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  1. Totally agree with that kmac. They were miles better than us and Davidson has built a good solid squad
  2. Yes we like him coz hes one of our own and I like him due to this also but if we are honest midfielders in my day I am (49) were the best players on the park with the no 9 a greedy fucker who could win you games. It's still same now but our midfield there are none who are really good football players. Maguire is best of them all imo but if you compare him to gorrin Rodriguez for instance he is miles behind. Our forwards are good and have potential but due to midfield limitations we are going to struggle. Polworth who I rate will be getting better by the week by not playing.
  3. Yes it was scary at end and the subs like robinsons were so negative and invited them to come at us. But and it's a big but if it wasnt for utd keeper we would have scored 5/6 or more. Kelly has made 2 great saves and we are praising him to high heavens so let's not forget our forward play which was best wev been all season. Cole outstanding with watt not far behind and even long with his best game in a year. I dont know where that performance came from and other than last 15 mins it was very good and another step forward from county game. We are improving rapidly and thank god for that.
  4. nope ill disagree with you there Shaka. yes hes left footed but very much plays on the right to cut inside rather than going outside if playing left wing. came on against rangers on right also.
  5. Simple analogy Ropy but definitely the right one. It seems simple to try and get the best players at clubs at a lower level. Nisbet has shown if you are top player in championship and young and hungry then chances of success in spfl are high. I felt with the money we had banked year before then surely we should have been in market for him and maybe be were for all I know. This is where sometimes we have to take a risk as 250k was obviously now looking like money well spent. Also I feel more youth from other spfl clubs that for whatever reason it is not happening for them at clubs they are at. Dean campbell for instance at aberdeen always looks tidy on ball but is only a bit part player for them but was one of top players in under age scotland teams for years. Low risk and low wages I think but with potential.
  6. Totally 100% agree ya bezzer it winds me up. I see it all the way down at boys football where a simple 10 yard pass from a player that keeps the ball and opens up pitch doesn't get any reaction but someone charges in and kicks ball out park gets big well done . Its reason campbell gets as much praise on here also but let's be honest his passing and awareness and shooting are miles behind Maguire but as he is busy about pitch he gets a lot of plaudits. Football is simple in that if you have the ball other team cant score but a lot of players dont want the ball coz they are scared and that is worrying. Top players are always available for the ball as well as always charging about the park.
  7. In games v us last year I was impressed by him and was shocked when I looked him up and saw his age as I hadn't heard of him before. He imo is better than any of our midfield based on last years games v us and that includes campbell. He passes the ball tackles and as shown v us scores . For whatever reason he is out st mirren team but he cant just suddenly have went pish. Maybe a fall out? Who knows but we desperately need midfielders
  8. That is totally spot on. Huge moments in game and I get so annoyed when we seemingly just accept it. Call it out it's not whining its facts.
  9. No no proof as such other than anything we can all read. That's where we used to buy and those players were successful all the way back to Lambert from st Mirren . Even polworth who yes is poor just now but he was Inverness best player and this is who I'm suggesting
  10. As always on a terrible run we are making out that all our players are crap when that's not the case. If we are being honest then yesterday if the keepers were swapped then we would have won the game definitely. I dont like to slag or talk down our players for nothing but I for the life of me been watching Well for 35 years cannot remember a worse one than Chapman. He is just big and that's it and even at that cant dominate his box. A good post from someone yesterday saying how our model of recruiting lower league english players to move on is not working as their is no stability at club due to this which I agree with. Our model should always in an ideal world be roughly 3or 4 from youth 3 or 4 Motherwewell stalwarts and rest others from where we need to be signing the best of other scottish teams I.e nisbet shankland magennis etc. I know some of above might have been out our range but we never seem to be interested in any young Scottish talent which is disappointing. Like a lot of others have said all the money we have made recently has not been reinvested in team to try and get good enough players that have any future transfer value or have improved the team immediately.
  11. I'm also in favour of this. Very good talker imo on tv and also won cup with youths. Him and faddy as assistant .
  12. Hardly "toys out the pram" ! Anyway thanks for your input and effort over the years
  13. Thanks andy for stopping another new topic. If you cant run the site maybe time to step aside. Always liked your input on here but theres a reason p&b is now just a wee bit in front and I've now realised. Thanks
  14. With ohara to centre back and donnelly and Carroll back this would make a big difference. A big problem is goals and if Aaron's was available hed be great. White.hastie.long. lamie.mcginley.bevis. unfortunately are not good enough and can go anytime. McAllister not getting a game at stmirren I've always thought is a player. Plus obika . Mcmann accies lb. There are loads of players in spl who I feel would improve us more than some that are picked up from non league england. Some of celtic or rangers youths who have stalled their careers at aged 20ish must be better than some of our recent buys.
  15. Bringing mcginley on was a bad decision as was white. If lang and watt were tired which I didn't think then bring on cole and seedorf who have pace and can run with ball. Poor decisions from robbo. Its easy with hindsight to say this or that but I felt that when hagi came on we should have gave them more to think about defensively rather than continue to sit in. They flooded the box in the knowledge that we had no one to go forward quickly but they had no defenders and a half decent breakaway could have sealed it for us but we didn't have players on park to do that other than last 5 when we were losing and we brought on cole.seedorf and polworth. Was a hard watch but if wed held on nobody would be bothered. I feel now we are lacking a couple of players that have been top internationals for instance but getting old now ala McManus Macdonald Pearson etc . Someone like a charlie adam to help our youngsters and drive up standards.

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