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  1. yes we would all love modric but who do you suggest within our budget and available. i personally dont know. Stephen mcginn at st mirren? i like him anytime i see him but cant think of many others.
  2. i agree with your view our midfield cannot and will not be able to deal with celtic midfield but to blame the manager for it is not right. donnelly is not a good enough footballer and whilst i like polworth he will struggle against good teams . gorrin is a massive loss and turnbull is obvious but we have no others.
  3. gaz7

    2019-20 League Cup

    lol must have been a gd day in the sun. davy will be back and within a couple of games will be running the show as he was before.
  4. gaz7

    Pre-season 2019/20

    i know people are having a laugh with negativity but by fuk its boring!!! only saw last 30 mins and positives were polworth always wanting the ball and scotts hold up play seemed better. this season will be like near every other which is a struggle with the hope we can get a wee run of form at some stage hopefully in cups to excite us. keep the faith!!!
  5. gaz7

    Pre-season 2019/20

    how many do we think at linfield on Saturday? I know its more expensive than I thought it would be but just saw today an adult day return is £27 from Stranraer and that includes all day belfast bus ticket to get around which is a good deal. Im really looking forward to it and hopefully maybe 2-300 or is that wishful thinking?
  6. donnelly whilst done ok is not a midfielder imo. his passing is poor as was shown today. dm behind campbell and turnbull is most important position in team going forward. gorrin transformed team and obviously shown when not there. can polworth play there?
  7. easy! since we were going great we have lost gorrin.main and hastie from team and as saw today with gorrin out team turnbull was dropping deeper to get ball as mchugh cannot be expected to move the play left and right which lessened our attack and scott is nowhere near mains level of strength and holding ball ip to bring others in. disappointed with reactions to hastie but understand it as if i was young id be likely be doing same coz im older im more accepting of his situation an i wish him all luck in the world. i do feel however Robinson hung him out to dry. hopefully polworth can take over from gorrin as he looks away.
  8. gaz7

    Pre-season 2019/20

    mr happy obviously never happened in your house
  9. gaz7

    Pre-season 2019/20

    Fantastic. definitely going to this. think we will have a great away crowd
  10. gaz7

    SPFL Reserve League Cup final

    yep i was a wee bit disappointed tonight. all this development talk that goes on . what about trying to win all the time. we were getting beat 2-0 and no change in formation takes danny johnson off and same type of play. semple has the look and confidence to be a player but was far too deep. the young num 8 looked most determined to me . but as everyone says they are only young. morrison of hearts was stand out easily
  11. gaz7

    2018/19 Game 29: Hamilton (H) March 9th 3pm kick-off

    Yes I totally agree we should always be looking to strengthen but you are saying whatifs? at this stage and with the players we have curtis main is performing well. and davy turnbull is imo the best we have had for a long time so the chances of us replacing him with a signing are non existent as the cost would be out our range and the only hope of bringing in a player of his level when he leaves will be from the youth team if there is anyone near his abilities which id likely doubt. Whilst hastie has burst on scene i feel there are a lot of wingers around the scottish leagues who could replace him and i think even within ours and other youth teams in scotland there will be someone similar. The doubts after we have took 22 points from 27 and 3 of those were away to celtic where lets also remember in 2nd half we actually done well.Anyway Im backing frear to replace hastie if he does decide to go which will not sit well with some but i like him and always feel he is looking to attack.
  12. gaz7

    2018/19 Game 29: Hamilton (H) March 9th 3pm kick-off

    disagree totally with this. the reason turnbull and hastie have all the goals is a lot of the time linked to the work curtis does occupying the opposition defenders. we are a team and we have won 7 drew 1 and lost 1 of our last 9 with mostly same 11 every week. Some of you must be fakn mental to want change. I think we can beat anyone with that 11 and curtis is a huge part of how we play
  13. gaz7


    yep i was listening to this driving home and said to my sons.what a lot of pish that is. davy turnbull could attempt anything and no negativity from us well fans at the moment anyway lol
  14. gaz7


    yep agree with mcallister comparisons. he doest look fast on the ball but theres no doubt he is as opposition cant get near him. his thought process already at 19 is in front of anyone else on same pitch as him last 5 games. Last night he done i think 3 little flicks over defenders heads .when was the last time or ever a Well player has done that. top talent and along with hastie has us excited. biggest 2 youth prospects and on same level at this age as mcfadden i feel. hope they go on to be as good as him for us and themselves.

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