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  1. If he’s as good as he is carrying an “ injury “ how fucking good will he be when fully fit. GET THE PRICE UP!!!!!
  2. Lost nothing in defeat today, ref waisted it there is no way the ref saw what happened if anything did happen. For me McGuire, Brown, Hastie and Livingstone would not look out of place in the first team.
  3. I actually think Robbo is more interested in not getting beaten than winning and for this reason is also scared to take a chance on players. In the two cup runs last season we were a different team with them being one of games ( excluding the finals ) beating all premier league teams to get there. He signs all those players and either finds out they are guff or just hasn’t the bottle to play them. He needs to see by the favourites and start giving hungry guys a chance to prove themselves.
  4. Dearly me, some people on here should support Aberdeen Just sheep, somebody throws in “ hoof ball” and everybody jumps on it what a lot of shite. Just my opinion mind you. If you dislike the style of football that much, don’t fucking go. For me the results are more important than the style.
  5. Some promise shown tonight with things starting to take shape which is what these games are for and finding the best eleven for the Hibs game. For me the team looks better with McHugh out of the midfield and again had an assured performance at the back. Cads and Campbell could have a tremendous season on tonight’s showing with Campbell being immense and Cads looking like his old self, Carson should never have got to the header in the second half it was absolutely word class. Two final points first hat off to Gary Naismith who apologised right away to Robbo after his player assaulted Bowman and lastly was disguted with Robbo at his treatment of Kipre berated him repeatedly and the aimed a ball at him totally out of order.
  6. I don’t think it can be under estimated the enormity of the achievement in reaching two cup finals in the one season and the teams that have been disposed of on route to the two finals. Win or lose this group should be cheered, applauded and congratulated for their efforts and the way they have conducted themselves during these two epic cup runs. I thank them all and wish them all the very best on Saturday and know that they will give it their all to try and become heroes and give us memories that will be cherished as much if not more than 91. This double treble is doing my head in. Mothewells should be - “ The single malt - takes a while to come good but when it is its time it is SHEER NECTAR” #Nowisthetime.
  7. Disappointed today - Yip Been disappointed before - Yip Will i be disappointed in the future - Yip We have been spoiled the last couple of season and unfortunately expectation levels have become tainted. Would last seasons team have won today? Probably in my mind, But i am old enough and ugly enough to appreciate the luxury we were afforded the last couple of seasons but appreciating and expecting the same every season are two different things. Mr McCall has replaced the bodies the we lost in the close season but i do not think that player for player he has replaced the quality, not just that but the togetherness and understanding last years team had came only after time playing together and playing a system that suited. People on here moaned and slated players from time to time last season and we finished a comfortable second, i think we need to be patient ( aye right ) and give Mr McCall a bit of credit and also cut him a bit of slack. We are Motherwell ( after all!!!!!!!!!!!! ).
  8. Too much common sense there am afraid. Good post all the same considering your jaunt and many miles traveled at the week end.
  9. I can't understand the criticism and negativity that has been directed at OUR manager over this. The plain and simple facts are, a man applies for a job which would bring a sizable wage increase something we have all done or would do. It may be the case that you are successful and are offered the position but after hearing what the contract details and budget constraints are you decide to decline the offer. I think that in his short time at our club he has built up a good relationship with the players,fans and officials and feels a real belonging to the club. I also believe that him singing a 2 year contract is his way of ensuring the club do not lose out financially if he did leave, he could have refused a new deal and that would have made it easier for other clubs to come in for him without having to pay compensation. I think he deserves a huge amount of credit and respect no matter what happens. What he has done here is incredible and we need to appreciate what we have while we have it. You always tend to feel hard done by when things are going well and players and managers move on, at the end of the day this is the way things are with our club it always has been and always will be. At the end of the day we feel passionately about our club and i for one looking at other clubs and their beliefs and situations think we are lucky with what we have and and proud to support the club,i would not have it any other way.
  10. Have you been hanging about with MJC
  11. Iam fucking sick of this fucking third division team pish, they were not relegated down through the divisions they were put there for their misdimeanours. I think that most SPL clubs would have got the same treatment it just happened it was us that had to endure it first. A third division side with resourses and wage structure better than 99%. of the premier league, who have bought players and pay wages we can only dream about. We were playing a third division team who could use their frustrations and sense of unjustice to motivate more than ever, There is no one more gutted than me but i think a bit of perspective needs to be the order of the day,
  12. Proud to be a Well fan tonight, as always. I enjoyed the game and thought the Players and the crowd gave it their all. In respect to a possible fine from UEFA for objects being thrown onto the park. IMHO UEFA should have more of an interest in the disgraceful antics of Sissoko and his teams officials, a player i may add was the best player on the park by a country mile. His nasel hair brushed off one of our defenders shoulders and he went down as if he had been pole axed. To see him more or less fighting with medical staff as he entered the tunnel to get of the stretcher absolutely beggard belief. He then returned to the field of play and covered every blade of grass just as he had done the whole game, this for me wastes the game more than a couple of bits of paper being thrown onto the park.
  13. Knowing this fella more likely to be a mash up of The Northern Lights and Blah Blah Black Sheep!!!!!
  14. Same old same old, the only one you are kidding is yourself.
  15. Your Good, either good or deluded. Whether you are at the wind up or not makes no difference, you are getting tiresome now. Hope you are happy ( and your mattress wallpaper is comfy).

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