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  1. Jesus, my eyes are burnin reading this...... thanks for the kind sentiments folks.I think what Busta did is essentially being “outed”
  2. All this has proven is we can't get consistency in a single game let alone a season. 2017-18 2 cup finals, then Aug to Dec 2018 shitshow, 2019 Jan to May decent, 2019 Aug to Dec decent, Jan 2020 till now shitshow, it would be nice if we could get the decent stuff in a season rather than calendar year
  3. Pied due to objections I understand (floodlights at night and traffic were main concerns)
  4. We're trying to emulate the Andy Robertson phenomenon and cut out Queens Park
  5. Main looked the part for 6 months, in fact I can recall turning to my mate at Hampden and saying "Louis who?"
  6. I asked if anyone would take him rather than if it was possible.
  7. Would anyone have Templeton? Accies and Burton Albion are probably not where he expected his career would take him. 31 too.
  8. Seems its 1m in the hippy and 500k made up of appearances and other kickbacks which is far from guaranteed. Scott looks likely to massively increase his wages and I hope some of the income comes back in to increase the wages of someone like Allan Campbell who has been a mainstay, consistent and maybe feeling it seeing his peers leave for decent salary rises. I sincerely hope the 500k isn't part of a sell on clause, that should be a separate entity I hope but know nothing of contracts these days.
  9. No fully representative as some teams (Aberdeen for example) have had 4 bites of the cherry per season over us and Accies, etc.Killie's record is impressive however, only makes you hope Steve Clarke can instil the same mindset when we play teams ranked higher above us (which is most of UEFA)
  10. And you're basing that on what? Your gut?
  11. Is 26 goals and a substantial sell on worth 100k? The only reason I can see why we didn't go after him if it created dressing room upheaval.
  12. Hindsight and wishful thinking but Lawrence Shankland would have been a worthy addition in the summer. Not only for his goals tally but Dundee Utd look on course to make a nice wee bit of profit going on the hack chatter. I don't think he would have scored as many as he has so far due to the league being a step up, but I do think he'd be on course to be in Higgy territory. Too many on here were too keen to come out the with the cliched "He's a Championship player at best", "he'll be out his depth and will get found out soon enough", and "he can't do it for us" almost taking glee in our perceived superiority.
  13. For us to beat them they have to be below par and we have to be humming like a well oiled machine. Despite getting 9 from 9 in a week we haven't set the heather alight in terms of performance if we have for those looking at the results only.
  14. There is no chance morelos will get through two games in the week ahead without a red card. On an aisde, anyone know why the goalmouths at Hampden were well worn? Queens Park have moved out, two semi's and Scotland games before today.
  15. If you show up looking like a rugby second row then you get the benefit of the doubt I guess.
  16. The fact you are using percentages of turnover/income as an amount used by any company as a figure for their compensation settlement for any employee. Good job you weren't negotiating £3.25m for Turnbull. "Actually we need an extra 250k as that makes it approximately 60% of our annual turnover (depending on the year)" Who uses fractions or percentages as a means to negotiate? He signed a new deal only a wee while back and the £130k muted that he can walk for seems to only account for his basic salary, no bonus', no hassle factor in finding a replacement, no compensation to make up for what he has endeavoured to build. All I was conveying is someone so intrinsic to the running and success of the club has seemingly been protected worse than a 16 year old youth player and that seems mental/an oversight/demanded by him (*delete as appropriate).
  17. Great fag packet logic there. Were you involved in counting the number of Celtic fans in Seville?
  18. I always took it as a word that was in the same context as us being called Sweaty Socks or the Welsh Taff's or the Irish Paddy's. I appreciate some people will see it as a derogatory term and some will embrace it. However until someone Motherwell minded of a Jewish/Israeli background advises the nuances then maybe best to not stick the hand out for the mock outrage bus to stop and hop on.
  19. I get that Robinson has aspirational career goals and by no means a Motherwell fixture for life and no doubt his contract would have release clauses. But 20x a difference in an equally ambitious manager shows that Preston were keen not to let Neil go on the cheap. What's the point in a 2.5 year extension when the compo to the club is effectively so paltry? And before the state the obvious brigade step in, I am well aware in the difference between the English Championship and the SPFL. The post concerns the shoring up of what is a prize asset. Just have to telegraph this now on here.
  20. I thought it was down to the Duke of Hamilton's racing colours or is that been an urban myth/convoluted in the mists of time?
  21. If you can understand the premise of a post (which I'd hope as you have a wee red moderator below your username) the posts wasn't commenting on the merits of wearing poppy or not, more the story released that it fell off. But for the record yeah I think a certain percentage of our population are embarrassing in the same way I look at some posts on here as embarrassing.
  22. Going by the rest of your eloquent and well formed reply you omitted an "anycunt" here Anyone who believes that story deserves to get your favourite word tattoo'd on their forehead
  23. Is it hard being right all the time? I mean surely it must get a bit boring pontificating from your pulpit to all the plebs?

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