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  1. First can we appeal Mugabi’s red with UEFA like we can in the SPFL? Had a look at the three opponents this afternoon, for me the hardest game is by a country mile in Israel. They got decent European pedigree, qualifying for the group stages twice in the last few years, finishing second and pumped out in the last 36 on one occasion. Add in the travel fatigue and temp difference it’s a big ask. Not so much if we were working but we’re far from that at present. Viktoria are not too shabby in Europe too so I’d be hoping for a Danish win. Can’t see us putting the Israelis to bed unless things click in the next week
  2. It’s not overly encouraging that someone that can’t be considered a starter at Livi is allowed to leave to another league competitor. Not really what I was expecting after securing the best part of another 250k last night and were like a rudderless ship at times. That second half capitulation regardless of a woeful referee was torture. I’m willing to give him a chance as we’ve taken many a misfiring player and they’ve came good in C&A. The issue is this season too many of players that looked an improvement on what we already had but have failed to impress. As conveyed it is a kick in the nuts for the academy boys. with respect to the Cove Rangers clique, remember who their assistant gaffer is.
  3. My bad, I was peeing and my mate told me it was Lang again, no half time analysis to set me straight. #imafanny
  4. I hope Lang doesn't frequent this site, he'd be thinking "I score two goals and don't even get the wahoo votes"
  5. mid September is when wee Nicola said that Sports Stadia may be accessed again. Granted it doesn't mean NI have to follow suit and on top of that with cases rising I doubt it happening but there could be potential for an away day.
  6. They beat Maribor on penalties. Which Scottish team did they knock out? Just found it, Aberdeen in 2016.
  7. Long and short is 4 games, 58 shots, 11 on target of which 2 goals scored. When you keep the core of your team and seemingly strengthen it in all departments then there should be no need to agonise over the wording of an offside, the perceived position of a linesman or the motives of the referee, we should have been out of sight of a surprisingly under-par Hibs by that point so that it would be inconsequential.
  8. Anyone able to put me back in a medically induced coma for another 10 weeks? Cheers
  9. Yeah but in 1994 we also went toe-to-toe with Borussia Dortmund. I sometimes watch that game on youtube and get annoyed at how close we came over there.
  10. Any chance you could go to Aberdeen for that pint
  11. You don’t need a ball winning midfielder when the instruction is to play the crossbar challenge from anywhere near the halfway line.
  12. Overreaction by ref but welcome to the Charles Dunne debut club
  13. Full backs were suspect at Ibrox and again here. Lessons not learned
  14. I think both our wingbacks need “rested” at half time
  15. Well that was embarrassing
  16. Game is showing as available on hesgoal.com
  17. Jesus, my eyes are burnin reading this...... thanks for the kind sentiments folks.I think what Busta did is essentially being “outed”
  18. All this has proven is we can't get consistency in a single game let alone a season. 2017-18 2 cup finals, then Aug to Dec 2018 shitshow, 2019 Jan to May decent, 2019 Aug to Dec decent, Jan 2020 till now shitshow, it would be nice if we could get the decent stuff in a season rather than calendar year
  19. Pied due to objections I understand (floodlights at night and traffic were main concerns)
  20. We're trying to emulate the Andy Robertson phenomenon and cut out Queens Park
  21. Main looked the part for 6 months, in fact I can recall turning to my mate at Hampden and saying "Louis who?"
  22. I asked if anyone would take him rather than if it was possible.
  23. Would anyone have Templeton? Accies and Burton Albion are probably not where he expected his career would take him. 31 too.
  24. Seems its 1m in the hippy and 500k made up of appearances and other kickbacks which is far from guaranteed. Scott looks likely to massively increase his wages and I hope some of the income comes back in to increase the wages of someone like Allan Campbell who has been a mainstay, consistent and maybe feeling it seeing his peers leave for decent salary rises. I sincerely hope the 500k isn't part of a sell on clause, that should be a separate entity I hope but know nothing of contracts these days.

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