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  1. Some pretty serious accusations there about not declaring gate monies. While I am sure we are all aware that over the course of history; it would be rather nieve to believe such activities have not went on (at any clubs) it is rather suggestive to insist that Motherwell are both active and complicit in such a trait. Secondly; to suggest that such activity is not wrong, and nothing compared to Rangers is rather incredulous. At the end of the day - tax evasion of ANY kind is clearly something that both HMRC and also Scottish Football will no longer tolerate. Indeed, if Motherwell or ANY club were to be found guilty of tax issues then they would almost certainly find themselves facing investigation and punishment; just as Rangers would have had they not disbanded through liquidation. It would be cheating; end of. Anyway, that aside - without putting the cash into your pocket it is very difficult to publish company accounts when you have excess cash, unaccounted for floating about so the suggestion is rather null anyway......as others have noted.
  2. Motherwell are actually one of the few teams who could immediately benefit from saying 'no'. Motherwell are on a healthy financial footing ad have already budgeted, unless i am mistaken - for Rangers being out of existence. In that case, 'no' may be a vote that would help rather than hinder Motherwell in their current capacity. Teams like Kilmarnock, Dundee United etc with huge bank debts etc do not have such a luxury and therefore may be financially forced to say 'yes'.
  3. There we are, Eddie sitting on the fence as usual......... I laughed
  4. This is exactly what came to my mind anaw. I don't think there is much wrong with the tribute itself; looks nice and modern and has a bit about it. The main problem is that it looks like it's been pinned to the side of a pish stained bedsheet. Rusty piece of corrugated Iron with a nice new shiny thing attached = exactly that. Perhaps if the background to the memorial didn't look so drab the memorial itself would look much better. That's just my 50p. Hadn't seen the memorial until now and expected the worst when i seen some of the comments.
  5. I have no opinion otherwise on the video. I'm not into the orange order stuff and i certainly don't see where it fits into football, but a comment from either of the Old Firm on this matter is nothing short of laughable. Don't celtic claim to be a family cub to - they make a big song and dance about it on the radio often enough. The video is from a club somewhere, not Fir Park - so it's hardly got anything official to do with Motherwell Football Club it is just something some of their fans have done. The one thing that really fucking irks me though - there is a inclination in the text associating the video that Catholics are some form of 'ethnic minority'. They aren't, they never have been and they never will be. So take the big dirty chip off your shoulder and realise that if the Catholic faith was so bloody tremendous it would surely be big enough to rise above the petty greeting that so many of it's 'followers' are determined to bring up. Catholics get more than any other faith group in this nation - FACT! no one else gets their own schools, there is your starter for ten. I like to laugh at these people but deep down it really upsets me that some folk out there are actually thick enough to buy into this bullshit. Doesn't say much for your 'catholic education' if they can't teach simple things like looking at both sides, impartiality or the meaning of the word hypocrisy.
  6. cooper_no1


    I think Faddy is a fairly good player - i have been surprised at the lack of interest in him shown by championship teams to be honest i thought he is the sort of player they would all have loved to throw their cash at. One that i really WASN'T expecting though is the volume of Celtic fans i have spoke to who are raging. Another lungberg, Roy Keane, Iain Wright etc they have all been saying. Every one of them is spitting about the chance of him signing. " Where does that leave the genius paddy mccourt" they squeal. I shall tell you one thing, after watching that Celtic game yesterday. If they think Faddy is a poor player they better have a word with the boy who's idea it was to sign Bangura......
  7. cooper_no1


