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  1. Lot of hate again for certain individuals but main problems in games like this are no creative players. Either in midfield or wingers. We are a team that plays for percentages getting the ball up the park and hoping our strikers can do something. Some we will win some will be like tonight. It cant be disputed we had more of ball but never really done much with it. When they went to 10 men it just needed us to be patient and pass it about using our extra man but we never did that and watching it I certainly couldn't tell they had 10 men. Very disappointing but still 4th and hopefully Saturday can cheer us up again but I'll admit I'm feart.
  2. Definitely. I think the term professional was for performances like that. I'll agree with kmcalpin in that watt was missed today in his ability to take ball in tight areas abd attack defenders and win fouls but shields would have got another wee bit of confidence from his performance today and I hope he can kick on. Rest of season I feel is going to be really exciting for places 3 4 and 5 plus Scottish cup hopefully. Sine our scudding from rangers we now look like a team of experienced players who will be hard to beat. Us hearts hibs adeen and d utd all gd games. The rest are in relegation fight. Hope us fans are back for all the games. Alexander has definitely won me round after start of season and although we are not Brazil I can at least now see what hes trying to do plus its getting victorys. Merry Christmas and all the best for 2022 to everyone.
  3. I'd have appere or niskanen Both look like potential and are both really busy plus their best position on left of front 3. We need someone as Robert's also be away. Mclennan at Aberdeen also I feel has got something. Who ever we get is a risk so here's hoping it works.
  4. If say watt is on 2k a week roughly 20wks till end may is 40k. I'm sure we could write that off and not play him and make him train with youths away from 1st team. This could force utd hand into paying money for him the now so as not to get a player who's not played for 6 months when he goes. Yes hes been gd for us and this may sound selfish but as I've said previously utd are big rivals for a top 6 spot and Europe so it would put them in a position. Theres no way a player who's signing a contract to go and play for someone else in 6 months is fully switched on for his present team. We need to call his bluff.
  5. Lol merry Christmas troops.
  6. If true then fair enough but as hes at moment our main man and utd will be rivals for top 6 / euro spot I feel he needs to go now. What about a swap for their louis appere? Hes only 22 and looks promising any time I've saw him. Plays same position as watt and not yet a regular at utd. Just hope we get someone in that can replace him . Could be interesting window
  7. Well he wont actually coz as he says its better to try it and see if it works than not. I personally cannot see any reason not to bring it forward as all the reasons not to do it are mibby this mibby that. The definite is no fans from 26 onwards and it is definite for 3 weeks from then. So if we move the break then have to start back with no fans all we have lost is trying to do it as Im sure we could extend season by week we have missed to fit in the 3 games. Another maybe is I am being too simplistic. Every team other than rangers and ross county think its a good idea as do fans of all clubs other than rangers from what i see on twitter. Make of that what you will
  8. Was at the game and whilst we were good 1st half the 2nd half was different and no doubt the goal with last kick of half would have dented their confidence a bit. The only criticism I had of yesterday was we didnt thow on another striker i.e go 424 last 5 mins and just hammer balls up the park. We put on shields and roberts and shields had 2 attempts 1 header over bar and another where vickers sort of blocked his shot. So another striker in about there might have made difference, who knows. What I am liking right enough is slowly but surely Alexander I feel is trying to change mindset about going to places like yesterday and not feel inferior. The 1st half was best we have done against either of them for a few games and I just hope we can take it further. I know I am biased but every week there seems to be huge decisions that always go for them and yesterday was no different. The pressure the 2 glasgow teams fans put on referees via social media must have an influence as refs are only human and must read some of it. The ones that are deemed to favour 1 side of glasgow give some absolute belters of decisions in the favour of their supposed rivals so as trying not to look biased and maddens decision of stopping play other week for jotas hamstring against hearts was unbelievable and today I am reading all the celtic fans say yesterdays ref was a h*n. Its laughable. 1. Hart was he outside or not? well woolery was on line and he had to jump over him to punch it . possible red card if deemed to be stopping a goal scoring opportunity. 2. Foul for the freekick ? Slattery wasnt moving and looked like he was protecting ball. 3 Watt penalty. Ref is looking right at it from 5 yards away and vickers holds his leg up not lettig him pass. not only stick on penalty but vickers maybe sent off as no attempt to play ball? If any of this happened to them or their pals from other side of city it would be talked about for weeks but our media let it roll and its starting to really get to me now. Anyway after all that 3rd place is definitely there for the taking this year and I just hope next 4 games we really put a marker down before the break.
  9. Well said weeyin. Some well fans are funny buggers right enough
  10. Like all on here that was our best performance of the season. We played the 1st half all in their half of pitch and 2nd half we started same and then their sending off and goal from resulting free kick meant we wer home and hosed. We totally dominated them all over pitch today and I hope that gives boys huge confidence to really kick on. All players done great and the players that came in after Aberdeen game done especially well. Shields.woolery slattery and lamie. I hope that all the players are now realizing that if you dont do enough you will be out th team as if no injurys then I'm sure Alexander would have chosen the same team as last week. We have a lot of options now and this is only a good thing. Happy Saturdays.
