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  1. No no proof as such other than anything we can all read. That's where we used to buy and those players were successful all the way back to Lambert from st Mirren . Even polworth who yes is poor just now but he was Inverness best player and this is who I'm suggesting
  2. As always on a terrible run we are making out that all our players are crap when that's not the case. If we are being honest then yesterday if the keepers were swapped then we would have won the game definitely. I dont like to slag or talk down our players for nothing but I for the life of me been watching Well for 35 years cannot remember a worse one than Chapman. He is just big and that's it and even at that cant dominate his box. A good post from someone yesterday saying how our model of recruiting lower league english players to move on is not working as their is no stability at club due to this which I agree with. Our model should always in an ideal world be roughly 3or 4 from youth 3 or 4 Motherwewell stalwarts and rest others from where we need to be signing the best of other scottish teams I.e nisbet shankland magennis etc. I know some of above might have been out our range but we never seem to be interested in any young Scottish talent which is disappointing. Like a lot of others have said all the money we have made recently has not been reinvested in team to try and get good enough players that have any future transfer value or have improved the team immediately.
  3. I'm also in favour of this. Very good talker imo on tv and also won cup with youths. Him and faddy as assistant .
  4. Hardly "toys out the pram" ! Anyway thanks for your input and effort over the years
  5. Thanks andy for stopping another new topic. If you cant run the site maybe time to step aside. Always liked your input on here but theres a reason p&b is now just a wee bit in front and I've now realised. Thanks
  6. The thing is re mcall and now robinson. It is not all down to them as because we need to always sell our best players to supposedly better teams the ones we then buy are always nearly never as good. I wish we had a never ending youth production line but as managers all think of their jobs (quite rightly) and as the spl is really cutthroat in that nearly any of 10 teams could find themselves in trouble they dont blood youngsters as much as they are scared. Robinson got lucky a couple of years ago where he could play turnbull scott hastie etc end of season when we weren't going to be relegated so no pressure and they thrived. Normality has resumed and our new non league english signings are remembering us where we signed them from. Yes we will unearth a diamond now and again but in the norm no. Over last few years that wee spell when we were singing hastie campbell and turnbull was most enjoyable in years as we all felt an affinity with them
  7. With ohara to centre back and donnelly and Carroll back this would make a big difference. A big problem is goals and if Aaron's was available hed be great. White.hastie.long. lamie.mcginley.bevis. unfortunately are not good enough and can go anytime. McAllister not getting a game at stmirren I've always thought is a player. Plus obika . Mcmann accies lb. There are loads of players in spl who I feel would improve us more than some that are picked up from non league england. Some of celtic or rangers youths who have stalled their careers at aged 20ish must be better than some of our recent buys.
  8. Bringing mcginley on was a bad decision as was white. If lang and watt were tired which I didn't think then bring on cole and seedorf who have pace and can run with ball. Poor decisions from robbo. Its easy with hindsight to say this or that but I felt that when hagi came on we should have gave them more to think about defensively rather than continue to sit in. They flooded the box in the knowledge that we had no one to go forward quickly but they had no defenders and a half decent breakaway could have sealed it for us but we didn't have players on park to do that other than last 5 when we were losing and we brought on cole.seedorf and polworth. Was a hard watch but if wed held on nobody would be bothered. I feel now we are lacking a couple of players that have been top internationals for instance but getting old now ala McManus Macdonald Pearson etc . Someone like a charlie adam to help our youngsters and drive up standards.
  9. Yep I'm with you and can see what hes trying to do. Obviously being realistic it's going to be very hard going but the reaction of our fans to the team before game has started is so negative and predictable. The way he has set up will be exactly same as how st Mirren set up. Yes lamie has been poor and maybe dropping ohara into defense instead with Maguire in midfield is a decision. And cole for lang but what else? I still believe polworth is our best player but hes been off it for a bit although was gd when on last week. I'm hoping as everyone on here we produce something.
  10. Never saw them last night but sunday against dundee utd was the 1st time this season that i have watched them when they did not look totally dominant and by all accounts last night same. Dundee utd played a 541 to combat their 2 best players (tavernier and barasic) and it worked. Hope we go same way and if we can contain them early doors we will grow into game i think id go Archer, back 5 of odonnell ,ohara mugabi,gallagher,mcginley mid 4 of polworth,campbell,maguire,cole up front watt Those players also give us big advantage at set pieces with all back 5 plus cole over 6 ft. Theres always hope and ive always got it but god knows how
  11. Easy to blame everyone but my take of the game was we were unlucky. All games are really close and today with disallowed goal and other gd opportunities the game could have been really different. Our forwards dont create enough for themselves and whilst I'm a polworth fan he is now being marked out of game. This ultimately means no creative players going forward. We need imo a gd cf and also wingers who are dangerous ala arriybi for instance. Plus our midfield is really lacking someone who can pass the ball . After all that the funny thing is there is not much between all teams other than top 2.
  12. gaz7

    Big Dec

    I think dec will start in the 3 with cooper or McKenna to left with mctominay to right. Tierney I think can only get in at rwb in place of odonnell. we need some height to combat their big players at set pieces plus to give us a threat there in attack so 3 big cbs plus dykes for aerial threat. If tierney plays cb that means only 3 big players which I think would not be enough to combat them.
  13. I was 14 as well and there with my football team mates watching from enclosure. My memory is of what looked like a fat guy in midfield running game from basically not going out centre circle and myself being amazed how good he was as a budding midfielder myself. Was only one jan molby. What a player.
  14. Great post and my thoughts exactly. Plus the watt one as yes hollander touched ball 1st but then was dangerous follow through and anywhere else on park it's a foul and a booking. It looks like sour grapes meaning after a 5-1 defeat but these are facts. I'm in happy Clapper camp I suppose but down after today. Scene was set in 1st 10 mins when a few dubious fouls went to them and a big one when linesman who was 5 yards away gave corner but madden 30 yards away over ruled and gave goal kick. Robinson whilst looking sporting after game saying nothing about the decisions and blamed it on performance is also pandering to them and it makes me mad.
  15. Its oh so easy to always blame people for the loss and I like most feel the game was there to be won but our lack of experience and also the big one Belief that we could beat them cost us. Any game of football it is always someones fault for the goals and gallagher sending off i feel may have happened coz we got away with mcginley one. Campbell and Watt to a degree were best players last night and I feel that comes down to in the main that they believe in themselves that they are as good as who they were up against. We badly need a midfield general similar in playing style to gorrin who can get on the ball and dictate as every time it was played into ohara i was flapping and so was he as he is not quick or nimble enough. To be fair to him his best position is where campbell plays so he is having to make do. I also feel maybe polworth could play there as his passing is best part of his game and would like to see a swap of him and ohara position wise.

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