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  1. Great post and my thoughts exactly. Plus the watt one as yes hollander touched ball 1st but then was dangerous follow through and anywhere else on park it's a foul and a booking. It looks like sour grapes meaning after a 5-1 defeat but these are facts. I'm in happy Clapper camp I suppose but down after today. Scene was set in 1st 10 mins when a few dubious fouls went to them and a big one when linesman who was 5 yards away gave corner but madden 30 yards away over ruled and gave goal kick. Robinson whilst looking sporting after game saying nothing about the decisions and blamed it on performance is also pandering to them and it makes me mad.
  2. Its oh so easy to always blame people for the loss and I like most feel the game was there to be won but our lack of experience and also the big one Belief that we could beat them cost us. Any game of football it is always someones fault for the goals and gallagher sending off i feel may have happened coz we got away with mcginley one. Campbell and Watt to a degree were best players last night and I feel that comes down to in the main that they believe in themselves that they are as good as who they were up against. We badly need a midfield general similar in playing style to gorrin who can get on the ball and dictate as every time it was played into ohara i was flapping and so was he as he is not quick or nimble enough. To be fair to him his best position is where campbell plays so he is having to make do. I also feel maybe polworth could play there as his passing is best part of his game and would like to see a swap of him and ohara position wise.
  3. Yep and that is the frustration yabezzer. As someone said our players are naive and not used to euro football. It's easy to see we are not gd enough but a couple of gd results could have got us in group stages where financially and emotionally would be amazing
  4. Yes I read the herald article but we had in our team players who were in scottish 2nd division and English God knows what division. They are modest euro opposition in comparison with Barca etc but still above us. This cliche that fans say they never get out of 2nd gear is a load of crap they would have been nervous if that stupid 1st goal hadn't happened as we had best chances up to then.
  5. Modest European opposition that in recent years have beaten amongst others inter milan twice,celtic olympiacos etc. We are low euro opposition if that's case. The fact tonight was really poor defending. The 1st yes I blame odonnell but we should still have had more defenders in central area. 2nd was same not enough in central are but gallagher didn't need to do that but their striker was clever and was also grabbing him. Mcginley looked slow and indecisive but hes no played much and look how much bevis has improved so you never know. I also feel if we can play with the confidence we had in some parts of tonight we will be well up league again. Chance lost tonight where in other euro games in long ago but recent times like nancy levante,panathanaikos we were well beaten and I felt we deserved to go out but tonight I didn't feel they were miles better
  6. Was interesting last few games that we won, a few on here saying we were lucky and how shite we were. That was maybe true in some instances but what was also true was we could have beaten ross county,hibs and Dundee utd. 1st and 2nd goals in our league are the difference but today in 1st half I felt we started to look dominant and dangerous again. Thursday night is huge and I hope and also think our boys know it. The chance of a home game to win in excess of £3m minimum from group stages is unbelievable for us. I hope that the players know it and personally I would put up a £1m bonus for players if they manage it. £50k each roughly is a huge added incentive for players at our level. Both teams we will have to beat I believe are slightly below celtic level but certainly above us but it's one off game and a great chance. Nervous already thinking about it and just wish like everyone else we could be at it.
  7. Yep totally we should all be in Belfast or portrush tonight enjoying ourselves. No fans allowed has been terrible and I feel everyone's enthusiasm is waning. That's fans of all teams☹
  8. I suppose you could be right but then so would all other teams. If we have the cash then we need to do it as if we dont then a relegation battle would unfortunately be reality without a decent midfield.
  9. If campbell gets his move then Id go for young hamilton midfielder Scott Martin he impressed v us and I also liked how he did not back down from scott brown in a game v them. Similar in style to campbell . He would fit our wage structure im sure and also dont think a high fee would be required.
  10. No your wrong and you know it. if he shown him outside forest is comfortable there and would have scored as well imo. He hit it right in side netting so come on it was a gd finish
  11. I agree re o'hara. He is combative and good tackler but not good enough on ball and neither is Campbell to play there. In the formation we play that position gets a lot of the ball and Gorrin was superb I felt for our level. Cornelius I dont know where the optimism comes from? Hes only young and no games to go on so I think it's only hope and hes local as some may know his family from our fans to suggest hes ready. The 352 team today with carrol or mcginley added will see us shoot up table I feel
  12. Totally agree ya bezzer. 1st half I thought we done ok and I dont think any other spfl player would have scored their 1st goal. 2nd half we were not as gd and when he changed formation there goal came from where lamie would have been. Confidence is now again low and I am glad of break. We will come gd I am sure as we have better players than at least 3 others lol
  13. That's what I think andy as I remember 2 seasons ago he done that in front of Cadden before cadden got injured and I thought it worked well. I remember cadden scoring at love street and he was dangerous coming from RB.
  14. This service to the strikers not being gd enough is imo a myth. As well as shite corners being a myth. The amount of times the ball flashed across the goal against accies was unbelievable. Our strikers are just not gd enough unfortunately to get in gd positions or determined enough to get to ball 1st as yabezzer said they have never done it so it doesn't bother them. What magnifys the problem is our wingers are also not dangerous enough. Both Cole and scott were both dangerous in air could keep the ball if nothing else on and could also shoot. Before them main was no goalscorer but be brought at the time arriyibi.hastie and turnbull into game. I'm also bemused of some saying turnbull is not doing much as to me he had 3 attempts on target all well saved by accies keeper plus put plenty balls in dangerous areas for someone to attack but alas no one did. Long imo is best striker but attitude stinks and watt looks hopeless this year with white I'm sorry to say doesn't look our level. Fingers and everything else crossed for tomorrow night. Could kickstart our season or a total new start with new manager. Small margins this football lark.
  15. He is best right back in spfl outside tavernier and frimpong so although I respect your opinion you are very much wrong.

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