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  1. johnnyg


    He will come on to his game before the transfer windows open !
  2. johnnyg

    Motherwell Vs Levante Discussion Thread

    Hope we can do it! But there allways next year!
  3. johnnyg

    Levante Travel

    Hi guys, I have easy jet flights booked for Glasgow to Gatwick 7.05 then Gatwick to Alicante 11 20am Wednesday 29/4/2012 Return flight alicante to Glasgow 13.25 friday 31/8/2012 For one person n all the flights cost me £280. The name changes would cost £75( 25 quid per flight) due to family ill health unable to go. anybody interested £180 quid return will name changes paid Dave
  4. Thankyou very much for the information. My father is not well enough to travel to match so I will be going on my own. So I would like to purchase a ticket in a safe part of the ground. Have flight booked no hotels yet.

  5. johnnyg

    Levante Travel

    Thankyou I had the same problem with steelmen site. Will you be able to buy tickets on the night?
  6. Hi i am going to game on my tod my oldman is not well to go. Have has problems logging in to steelmen online and have just the ok to post. Were you in the same positon? Dont mind travelling on my tod but going to the game woundnt be great on your tod. cheers dave

  7. johnnyg

    Levante Travel

    Are there still tickets left? got my flights booked but no hotels yet.

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