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  1. Queue some roaster asking "Is Jim Gannon free?"
  2. BBC highlights on the website: Missed out Long's goal .... Decided to go with only the goals and missed penalty, nothing else. United's first, missed pen, their second, ......... Devante's net buster. Seems like a shocking oversight. Embarrassing. Can you imagine the seethe if they managed to do that for either of the OF.
  3. typo, it should be 10, otherwise its the same goal difference and then a countback of head of heads or goals scored. Regardless its not gonna happen. If we had some baws earlier this season they'd have been down in April.
  4. Hamilton are relegated unless they win by 19 goals ..... so Accies are relegated. If Killie win as you say and we beat County then they will face the playoff and potential relegation if they fail in that. If we get three points we can only finish 7th
  5. I know Australia is approx 10 hours ahead, but you're 2 hours behind here
  6. Think you're being a bit unfair on Donnelly and Carson who if fit in August will walk into that team.
  7. Tony Watt .... at times the only one who looked bothered, committed to the club with an extension and always noticeable when subbed on or off. Special mention to Kelly, no doubt helped by replacing the calamity that was Chapman at Accies and strengthening the defence by GA. YPOTY - For cementing another +45 appearances and being by and large dependable but by anyone's admission (including his own) a slight step back from last season, Alan Campbell.
  8. What you fail to recognise is our business model is to have at least two players out on the long term injury list, he would be a fine addition in that respect. If he does actually get stripped then its like getting a jackpot repeater on a puggie.
  9. So ...... Maurice Ross upset some people ...... next!
  10. But he is and we've all seen what he can do. If we're prepared to shell out for an 18 month deal for former player Lawless then we should at the very least entertain former player Louis.
  11. A Graveyard is a bit different from a street. Regardless, discussing what coulda or shoulda happened with the Cooper in 1995 is of no consequence now. If a two tiered stand was ever muted it would have been in the first 5 minutes of the meeting based purely on symmetry rather than space available, need or approval. Then it would have been put to bed and discussions on to what we ended up getting.
  12. We have extra space because attendances have dwindled solidly since the peak either side of the 2nd World War. The reasons for that are many including the ability to access almost every live game played in the world via subscriptions or naughty streams, other pastimes (I know a few friends who held season tickets and gave them up for golf memberships), lack of sporting contest (OF flip flop winning the league), changes in working patterns away from the traditional 9-5, Monday to Friday, the club not engaging with kids in those pivotal years where you could have them for life, not feeling it is value for money, etc. the list goes on and on. We had 36,000 at Hampden in 1991, 18,000 in 2011. Nothing to do with it being all seater, we could have had an even split with The Unwashed if the demand was there, which is wasn't. The best atmosphere at FP is when you're tooth by jowl, thinking of Odense, Parathanakios, Nancy, Rangers play-off. Yes the club can be responsible for lack of outreach, engagement with lapsed regulars, incentives, etc. But anyone who still attends FP knows a handful of friends, family or acquaintances that have drifted. How many of us can hold our hands up and say they've cajoled, convinced or berated any of them to return? Easy way to get punters engaged and return ..... impending doom (admin/relegation) or success (cup run). However both are temporary and don't address the underlying trend. Mediocrity unfortunately equals apathy and for a club of our resources that is the datum albeit outwith the OF and maybe Aberdeen our league record in the past 20 years can't be eclipsed by anyone else, including Hearts and Hibs. As for the Cooper, I can't fathom how you'd have the space of a two tiered stand from the touchline to the wall that surrounds the Cooper now. Unless you do a Easter Road and have some odd shapes cutting about at the back of the second tier. A compact stadium taking the best bits of Tynecastle and Aaelsund's is what we'd look to aspire to in time. Won't be happening for 10 years due to the recent upgrades unless one of us wins Euromillions or remembers they bought 20,000 Bitcoin for £40 in 2009.
  13. His stock in Scotland is still high. Would kill me on the inside to see Moult in green or maroon. Aberdeen have a striking problem and they have form .......
  14. Scoutin Straegy Meetin 2021 - Pittodrie Stadioum, Airbirdeeen Chairmin: Fit like, can I bring the meetin tae ordir! Now, we goat that baldy tink frae Sellik, wha next? Far div we git some playirs, teams shite? Cheef Scoot: I've goat the perfect plan min, Mitherwell virtoal season tikit, dae it all in one place, an get a earlybird discoont tae. Chairmin: First rate plan min, and saving money tae, yi fair ken how to slather ma butteries! Poach, Sleep, Lose, Repeat ...... Same meeting and outcome every year for the past 15.
  15. In reality the South is the real Phil O'Donnell Stand
  16. Well Society brought it up in a recent newsletter. I think it is so all 4 stands commemorate someone/thing associated with the club.
  17. Don't know about happy as we would have retained his services or if anyone wanted him it would have taken a fee to get his signature. What we had in our corner was GA playing him or not. No game time before the Euro's, harder for Steve Clarke to pick him. I suspect the deal to let him go is all the Euro money comes to us (as it was meant to). The estimate was about £70k? Not great but better than nothing. I doubt his agent or his wares will ever be welcomed through the door at the Chapman and Flow has probably has ordered a voodoo doll in his effigy from eBay with big needles. As for his injury in Jan, OTF who does have his finger on the pulse says it was genuine as I'm inclined to believe that too. Do I think it was milked after the event .... yes. Do I think the agent and the player sought advantageous contract discussions when he was "recuperating" and the extension hadn't been triggered .... yes. Do I think he's not covered himself in glory .... yes. Will I find any "thanks to the fans, you've been great" farewell social media posts grating and insincere .... yes. Just slink out the back door with no fanfare or empty gestures please.
  18. There's the first confirmation of the thing that plenty of us knew. The extension trigger that was agreed upon has been renagued upon and pie'd. Just the fine upstanding behaviour you'd expect from a club captain. Hope you go and emulate Curtis Main.
  19. Mrs Polworth .... her twitter game is off the hook
  20. Shrouded in a black cloth, no men in side it for 12 months ...... Cooper needs to be renamed the "Sicilian Granny" Stand
  21. Irony is Ross Mathie is from North Motherwell

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