly, capable of defensive cover and contributing to attack. Having similar players with some different qualities/strengths gives us flexibility and cover for suspension, injury, loss of form, and in-game adjustments.
  10. purestate

    Season Tickets

    No pleasing some halfwits.
  11. Hastie’s move to Rangers is an example of how bad/desperate a manager Gerrard is rather than Robinson.
  12. 4th official had a word with him about it at the tunnel.
  13. Strange to say but losing the early goal seemed to inject a resolve in us and County did not kick on. Long was excellent and just a pity he didn’t get a goal for himself. Donnelly has been good all season but O’hara has a similar defensive input and bit more attacking threat.

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