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  1. Steven Davis I feel would be a great signing. Exactly what we need and would no doubt drive standards up. He does not have the baggage of other players from either of them i.e brown,griffiths ,boyd etc and he has also been used to playing as an underdog with northern ireland. I can not see any downside other than hes 37 and may get injured but he has looked fit enough any time ive saw him this season. Him and one other similar stature defender and striker and you have leaders and organisers in every area of pitch which we have not had this season. Even just being in for him is a serious upgrade in transfer gossip than there has been for a while.
  2. Maybe to support our boys? Must be shite as a player if you were running out and none of your own fans were there as can't be bothered going. Last couple of games there's no doubt the fans had a huge impact all driven by young team and added to by the rest. I respect your opinion as at both of them it can be hard going and it is expensive etc etc but if everyone had same opinion as you then it's basically raising the white flag to them. There's always a chance and anyone who's been there or other place when wev had a result will testify how good it feels. I still remember my 1st time there with my pals 1989 and we won and coming out walking to train station all well fans singing feeling 10 ft tall. That's how I want to go
  3. gaz7


    I'm with you grizzly but unfortunately I think your wrong. Some strange people in our support as in life. Booing from some last night at half time was unbelievable. Saw a couple up at dingwall on Saturday who will make themselves ill by their shouting pish at our boss. Never saw them at end of both games funnily enough.
  4. Can't buy tickets online and been trying all week so phoned our ticket office there who said they are just waiting on confirmation from celtic to get more. I asked how many we had sold but she said couldn't disclose. Celtic obviously want to keep them all for their own fans and I understand that but I'm a bit disappointed that it's not 48 hrs till ko and nothing sorted. I'm guessing here but I don't think we will have sold out the allocation that all away teams have to receive per spfl rules . This is sort of thing that no other team would get away with other than those 2 and gets me a bit pissed off. Would be hilarious if we could do something on Saturday and why not. Hope we can take decent crowd if permitted as players deserve backing after securing europe
  5. Yes they maybe have since January but we maybe got all our luck 1st half of season as we all saw we were just as poor but getting wins. Whilst united never troubled our goal a lot they did dominate ball but we had best chances. Think shape of team yesterday suited some better and next week I'd go same with hopefully odonnell back for rwb sol back for ojala and van veen for shields. Unbelievable really we still have a chance of europe and next week is biggest of season. County are decent though and they are favourites in my book but we have pulled better results from nowhere this season.
  6. gaz7


    Yes I agree with that regarding our recruitment however we have an international full back and whilst we can all have our opinions on that SOD is that and I'd imagine when he goes it will be a long time before we have another There's no doubt in my mind the groans and moans from East stand have impacted him hugely. Our stand is very close to pitch and in any line of work if people are moaning at you all time it has an impact. I totally get frustrations this year but it winds me up when I hear some total negativity on a Saturday from a noisy few. Last night on twitter the club released a thing saying ," fully prepared ". Every response other than 1 from about a dozen was negative. I'd imagine the players on twitter read it and the ones not will hear of it. The anonymous nobody's of social media are anonymous nobody's in their own homes id imagine but they can have a huge influence unfortunately . P.s that's not a dig at yourself
  7. gaz7


    It's quite straightforward I think if we get europe then everyone will be OK and happy. If not then I think the last of the goodwill will end. League season is over 38 games and if it all ends happily then whilst the football won't have been great (unless next 4 changes dramatically) he will be deemed a success. Fingers crossed for that happening
  8. Not dressing up anything at all just stating factual stats that show if he is out through injury suspension or dropped then we as a team are not as successful Everything else is just noise really.
  9. Ohara has to start for me also some say what does he do. I can ask same about all our midfield unfortunately but here's a stat I saw earlier. Including league cup knockout game and scottish cup games and league Ohara in team won6 drew6 lost4 Ohara out team won5 drew5 lost12 Now I know there's a lot of other variables in games but that says a lot.
  10. I agree with a lot of your post but I honestly think his instructions limit us. Slattery imo is gd on ball but he has no one to pass too. As I said on other post kvv huge miss but Woolery wide right 1on1 v barasic gives us a chance. Slattery kelly woolery and kvv are my only certain starters but 2 of them have been dropped for lots of season and other has been suspended. Start of 2nd half why did we not pass it about at back between our 4 and kelly for a while to get their 10 men running around and frustrate their fans and give us the belief that we were now in control? So may questions to answer that can't be answered on here but as you say bottom line is we have poor players.
  11. Yep and I get that but everyone says some things that they then go back on. Just.my view as I can't see what Alexander is trying to do. All this season I can only think of hearts and dundee utd at home and aberdeen in cup that we played well. 2 of those were in pishing rain and other was cup . He still doesn't know his best team . Says it all really.
  12. Cmon ya bezzer you know as well as me and others we got very lucky at both games at ibrox. I have been giving Alexander benefit of doubt but after today I'm now wanting him away. A decent manager would have changed at half time to really go and beat 10 men but we let them pass about at back to then hit wright and sakala to run at us and over top. I am really pissed of at today as another poster said that was our time but we shat it. How woolery doesn't start mystery as even though he loses ball he makes another of their players come over to cover barasic which should mean space elsewhere. Missed van veen big time today plus I felt ohara should have started. I'm fully aware they are miles better than us but lack of fight ambition and basic football skills against their 10 men has again got me scumnered and I want Alexander replaced now. Who with some will ask? Stephen Craigan. We have got lucky where we are and I will be at dundee next week but ...........
  13. I'm actually a bit shocked by response to this. Whilst I would never want to back down to either of them I can see how some might see it. However I see it as beneficial to us also in we have an extra day rest before utd game as well as I'd imagine players desperate to get back after 2 week since livi game where we finished on a high. I also can totally understand frustration with people who have made arrangements and now can't make it but also there would have been some who couldn't make the Sunday and now can so its swings and roundabouts I'd imagine. It will be hilarious if we can get something out game after all their fans on twitter sooking up to burrows for so called helping them out. Can't wait for Saturday now and also maybe a great Saturday afternoon in pub after a gd result which wouldn't have been as good on a Sunday.
  14. Yes I agree with you but although not privy to all goings on I felt his removal summed up scottish football. He must have had something about him as assistant at napoli juventus chelsea and Italy as well as others. There's no way he'd have been in those jobs without being good at coaching. However kirk broadfoot kris boyd etc said he was hopeless and that was it really for him. The dressing room didn't want to change and we're happy to accept the status quo. No team in Scotland will ever break the monopoly with the way we accept and the way we all play. I totally accept finances are the overpowering reason but how do bodo glimt hammer our champions elect as well as roma for instance on a turnover of $6 million dollars? They are obviously doing something different. Allesio was trying something different and I have no idea if it would have worked but I'm sure he knows a wee bit more about football than broadfoot and boyd. Look what's happened to them since also
  15. When I first saw Considine released I thought yes definitely but then saw he's 35 and he's been out all year which put me off a bit. Might come back and give a gd couple of years to someone or even more . He's certainly better than Lamie .

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