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  1. I think when he was offered a new contract in the summer the astute people at the club may have added in a few clauses. Remember Cedric seemingly getting a new deal every week or so, that was done to ensure a ROI. Based on how the club have performed behind the scenes I'd be surprised if there wasn't some nice wee deal in place.
  2. That prick Peter Kay made a career out of just shouting Garlic Bread
  3. I just realised, since Thursday, our nation became England. I'll take you back to the 2018 World Cup, England are in not the hardest group, but loose out to Belgium (they are pretty good) hump Panama (expected) and squeeze by against Tunisia (not expected). They then get Colombia (tasty but crazy streak) and get through on pens. Next is Sweden who won their group and probably most people's weakest team when the draw was made in F, crazy in itself as Germany and South Korea went to shit. 2-0 vs them and then Croatia, the first team of any pedigree or class other than Belgium, and then they're out at Semi Final stage. They meet Belgium again third place playoff and again papped. They faced 3 games against decent teams and were beaten in all three. The come home as 4th in the world, Southgate given an OBE, English press say "its only a matter of time". I don't want to take anything away from our achievement, the nations league by definition puts teams of similar stature in the same group so games are going to be tight. We scraped through a few, rode our luck in others (but we've been at the worse end of that in our time so I'm happy to accept it). The Czech team getting covid and having to field a virtual brand new one was a major bonus for us away from home. We had 10 points and all we had to do was see it through. I wonder if Clarke regrets not fielding more from Thursday night against arguably the weakest team in our group on Sunday. However the Czech's won it and fair play to them on balance they deserved it as they got results that we didn't ..... but we were in such a good place going into these games. Thursday night heroics maybe masked a few issues we still have. We got there via another penalty shootout in October where an outstretched arm was the difference. While we were immense, Serbia were unexpectedly chronically bad and then it went to a penalty lottery as we didn't screw the nut in the final minute. We just need to be more lethal with our chances in the way Motherwell were so wasteful for the first 6 games or so this season. I don't think McBurnie enhances the squad, he seems there based on the stature of his club team rather than what he has brought.
  4. I dunno, contrary to my earlier post I'm optimistic about their futures in C&A
  5. If you think he’d sign it you’re onto plums. Best we can hope for is a move similar to Louis. By January a team that shipping goals sees him a sticky plaster and will pay an OK sum to get him 6 months earlier than the bum fight if he becomes a free agent.
  6. TV revenues weren't the same then, the Champions League didn't exist in the way it does now and we regularly got 8,500 average where as Celtic couldn't fill up Hampden when they rented it. We were much closer to them then compared to now. Bosman and Euro runs beyond Christmas is what opened the gulf and our dwindling attendances because people looked for alternatives to spend their money on. I can't think of where we'd pick players up from but it certainly wasn't Forest Green Rovers and alike. We now have a mindset against the OF which isn't shared by a few other teams in the league (Killie and ICT being two standouts with budgets around our level or less). The 20 year league thing against Rangers is quite a noose round the neck until you remember they've had "The" in front of their name since 2012. I just wish we'd actually show up and give them a game more often than we do.
  7. Anyone who'd bounce a 50p off Hugh Dallas' spawn ..... I've give them a fiver
  8. We polished off Brendan and I'd love it if we'd earn Lennon his jotters
  9. add "bellend" to Tom Boyd
  10. Oh you mean like Callum McGregor or Scott Sinclair conning a ref?
  11. I get that to a degree Andy, but look at Killie's record. Some of down to the pitch yes but they haven't rode their luck with either of the OF misfiring in all those occasions they've got a draw or a win.
