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  1. Aye you could tell there was a player there with Long for sure. Would be delighted to have him back but I doubt it tbh.
  2. Over all record: Played 19, Won 9, Lost 4. Not a bad record at all for a diddy nation. That, the continuity factor and his record at Sligo Rovers have obviously done it for him. Happy days for us really.
  3. You’d imagine with Campbell going into the last year of his deal we’d have a decent idea if he’d sign a new one or not and if he won’t then we’ll be looking to move him on. I can’t see him penning a new one personally but what do I know. In that scenario the O’hara transfer is an absolute no brainier.
  4. ITK overload in here, love it. Unless it comes from ITKMarvs mouth I refuse to believe it, personally.
  5. You do realise the irony of your only contribution being moaning your tits off about other people moaning, yes?
  6. We’re third without him playing. On field performance will not come into it at all. He is the clubs big pay day.
  7. There’s a few things that could happen in the Turnbull story. Him leaving on a free is surely not one of them. There’s no way the club is letting one of, if not the biggest playing asset they’ve ever had leave on a free/compo deal. Don’t be silly.
  8. Absolutely crazy decision taking Polworth off for O’Hara.
  9. Londonwell

    Vs Hibs

    He came on, scored a goal, should have had a penalty after using his strength to win the ball and drove into the box and generally looked capable of keeping the ball under pressure at a time when that was exactly what we were needing. By no means the finished article but he’s playing for Motherwell, sakes. Really not sure what you are expecting? It’s a game all about opinions but it’s hard to get away from yours being wide of the mark here.
  10. Londonwell

    Vs Hibs

    Out of interest, how did you come to the opinion that Hylton looked woeful when he came on? Seems like a wild take to me but there we are.
  11. Was Seedorf injured or just knackered? He looked absolutely done after 35 mins. Very good majority of 1st half and very poor all of the 2nd. Far too easy for Celtic to score some of those goals but ultimately they have much better players and thats what makes the difference. In desperate need of a striker to step up and make the position their own.
  12. You think our season will be defined by the future of David Turnbull, yet your predictions with and without him only have a difference of one league place and both are in the top six?
  13. Aye, seem to remember there being a stooshie at the time about that one. We also exploited a loophole with Chris Porter's transfer, which Mcghee admitted to at the time. I obviously hope we get cash for Cadden but we aren't really in a position to grumble too much if we don't.

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