    Heard an hour ago the deal was but the wages I was quotes were phenomonal, apparently £35000 p/w! Could be bullshit just passing on the message
  8. Dont even start me on that pish mate, i would be here forever moaning and grumping about half the fannies dressed in blue. FOREVER! Nothing short of embarassing at times.
  9. Ye make an opinion and that's the way folk speak to ye, so ye deserve the same back. Away ... ya grumpy c**t
  10. ye can create an atmosphere without getting into bother, reality? reality is going to the football to enjoy yourself, i agree completely but as i said, it's no coincidence that time and time again when someone gets removed from the stand, it is from that wee corner. Aye it,s their wee 'area' and good luck to them,serious i have absolutely no problem with what they do. If more people were as enthusiastic as them guys then there wouldnt have been a shit load of empty seats in the motherwell end yesterday(granted, there are a lot more reasons for that than a lack of enthusiasm, times are hard). It's not about ME having to 'get a grip' - i'm only pointing out the way the police clearly view it,otherwise they woldnt be taking people out. The guy wasnt removed for the banner(a meare excuse of a reason and a shit one at that, hence the 'warning' - nothing to do with age). The reason he was removed was to make an example and the lad was nothing short of the unlucky one that was made an example of. They removed him to put the shiters up the rest of the lads down in that corner - plain and simple. To an extent it worked however the scoreline mayby done as much to dampen many spirits. As i say,personally - good luck, but clearly the police dont share that view and they have made that abundently clear on more than one occasion now.
  11. Not here to discuss the complexities of sectarianism, to be honest i no longer know what constitutes the word to be honest. The shash? is that sectarian - hard to say, is the word h*n sectarian - hard to say. That's the major problem,noone REALLY knows what sectarian is anymore: 'Fuck the Pope' is that sectarian or a matter of personal opinion? The whole thing is a farce, a total and utter farce. As for the boy who got chucked out,he was an easy target. Everytime i go to Fir Park i think the same thing, see yon wee corner in the East Stand - there is nothing wrong with a bit of atmosphere but sometimes i think they rip the arse out of it. At times it looked that if motherwell were to score there would be a crush down that wee bit. I dont stand there, never have,never will however all i am saying (without trying to be a c**t) is that sometimes it looked like that wee corner get given a yard and take a mile. There is a difference between having a laugh and creating an atmosphere without looking like a genuine hazard and at times it looks that way: aggressive boysterous behaviour. Personally do i give a fuck> nah...but do i see why the police target them? Yes. Anytime someone gets fucked out of fir park it is from that wee corner, it's no a coincidence.
  12. Rangers are very poor just now. There is absolutely no width in the team at all therefore everything needs to go through the middle meaning the play is very narrow - this wouldnt be so much of a problem if there were better players than Edu/Mcculloch/Ness in the middle who have no real pace. The midfield is very static and remarkably uncreative. The big boy Goian(SP) at the back is solid enough - he can provide a decent outball too if given the time and space at the back. The obvious problem is jelavic, if he is allowed any kind of space and provided with any kind of reasonable service then it will 9 times out of 10 end up in the back of the net. Keeping him quiet is the obvious key. In saying that, from what i have seen on motherwell this season they certainly have nothing to fear - to be honest i can see this either being a draw or a Motherwell victory. Aside from the lack of creativity in the Rangers side right now they will be coming on the back of an away fixture on the Thursday night. Now that shouldnt be a problem so early in the season but another observation of Rangers thus far this term is they appear remarkably unfit and some of them look to be carrying a few pounds. How this is possible i have no idea but it looks fairly evident. Anyway, does anyone know the definitive seating plans for this game? Ok so Rangers have the south stand, Motherwell have the east and the cooper? is that correct? It's the main stand that looks strange, do Rangers have the full North and South sections of the main stand with hospitality in the middle??
  13. cooper_no1

    Willie Collum

    I think referees get an increasingly hard time of it.Granted the do not make life easy for themself with some of the dougie-gate scandle that has gone on but as far as on the park decisions go i feel they get a raw deal. People are quick to have a go at a ref for 'getting it wrong' but let's be honest - how many times do we see things at the game or even first time on TV and then find out we were wide of the mark. The amount of coverage these days on refereeing decisions, the close up camera angles and the slow motion view all make it easy for us to criticise ref's for their decision forgetting that they were not privvy to such analitical viewing. Willie Collum has made a few bad decisions this season - especially in big games. However over the piece he hasn't had that tragic a season. All the sendings off that he has made have been legit - he was following the rule book. It is something else to disagree with the rules but on the other hand he would have got his baws booted if he hadn't made those decisions. That's the way of it. Our referees are far from perfect,but either is the system. Englands referees are no great shakes either because human error is always going to come into play. The game is getting faster(well...) and players are getting better at falling over - it's not always easy to tell on first viewing. until someone grows a set of balls and introduces some form of technology then it will always be the same.Unfortunately Football - probably the worlds highest grossing sport - refuses to spend money in this field and is left in the dark ages of sport technology.
  14. Yes i agree, however i put the word 'organised' in such brackets because i wasn't having a dig at the by the book ones you are describing - an excellent way to get fit by the way for those that find the gym boring. I was more pointing at the other ones that exist in abundance and remind me of something out of the Karate Kid movie with some power hungry 'tutor' teaching the art of hurting folk for nae reason.... sadly plenty of these places also exist, i've seen them.
  15. Anyway, who the fuck would wanty wear a jakit in the sun......

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