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    yep agree with mcallister comparisons. he doest look fast on the ball but theres no doubt he is as opposition cant get near him. his thought process already at 19 is in front of anyone else on same pitch as him last 5 games. Last night he done i think 3 little flicks over defenders heads .when was the last time or ever a Well player has done that. top talent and along with hastie has us excited. biggest 2 youth prospects and on same level at this age as mcfadden i feel. hope they go on to be as good as him for us and themselves.
  2. gaz7

    Who Stays And Who Goes?

    yabezzer you are unsure or want rid off mchugh which yes he can be liability and football ability not best but he can organise and wins balls. frear our best player v accies at xmas time and threat from bench every time hes on. main without doubt is pivotal to our play with 2 wingers.he runs himself into ground and holds ball up every game. as ive said many times if he scored more he would be elsewhere. grimshaw whilst not greatest 1 on 1 defender his running is great and exciting and i cannot understand doubts gorrin has been one of catalysts for recent upsurge through always being available and able to go left or right with his switches of play cadden will play wherever he has to and as seen before his injury he was immense at right back. he could also play in campbell or turnbulls position and whilst he cannot tackle like 1 or as inventive as other his runs provide another option in those roles. So in short I would definitely want all 6. our recent play with our 2 wingers is fantastic so robinson deserves huge praise as this was not a formation forced on him with injuries. he put some big experienced players out team and replaced them with youngsters and new formation.
  3. gaz7

    2018/19 Game 24: Livingston (H) Saturday 2nd February

    im sure its a 433 and gorrin suits our style just fine.
  4. i get the criticism of mains lack of goals but his workrate is outstanding. Due to this he occupied their 2 cbs which gave arriyibi and hastie room. I think we need to be careful what we wish for and if he could finish then he wouldnt be at us as he does loads more. 3 footballers in midfield enabled us to also get balls to wingers and i loved it at end when we were trying to see out game we were passing it about rather than just butting up the park. Only disappointment brought on by last night is how we could not have done that on Saturday as im still raging with that. grimshaws run. arriyibi and hastie attacking full backs.gorrin and turnbulls composure on ball.campbells tenacity. meant loads to be excited about but ultimately we have nothing to play for now i feel.
  5. noticed this also and i think was down to last 25 mins where we accepted defeat. so disappointed.
  6. cmon if you think ross mccormack didnt put pressure on manager to play then you are wrong. hes went for total transfers of 24 million pounds and seemingly on 40k a week at villa.
  7. great post and i totally agree. the romantic in me when i heard team thought bloody hell we are going for it 424 but that changed quickly watching game.
  8. no of course not but if you cannot see how negativity affects players then you are blind. new signings affected us because robinson felt pressured to play them when he admitted they werent fit. We were also on a bit of a high after winning derby in last game so players that then sat out would not have been happy. is that enough for you to understand?
  9. yes and power and dicker imo are 2 mobile midfielders who cover ground and are always covering and are aggressive . mchugh isnt mobile enough and turnbull isnt competitive enough yet. campbell and grimshaw might have been better today and turnbull in McCormack position. just before half time i said to my son if main had played like McCormack in 1st half hed be off at ht. someone said earlier we changed a winning team after accies and it was true but lots were against us today like winter break. new signings needing to play.1st goal against us.ref decisions against arriyibi. playing against a team top of championship. but most of all i feel our fans are terrible when the chips are down you can see the fear in our players when they are getting moans.
  10. frear was our only player who kept creating. im going against the grain here but if we had scored 1st and obviously we didn't. we would have won. i like their midfielder lindsay and also big draper in front of their defense when they are defending a lead was good. they have a team full of 27 to 33 year old experienced pros and hence the reason they are top off championship. last 25 mins you can call it timewasting or whatever but its what all good teams in that position do. ps they aren't that good but they beat us and that says it all. davy turnbull is too safe when in a 2 centre mid and the negativity from 65 in was ridiculous but typical well fans. how some people left after their 2nd goal went in was embarrassing and i feel those people arent interested in football but only to say to other people they are. our season is over and i am gutted. And yes i agree robinson out and personally id want craigan in.
  11. due to lot of unforseen circumstances in recent games our starting 11 is changed every week. we are not great but i honestly dont think we are that far off. our midfield looked weak today and we have no threat. as robinson has daid a couple of wide players would change our options immensely. grimshaw was gd when on and i thought tait done great at cb. i was also glad fans showed appreciation at end as whilst we didnt deserve loads the team really dug in 2nd half.us well fans need to all stick together and the continuos moaning does no good. we could all be pep guardiola sometimes but theres a reason we are not. usually down to alcohol and more usually not knowing enough about football. lets dust ourselves down and have a great day and victory over there on saturday.COYW
  12. mchugh rallies the troops all game and is too slow on ball for midfield. he had a great last ditch tackle in 2nd half as well. sammon i thought done good. livingston done gd 1st 10 mins he was on then looked not so gd. turnbull whilst not greatest game showed in small bits he is our best footballer by miles hes just got it. i hate to hear well fans saying we were lucky or we were crap or the likes lets justenjoy a late equaliser against them. our injuries after 10 mins had a huge impact on game and their goal was scored when donnelly was of park injured.
  13. gaz7

    Scottish Cup Final v Celtic (Hampden) 19/05/18 15:00

    disagree they were in effect 3-6-1 Forrest and Tierney wet wide with brown and ntcham sitting meaning all the time either McGregor or rogic who are their best players wer free. Robinson made big mistake changing formation when they had throw in our half and we hadn' reorganised when their 2nd went in although both goals wer caused in part by our midfield day dreaming on edge of box.i felt in 1st half it could be 5 or 6 but fair play to manager in 2nd half he went 3 up top to stop them passing about at back and whilst they could have scored more we could have also. was proud of the boys and also the fans.could not believe some wer leaving 10 to go as we have been to 2 cup finals and people can say and do what they want but that in itself is well done from me. 1st time iv noticed the huge disappointment in my sons after yesterday as well which made it all the worse and i think that was also down to how good and excited the build up to the game was it was great all week as was cooper before game. WELL DONE MOTHERWELL FC.

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