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  1. gaz7

    Tony Watt

    I reckon the hype that would be generated amongst fans would be greater than cup finals. Yes it could get messy if we were to get pumped in all games but if we were to play games v say a spurs or ac milan or somebody similar it would be amazing. Watching football is all about experiences and a boring shit game for neutrals but us winning with an OG last minute v big gun would be legendary for us all.
  2. gaz7

    Tony Watt

    Wasnt talking shite or slagging off or have ever worn kilt cat boots etc or in tartan army. I'll leave it at my 1st point. That is majority of football fans love seeing their national team do well . Your obviously the uber well fan and well done you but it's you that talks load of shite. I love both personally and have nothing in common with the so called tartan army other than being Scottish and wanting a team that I am associated with from heritage doing well.
  3. gaz7

    Tony Watt

    "absolute moronic patter" very funny but my point is if your a football fan and scottish and dont enjoy scotland playing in euros or world cups then in my view you are not really interested in football its maybe just something you do. Do you enjoy watching euros or world cups without us in it? Maybe just me but world cup is pinnacle of football.
  4. gaz7

    Tony Watt

    Fukn hell you sound like one of the religious bigots . If your a football fan and dont enjoy watching your country succeed and win then I'd suggest your not a football fan. Dont try and explain as it does not wash. Scotland doing well brings a sense of joy to all us motherwell football fans.
  5. Totally . offside is easy decision as well as foul on watt was blatant penalty. I'd love alexander to call it out.
  6. Yes but getting the ball from our defence and providing passes to forwards looks like what he is gd at. Donnelly last week was poor and slattery looks to have something about him. I feel we should have too much for what looks to be a relegation team in dundee and I hope tomorrow proves it. Really looking forward to 1st away day since?? Hearts? Cant remember now been so long. Here's hoping same score and performance as last one up there which was a good night.
  7. Totally agree with o'Neill. When he was going off where we were sitting in east stand next to cooper all around us and beyond started clapping and drowned out minority of boos from morons. He was great player for us and went on to do well for himself and always spoke highly of us. Back to game and I enjoyed it other than result. They always looked dangerous but I felt we had big chances too that just never happened. I feel a lot better and more optimistic than I did last week anyway. Why was Newell or gogig I think not booked for grabbing our players around waist and stopping break always? Ref was poor imo and Carroll incident in 1st half was 50 50. The penalty now I've seen it was right decision as if hand not there it's on target. Also canny believe only 3500 well fans as burrows said through week very limited in jh and limited in cooper I feel the club missed out a wee bit here as no doubt there were a lot of well fans not able to get a ticket. Good atmosphere all around for park today in and out ground and here's hoping it continues but results will decide that of course
  8. On paper looks to be good and exciting signing. He would certainly have to be good on the ball to be in any england underage squad as well as being at Southampton academy. Here's hoping he doesn't think it's going to be easy up here as he will soon find out it isn't. These are type of signings I have always felt we should be going for (released from epl or even our big 2) at a gd age however I dont know the financial situation to do this and I always thought they must be out our range. With o'connor in from Leicester and now slattery its 2 who have been around top players day in day out. Some experience now to go alongside them such as the Finnish boy mentioned would seem to be good business. On the pitch will tell it's own story as ever.
  9. As gutted as anyone about last night and canny believe we are getting dominated by league 1 teams. It looks simple to sort imo and that is we need 2 midfielders one to link attack and midfield and 1 to link defense and attack ala turnbull and gorrin. Hard part is finding them but our 3 last night and against queens park just stand in same position with no movement and i am not exaggerating here when I say none of them want the ball they just want to stay in their position and defend. We were on half way line watching last night so a good view and a lot of time our defenders were on 18 yard line 3 midfielders all about 30 yards out in a line and our strikers 10 to 20 yards inside airdries half, the gap was massive and meant if our strikers got a long ball up which they often did they had no one to lay it off to and airdrie defenders just kicked it away. I dont know if its GA tactics or midfield arent good enough or a bit of both but its worrying and we will need to get lucky during games in league if we are going to do much with that midfield. A lot are saying that wont be midfield for start of league but it looks as if it well could be. Id take rhys mccabe off them and liam brown back from queens park as although only 1 game v us they are better than any of our 3 and they both want and are comfortable on ball. Maguire i feel has something as hes fit and mobile and competetive but he needs 2 ball players next to him so he just has to charge about and also why at 6ft1 is he out taking corners it infuriates me. Robinsons midfield 3 was always set up and you could see what their role was and since GA came in I have not seen any game where i thought our midfield was in control as we won games at end last year through cole watt and roberts. Some of our performances were dire but as we scraped wins it covered shortcomings. Maybe Donnely will make a big difference and ohara but the majority of games midfield is where the game is won and lost and those 2 are out more than in. a front 3 of KVV Woolery and Watt has potential and I notice someone said Roberts has been moaning at hearts so he would be good to get back and watt maybe play just off KVV. We could go on and on but Ya Bezzer post about the players only here for a wee while and no really bothered is totally true but as always we will be there and hoping it improves and every now and again get a bit excited again its what being a Well fan is all about.
  10. That's a great point wee yin. And 100% correct. Our midfield has been really poor this season and other than love in for campbell totally justified . When polworth was top assists in league he was still getting grief on here for being a "shitebag lazy bugger" who's set pieces were worst ever. It was hilarious and I wish we had someone in that form now. A midfielder who always wants the ball I hope is a priority.
  11. Would love it to happen and all the pessimists saying it would be the end of Scottish football are imo wide of the mark. Yes sponsorship would I'm sure initially drop but football is our national sport and not like Ireland or wales where rugby is bigger. League would be very competitive and if you look at countries like Slovenia for instance they have clubs and population maybe similar to us and maribor have been in champs league. Plus the glasgow 2s fans would be going mental every 2nd week or more as they wouldn't be winning. All this pish that with money they'd be top 4 is nonsense look at likes of arsenal.newcastle Everton leeds etc I could go on who have done nothing in years. Their support would plummet I believe. All this talk of colts teams is I believe coz if they went to another league it allows their fans still to be involved in all the towns all over scotland supporting them in Scotland. It should not be allowed to happen
  12. Totally agree with that kmac. They were miles better than us and Davidson has built a good solid squad
  13. Yes we like him coz hes one of our own and I like him due to this also but if we are honest midfielders in my day I am (49) were the best players on the park with the no 9 a greedy fucker who could win you games. It's still same now but our midfield there are none who are really good football players. Maguire is best of them all imo but if you compare him to gorrin Rodriguez for instance he is miles behind. Our forwards are good and have potential but due to midfield limitations we are going to struggle. Polworth who I rate will be getting better by the week by not playing.
  14. Yes it was scary at end and the subs like robinsons were so negative and invited them to come at us. But and it's a big but if it wasnt for utd keeper we would have scored 5/6 or more. Kelly has made 2 great saves and we are praising him to high heavens so let's not forget our forward play which was best wev been all season. Cole outstanding with watt not far behind and even long with his best game in a year. I dont know where that performance came from and other than last 15 mins it was very good and another step forward from county game. We are improving rapidly and thank god for that.
  15. nope ill disagree with you there Shaka. yes hes left footed but very much plays on the right to cut inside rather than going outside if playing left wing. came on against rangers on right also.

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