  12. Since you predicted it, 20 quid on it
  13. Jesus this covid thing makes everyone behave differently eh
  14. I feel I may have earned the right to a view on this. As far as I can see the government can do no right here. For many its draconian and for others it is too little too late. Issue is with social media is everyone has a voice it just tends to be the biggest roasters who post the most and shout the loudest ...... I shall refrain from pointing any fingers. I'll hold my hands up and say if I wasn't affected I would have had a healthy feeling of invulnerability and arrogance. Since I have been affected much more than most I have a cautious respect for the virus and what can develop. It comes back to the selfishness of many those lifestyles have been eroded and their intolerance to inconvenience. I can only imagine this is fuelled by: a) I'm young so it won't hit me as bad as it would a granny b) hubris and perceived personal fatigue of adhering to a few basic requests c) some bullshit and misplaced rant how they are looking out for hospitality workers and the economy d) citing personal freedom and a nefarious government plot or e) itching for their hole. Now the debate seems to be tailored local shutdowns over a blanket UK wide one. It's fuelled by whataboutery .... "why can I go to a bank and stand in a queue, go shopping in a supermarket but not have a drink in a pub with music on?", "Why can someone in London can go for a pint and go back to a friends house with 5 pals from 5 other houses?". I even seen it on here on Saturday where people assumed its Grimmy as Barnsley is tier three and he must of got days off in the past month. Lets ignore that Glasgow and Lanarkshire are as contagious as any of the worst pants anywhere else in the UK at present. There are reasons for all of this not fuelled by conspiracy theories or megalomaniac devious political leaders. It is devised by public health experts, immunologists, virologists, NHS logisticians, other medial professionals, statisticians and of course politicians as they ultimately issue and direct enforcement of policy. When this hit if we limited people visiting the UK and only allowed residents or nationals to return, tested them in the airport and ports upon arrival and sent them home under quarantine then this would be mitigated and we wouldn't have one of the worst statistics in the world from preventable deaths. Localised measures are the way forward but only if people adhere to the rules and there's a high degree of "fuck it" just now. There was support and Dunkirk/Blitz spirit back in March through to May but that has dwindled. Evidence is how many OF fans travelled to Fife or over into Cumbria/Lancashire. The amount who gave it serious thought or planned it shows where we are. Our society went through a change in the 80's due to Thatcherism where the self and a notion of as long as I'm OK, to hell with everyone else seeped into wide British society. Community cohesion and compassion eroded, Christ even empathy did too. We are predominately a more socially minded country than down south but as a whole things changed here too just not to the same degree. Flow said privately in July that they'd be nobody in FP before Ne'erday when there was soft talk about a mid September opening of grounds. Safe to say that has been an astute observation.
  15. The Oracle has spoken. The prophecy will now come true. Hastie is not the chosen one.
  16. When I first moved to America I was getting my cellphone and I was said to the fella “what’s that very-zon network like?” He looked at me as if I was touched. Which with hindsight I was.
  17. I’ve been paying daily visits since mid September to Lamie’s house to lick his doorknob. You’re all welcome
  18. https://redit.soccerstreams.net/event/scotland-czech-republic-live-stream/415303 Best site I've found for naughty streams for those without a Sky sub.
  19. Safe to say the chances of him doing that are slim and bugger all. His agent will have made it clear he is 20x more marketable come next summer with no transfer fee attached (compo is different) so more wages for him. As I've said before he's seen players with less ability, consistency and impact leave for a massive boost in wages. Jesus he plays alongside one of them on loan from Newco who's on probably 4x his wage who hasn't played since what .... August?
  20. So the amount we can command for Campbell is diminishing then. He leaves in January for a fraction of what he's worth or development fee come summer when he's out of contract. It's inevitable he won't wear the C&A beyond May but would I rather have wedge in the bank or him in the team? At present I think wedge in the bank even though he's been both our best performer and one of the few with any fight.
  21. So is that all business done inbound and outbound until January then?
  22. Yesterday’s Herald was touting Campbell to Celtic and no doubt Turnbull would have sung his praises. Don’t be surprised if Lawwell stumps up a paltry amount plus ginger bottles to lure him away. I understand there will be bad news for us come Monday. Hopefully it will be a move South but it does give me the fear as the midfield to forward link is as dire as the defence at present.
  23. Conflicted on the call ups, normally any 'Well player making the team is something to celebrate but this season with their form I seriously worry for the country. I'd also urge Steve Clarke to get his sheepskin on and visit a few more games.
  24. On the bright side there were as many Motherwell fans in the stadium at 81 minutes as there would before Covid. I know theres a tendency for managers to persevere with their purchases until they come right however Las and Robbo need to sit down tomorrow and sharpen their knives, there are too many not up to it and too many a shadow of what we've seen in the past.

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