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  1. I dont see how Polworth can split opinion he has been outstanding.He is a poor mans kevin de bruyne and I mean that as a huge compliment too him. Its some typical scottish football fans that think he cant tackle and gets pushed around easily but not only is his passing excellent his work rate is too. My player of the year so far ahead of even gallagher as if he wasnt there id worry about us getting many chances a game to score.
  2. gaz7

    2019-20 Rebuild

    i saw erwin on highlights at wknd and he has lost weight and whilst didnt score i thought he looked gd. i would like to see him back as he was imo destined for great things before going to leeds and then thinking he had made it and acting and looking like an idiot. Hes still only just turned 25 and id imagine still has lots of pals at fp and obviously family in local area. might work might not but is he any greater risk than who we normally go for?
  3. Yep i agree ya bezzer. Campbell whilst one of our own looking poor for a bit when we are off it . However a huge decision today was our managers by going 352 when we were winning. Yes accies were pressing us at that time but we were still winning and i thought if we weathered that storm we would go on from there. Easy in hindsight i know but trying to console myself with we are still 3rd. ps both accies full backs mcgowan and mcmann looked good and worth a look from our scouting department.
  4. 1st away we have missed this season due to obvious reasons and wish we were there for celebrations at end that ive saw . So chuffed for all the fans that went up there today and the players obviously responded. Looking forward now to the derby. COYW
  5. What I see as the problem if there is one is that we have just now 5 fighting for 3 positions with not one of them guaranteed a place.This makes them greedier than normal for goals hence the stupid attempts every week and also when they are on pitch ala long today touching in a ball on the line. But we are 3rd on merit. It also showed today the difference polworth makes with his passing ability as before he was on whilst we had most of ball our midfied 3 tgen do not have polworths vision or awareness. Think ohara needs to be a defensive mid as he won a lot of balls in that role wgen he went there.
  6. gaz7

    Mugabi/ Hartley

    Big Bevis is faster and physically bigger and can also recover better than hartley but his positional play or organisational skills are nowhere near hartleys. Bevis i feel would also be so much better on right of defence as he looks dodgy anytime balls on his left side but i understand robinson not wanting to move gallagher from his usual spot. Hindsight is great but I like others felt hartley would have been better on sunday as he is also so bloody determined which i felt we missed a bit.
  7. The main difference today was our players did not get as much time on ball as against weaker teams they were always snapping into tackles quickly and their 2 widemen came into midfield to create a 4 against our 3. we got totally overan in midfield. like any game goals change them and after longs great run and cutback in 1st half i felt we dropped out it. 2nd half nit much in it till their 2nd then their experience closed game out. When turnbull is back i think we will play a diamond with a winger sacrificed and this will improve us against top teams.
  8. we went 352 then to combat their strikers which i thought was great move. fantastic we can play different formations to win games.
  9. our 3 looked not so gd today as hearts played a 3 6 1 with a midfield 4 of walker whelan meshino clare against our 3 but that also meant they had no one up front . game was really tight but hyltons ability and a superb long finish was our reward. every game is give and take tactically where we give up 1 area of pitch to take advantage in others as seen today. we are 3rd in league and more to come. lets enjoy it
  10. totally agree. our midfield won us game tonight. they were up for it until we scored and game was even until then. when donnelly started getting more of ball and polworths pass for 2nd is what he does. campbell was supporting forwards as ever. this we were crap on saturday and tonight till we scored is a lot of crap imo. as i have said many times on here there is nothing between most teams hence the start of last 2 games. there is no way we will dominate a team for 90 mins even celtic who have won every trophy for last 3 years dont do it. last 2 games 7-0 aggregate hope it continues!
  11. he has 10 assists it said on radio today. if you think thats not gd enough then i dont know what you want. boys a player
  12. Im sure (hoping) we and robinson have learned from last year v ross county when i and others had most despondent feeling in ages. I look forward to a big away crowd and same result as in 2011ish? when jamie murphy ran riot after a drive through the snow to get there. My youngest 1st scottish away day if i remember when he was 6. COYW.
  13. As everyone said we lost 2 bad goals 1st half however we had plenty time to remedy it which in the 2nd half we totally dominated them with attack after attack but not enough quality from 30 yards out. When ohara came on for maguire i thought he would be making runs to support our strikers but he was sat back then scott for campbell i feel was bad move as our 3 midfield wer in control then we only had 1 of them on pitch. We lost the 3rd to a predictable counter attack. We badly need a big number 9 as cole and long do most of their best work outside the box. We are not far away but lack of goal threat when we are chasing games and teams sit in against us will be our downfall i think. We also missed donnelly today as im sure he would have had some shots from outside box today as we had lot of ball there.
  14. I think the view that polworth is lightweight is unjustified. Watch him and in duels his determination shows through. Because he is at this time our most creative player and is a bit skinny people say he is lightweight but i dont get it and feel it is a lazy assumption. I have been at dalszell park a few times watching training and he has always been the best player in the games. Anyone who thinks he should be dropped is imo missing his abilities. Hibs are there for the taking as I honestly believe they could go down as their squad is not good and if they do not get going soon their fans will put so much pressure on the players i dont think they will be able to cope. 2-0 to us.
  15. I personally cant see him going to either hibs or hearts as best he could do would be 3rd and if he did it would be expected and if he didnt then he would be be a failure. He can imo get 3rd with us with less pressure and not a failure if he doesnt. I know the wages there would be a lot more but I feel too much of a risk for him as if he goes there and fails then he will forever only be at clubs like ourselves and oldham. Get us 3rd and he would have i believe pick of a few english championship teams with obviously then an opportunity to get promoted to premier league and all that brings. Also if he goes to english championship and fails as has been seen with loads of previous managers he would still most likely get a decent job back up here.

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