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  1. Totally. Turnbull obviously no want to look big headed so hopefully robbo has sorted that act of stupidity out.
  2. And that's why your no the manager mate. Thank fuk!
  3. I'm as disappointed as everyone else but a bit of realism required surely. 1 polworth was on all free kicks last year and Donnelly was on penalties but definitely turnbull should be on them all as he is a better and more confident player. 2. Robbo tried to get his 2 most creative players in team (turnbull and polworth) and it didn't work. He changed it and we dominated. 3. Lang sending off if upheld then I look forward to seeing every week same for other teams. Yes it was no attempt at ball but in opposition half with covering players. 4. Seedorf looked gd when on and with lang on other wing we will create loads hopefully. I am trying to see positives of which in 2nd half there were many plus the chances long had in 1st half. This was only our 5th game back and Ross county do what their gd at if they get in front which is time waste and frustrate tactics.
  4. I'm sure pol worth wont be on wing. I'm chuffed both he and turnbull starting. I think it will be a 4 3 2 1. With turnbull going where he wants behind long and hastie on either wing. Also lots of variables from bench. Was shocked at how in last few days some thought turnbull wouldn't start. Even though not played for a year in friendly v rangers he was only on last 30 and had I think 3 shots at goal with 2 being cleared off line and 1 narrowly wide. He must always start imo.
  5. Was a really scrappy and competetive game which i enjoyed. Tynecastle is maybe my favourite away day due to good view and young team were singing certainly all 1st half and most of 2nd. Looked a stonewall penalty on hylton when we broke 4 on 1 and we should have scored. could also have scored some others but then so could they. Robinsons post match summary was right on the money i felt. whilst maguire done ok we missed campbell today as he would have loved that type of game hope hes back for friday. hylton i felt should have been subbed earlier but his control on a couple of occasions later on to hold onto the ball justified keeping him on. gallagher and grimmy and gillespie looked shaky today but i think the wind down on the pitch made defending difficult as their defenders also looked struggling. A gd point i think and bring on the dons.
  6. Mibby coz its got us to 3rd in league.
  7. i was watching training for a bit today and noticed mugabi wasnt there and in their half pitch 8v8 games where there are 3 teams of 8 with 1 team sitting off for 5 minute games polworth and turnbull were just watching. they had been taking part in everything before that though and i had to go before there 11v11 game started so dont know if they took part in that. Hopefully was just a precaution as obviously that many bodies in tight space injurys are more likely. Hope 1 or other will be on pitch tomorrow. Noticed adam Livingstone there also i thought he was out on loan. Also their finishing drills ndjoli always in centre with long and watt so robinson i think sees him as central striker.
  8. watch highlights and see his through ball to hylton. was fantastic.
  9. great performance with campbell back to what he does best.ohara also good and long dangerous. we played some really gd stuff tonight and could have scored a few more. ross county were overran which i wasnt expecting. big games all the way now for an exciting league run in.
  10. 100% weeyin. last year for a wee bit was great feeling with all our own young uns in the team. It might sound patronising but I definitely felt more proud watching them win and also the smiles on their faces when they won seemed to be a wee bit bigger than the rest. the hastie.campbell and turnbull song was magical for the short time we could sing it.
  11. Really down after last night but trying to be positive that we had gd chances to win also and might have done on another night. Turnbull back is brilliant and in his 20 min cameo he was twice in 30 yards out in space wanting ball from tait and hylton who never gave him it plus he moaned at watt for also not passing to him after a run. then at end his 50 yard cross field pass to aarons then he sprinted nearly half the park to get in box and again had a go at aarons for not crossing to him. Hes just back and I for one will place all my hopes on him he is different class. just give him the ball. i know robinson says hes not ready but why would he be on if hes not ready. he will be on from start next week against ross county or at least half time id imagine. Ive changed my mind about 3 at back as others have said gallagher was at rb last night and we were getting exposed there as durmus is good. We are struggling just now but football changes quickly as someone said and a couple of wins will do it although it looks far away just now.
  12. i totally agree here lol. theres no way polworth should be out wide.
  13. i will also totally disagree with you mate. he runs his socks of every game and whilst robinson quoted campbell as running 40k in 3 games id imagine polworth would be next in most kms completed. he also isnt afraid to try a hard pass forward which some of our crowd moan about when it gets cut out but he keeps going and keeps attempting them. he is our best and most influential player other than gallagher and maybe donnelly imo. im hoping when turnbull is back we play a 3421 i dont know if it will work but we need to try it as both polworth and turnbull need to be in the team. team id pick. gillespie gallagher.donnelly.dunne grimshaw/tait.ohara.campbell.aarons polworth.turnbull. watt.
  14. I dont euther think its the £25 adult cost its the £15 for all under 18s so if say one adult and 2 schoolage kids go it is £55 in total when we charge for same people as shown earlier £28 or £34. I know it is up to individual clubs what they charge but from what is seen on social media most chief execs get on with one another so why are prices for games not similar.
  15. lol motherwell fans football connoisseurs. mibby better going to barcelona

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