  11. My thought as well MJC. Totally pissed off with yesterday and long for the days when we knew we would give them a game. Im going to make some excuses here and I will likely get slagged off but the players have to believe they can beat them which I dont think is the case and tony watt chance at 1-0 was massive and also when watt cut inside v arfield a 1-0 he could have went down and gave ref a decision to make. Rangers are more streetwise also as in 2nd half we were attacking down right and bassey was injured which meant we had extra numbers but he stayed down and walsh stopped the game, he got back up after physio on and running about no bother. Small things but that is what we needed after they scored their 1st we needed a bit of gamesmanship from someone. Odonnell and mcginley getting a lot of stick on here but all game tavernier and bassey had the whole side they were on to theirselves, why was our forward players one on each side not told to mark them if they attacked. Mcginley and goss in 1st half were dealing with tavernier aribo and arfield every attack and 3 v 2 is only going to be one winner. Our forwards do not track their opposing fullbacks and that imo is big issue and why we get overrun in midfield. SOD and mcginley are also really lacking in confidence that was shown in a few breakaways where they mucked up simple passes. 2015 seems a lifetime ago and with the players we have and tactics used its hard to see any light at end of tunnel. Only pass marks yesterday were bevis,sol.ohara and i also thought shields done ok in the sense he was busy but that should be a given and not something you get praise for. I also understand people wanting rid of Alexander because the football is dire and I dont see him adjusting the team for certain games. Everyone knows rangers full backs are their main creative force but we let them get on with it with no one tracking them. Good managers see the main threat in opposition and plan something to stop it. I can maybe be judged as happy clapper as I try to always see the positive but its hard last night and this morning. Anyway back to work and Aberdeen at weekend and heres hoping we see a big reaction.
  12. Mic that is not the rules though that if theres any contact in box it's a penalty. This season it has been that there needs to be enough contact to impede player. Sinclair was ridiculous decision as was rangers one on Wednesday as although yes Aberdeen player looked like he was holding shirt it wasnt enough to go down as he went down as if pushed. The 2 Glasgow teams get the decisions not imo through blatant cheating but because the referees are humans and get swayed by in most cases by big crowd claiming for it plus the reputation of their players and managers and also the media. Referees will talk to all the aforementioned and steven gerrard or callum McGregor for example moaning about something to them will be remembered by them more than say grimmy having a go at them. They do get more of the big decisions awarded and that's facts not paranoia or easy cop out. Everyone on here can I'd imagine remember loads of decisions against us when playing either of them. Anyway onto Sunday and theres always a chance. COYW
  13. A lot of whinging and moaning here and also last night in east stand. The 1st goal big moans at grimmy for not passing right but there was more room on left and so it proved. Moaning at odonnell for not passing forward when he kept the ball but not a lot of cheers for him when he was main instigator in pass to watt to move into box for penalty and also last 5 mins he ran full length of park nearly twice to try and get something . Some of our fans calling our players useless at game is pure pish patter imo and can only dent their confidence. Yes I am not convinced with Alexanders football either but We need to always support the team. I cannot understand doing something that will certainly have a negative effect on team during the match. Alexander has been successful earlier in season defending leads by bringing on defenders but last night brought on ohara for 4 in midfield then they get a goal and whole momentum changes. Maybe bringing carroll on at that point for 352 as done later would have worked as has done before. We are 5th equal in league with won some games we were lucky in and lost and drew some that we could have got more from and after the debacle of league cup where I did fear for us in league this season as we were abysmal 1st round of games can be viewed as being ok and certainly better than most of us thought in August. Van veen and roberts not getting on last night i think was telling unless they cant play 2 in a week and keeping them for sunday but i think alexander is maybe a bit let down buy their lack of application. Shields looks busy enough but other than run by power and chip into box his hold up play and other stuff was wee bit lacking in quality and can only be expected as he has took a big jump in quality.
  14. That today sums up the league. Nothing between any of teams. Big difference was their keeper who is huge and comes and dominates the box so any wee dink into the box he claims whereas kelly who I like but the reason he is at us is coz he is too wee to be top class although he is up there with best in league at shotstopping. We had loads of balls into box today got a goal ruled out for a foul and a penalty for one where they only had a few and scored from 2. Both their goals a big keeper would have claimed the ball I feel and the crosser cant put it as close to goal coz he knows that will happen. Midfield today I felt were all in wrong positions. Why not goss on left grimy on right and slattery in middle. Grimmy isn't gd enough on ball to be in middle and other 2 were having to cut back all time. Ohara in middle with slattery on right and goss on left going forward I feel is worth a chance. Wooley had a couple of gd moves in 1st half. watt was busy but van veen poor although subs on up front hardly touched the ball when on. Some of our fans at game being really negative just before we equalised which yes I get their frustrated but it does wind me up and demoralised players I'd imagine. As I said nothing in game look at stats and their very even . I'm starting to think 352 might be better same as others so that if kelly cant come for cross balls then we need another defender in there to help out . Decisions Decisions.
  15. gaz7

    Tony Watt

    I reckon the hype that would be generated amongst fans would be greater than cup finals. Yes it could get messy if we were to get pumped in all games but if we were to play games v say a spurs or ac milan or somebody similar it would be amazing. Watching football is all about experiences and a boring shit game for neutrals but us winning with an OG last minute v big gun would be legendary for us all.

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