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  1. gaz7

    The Case for the Defence

    at aberdeens 1st goal on saturday when we were down to 10 men tait was away up the park supporting attack when if he had been in line with his central defenders the pass into inside left channel would not have been as easy. Our full backs get caught out attacking at wrong times. Tait was also out position at celtics 1st i think with grimshaw out position at ross county. Saturday was really disappointing due to fact we were down to 10 men and someone should have been saying right lets hold the ball till we are back to 11. We are all being a bit too harsh i feel on everyone as saturday and ross county were both imo decided by lack of experience which you only get by playing. Maguire still has loads to learn obviously and although campbell has played lots of games now trying to hold the ball in the position he was in on saturday was crazy. also gallagher should never have passed to him. The 3rd goal was a great strike and 9 times out of 10 i would fancy gillespie not getting beat from that distance. Charles dunne at left back is most solid option for us defensively as hes not as keen to charge up the park but unfortunately he will not be for a while due to injury. Because our midfield is imo lightweight and we play with 2 wingers i feel we need 2 defenders at full back rather than the ones we have which primarily want to attack
  2. gaz7

    2019'20 Game 8: St Mirren (H)

    wont matter who but someone will have to! he will be back and him polworth and campbell would be amazing. I honestly think polworth could be our defensive mid as his passing and vision is outstanding. I know he isnt 6ft and wins headers but today his determination to chase down balls out wide went un noticed by most id imagine. He would run the game in that position with campbell doing same as ever with turnbulls goal and assists. Yes i am excited.
  3. gaz7

    2019'20 Game 8: St Mirren (H)

    1st half we were really gd and should have had more than 1. 2nd half we again had most of chances but they could have also equalised. league is so tight and most games will be won by team least nervous. polworth and campbell were outstanding and only downside was why robinson took off scott and seedorf when they both looked dangerous. cole done nothing of note and by taking off scott i felt could ruin confidence after what was obviously a great goal. I watched scott walk to dugout and robinson never even said anything to him. maybe im being harsh but a wee pat on back would have been deserved
  4. gaz7

    2019'20 Game 7: St Johnstone (A)

    Was poor game but we were better in 1st half with misses from cole.gallagher header. 2nd half was even but from our view which was 80 yards away lol their penalty was soft bu great save from gillespie then another from may i think plus davidson missed a sitter for them. so imo we were fortunate to get 3 points but last week we got none and controlled most of the game. as the saying goes its a funny old game. Also again well done young team up back they literally sang all game and whilst not same numbers as at tynecastle 2 weeks ago they kept goinh.
  5. gaz7

    2019'20 Game 7: St Johnstone (A)

    I dont think they had 1 booked and ralston commited 3 fouls in 2nd half in front of our fans. referee was poor
  6. gaz7

    2019-20 Rebuild

    dont agree with this slaughtering of grimshaw. His so called headless chicken runs up the park are exactly that they get us up the park! his run other week v hibs set up hyltons goal and im sure he started the move on sat to pass to cole who then turned and created campbells goal. When players arent playing they somehow become better in some peoples eyes as they cant be judged. Tait is a better crosser of the ball than grimmy but not a better runner with the ball or as aggressive without it. I for one am more than happy with grimshaw at right back. !st goal on saturday was caused by our cdm (donnelly) being nowhere and gardyne able to run from halfwayline unapposed to our 18 yard box. If you are a cdm positional play is everything and he wasnt there. Saturday was a blip imo and reminded me of the times when we somehow managed to beat or draw with celtic from what i feel would be.. their perspective in that we were in control of the game but then some things went against us that will not happen every game i.e sending off which was debateable, bad substititions at wrong stage, good goal disallowed, penalty claim not given etc . Plus as a lot mention whenever we start believing we are favourites it in my experiences of being a well fan for 30 odd years usually goes wrong.
  7. gaz7

    Hearts away, 14/9

    ref was poor i know im biased they had a few not booked and as others said ikpeazu commited about 6 fouls and also a blatant push for their 1st. really enjoyed game today and young team up the back were brilliant. atmosphere was gd most of game. is europe on?
  8. gaz7

    Hearts Man of the Match

    campbell was relatively quiet 1st 20 when it was a bit of a war with fouls everywhere. then he made a good interception bombed through the middle and from then on was awesome. polworths passing doesnt get credit it deserves from some and i thought cole was good as well. fans were also gd today best away atmosphere for a wee bit i thought.
  9. gaz7

    2019-20 Rebuild

    i watched training for a bit last thursday and bevis was training.hes a big lad. hartley was sitting out so i thought he must be injured. dunne sat out last 15 min game so maybe him also. whoever thinks polworth should sit out needs their head looked at. hes the most creative midfielder we have easily and even at training he looked miles in front although campbell and donnelly were away for internationals.
  10. gaz7

    2019-20 Rebuild

    every game for dundee is tough so i wouldnt worry too much about that. i think its good signing as any time i saw him at dundee either v us or on tv v the glasgow 2 he stood out. im hoping barry maguire can come gd but if any of our 3 midfielders get injured i think he can come in for any of them.
  11. yes we would all love modric but who do you suggest within our budget and available. i personally dont know. Stephen mcginn at st mirren? i like him anytime i see him but cant think of many others.
  12. i agree with your view our midfield cannot and will not be able to deal with celtic midfield but to blame the manager for it is not right. donnelly is not a good enough footballer and whilst i like polworth he will struggle against good teams . gorrin is a massive loss and turnbull is obvious but we have no others.
  13. gaz7

    2019-20 League Cup

    lol must have been a gd day in the sun. davy will be back and within a couple of games will be running the show as he was before.
  14. gaz7

    Pre-season 2019/20

    i know people are having a laugh with negativity but by fuk its boring!!! only saw last 30 mins and positives were polworth always wanting the ball and scotts hold up play seemed better. this season will be like near every other which is a struggle with the hope we can get a wee run of form at some stage hopefully in cups to excite us. keep the faith!!!
  15. gaz7

    Pre-season 2019/20

    how many do we think at linfield on Saturday? I know its more expensive than I thought it would be but just saw today an adult day return is £27 from Stranraer and that includes all day belfast bus ticket to get around which is a good deal. Im really looking forward to it and hopefully maybe 2-300 or is that wishful thinking?

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