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  1. How we managed to win that 4-0, I'll never know. Sign of a very good team though!
  2. Aye, he's turned that round pretty quickly
  3. Saw Marvin Johnson trending on Twitter. Doesn't seem too popular with the Middlesborough support!!!
  4. Heard he's been spotted lifting the European cup in 1967. Edit, found the pic in question
  5. 25 million for Tierney ,VAR. Fitba's up the shitter.
  6. No matter what, let's just wish Davie the best. He's been an absolute joy to watch. I don't think we'll see him in claret and amber again, similarly I don't think we'll see him in green and white, what I do know is, we'll make a shitload of money out the fella and he'll have a magnificent career regardless. Deserved.
  7. That tweet from Celtic is one of the most unprofessional clusterfucks from a social media account that I've ever seen. Absolutely tremendous! What are they trying to achieve with that?
  8. Yeah, I think that's it for me now too. Absolutely unforgivable.
  9. Chris Humphrey hasn't quite retired, just signed for East Kilbride and could feature in their Scottish cup tie today against Spartans
  10. I certainly do realise it. From experience I know you can't please everyone all of the time too, of course.
  11. Mon the annual gathering of the North lanarkshire fashionistas!
  12. As a fellow designer, I think it's magic mate.
  13. Pretty much what Andy P said. A pre season with us and he will be formidable. The guys a real talent.
  14. Ciftci would be a great signing, get over yersel's.

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