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  1. I slagged Joe Chalmers off as much as anyone but I thought he played really well on Saturday in the middle of the pitch, made some important tackles and played some nice passes, was almost like watching a new signing! I'd give him a few games in there alongside Cadden and see how he progresses, he's certainly not a left back though!
  2. Who were the other trialists yesterday?
  3. Good stuff! Did he say where to?
  4. So do we know who the trialists was tonight?
  5. Betting been suspended on Steve Robinson becoming Oldham manager!
  6. in other news Tom Hateley could be back in claret and amber this season!!!! (on trial at Bradford)
  7. http://www.pasoti.co.uk/talk/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=95175&start=143w Safe to say this is the funniest thing i've read in ages!! Haha!! They start by saying how amazing that he is and by the end of the thread, their opinion has totally flipped!
  8. Has Nicky Law got a club yet? Would fill the Pearo gap brilliantly!!
  9. So it looks like Flows Twitter is the place to seek out potential signings after all! Haha
  10. They guy was a regular for Shrewsbury last season when they got promoted to League 1 but think this season has been hit with injury and so his contract hasn't been renewed.
  11. Also heard rumblings of Ben Heneghan, CB for Chester City... and Mickey Demetriou, another CB who has just been released by Shrewsbury. Both England C Internationals.
  12. Grimsby fans on their forums all rate him, they said he was their best player last season and one of the main reasons they got promotion. All wishing him well on his move to Motherwell!!
  13. Read into it what you want, but flow has recently started following Richard Tait from Grimsby on Twitter....
  14. i know where i'd rather go....

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