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  1. oh oh no no my mrs is welsh and they are better than the engerland mob , and ireland mob so am on there side + sheez from the real valleys so not from just over the engerland border
  2. watch it and see he runs the same, pings with his left foot the same everythings the same except heez not
  3. anybody watching the ukraine vs holland game notice that danny blind at the back for holland strolls about and passes the ball like a young mark reynolds just a wee observation
  4. and i can also say with 100% certainty big dec is a fanny i for one will be booing next year
  5. oh ffs man his wife will like it there, maybe mrs snobby polworth will see what a proper shitehole is
  6. he will be whoring himself to ICT amd ROSS C but hopefully he ends up at clachnacuddin
  7. smiddy

    Stevie O'D

    a was in the same bakers n asked the wummin " you got a hot pie hen ? " she said " i son " so a said " well staun back fae the oven " BOOM BOOM
  8. there is probably only a handful of junior teams that are any good now as they all defected to the new lowland type set up so your not left with very many top end players. i think the last one we signrd from the juniors ( dundonald bluebells ) martin greshem or something like that, was a striker dont think he made it and went back to the juniors
  9. iv only seen him once out and about since he disappeared with his illness
  10. i take it by that OTF your not really a fan of our marmite manager
  11. aahh but heez cheap and he will be on the telly 6 times a year so thats the deal clincher, his mammy will see him the same as harry smiths mammy seen him miss at parkhead
  12. that will be some trick, theres no space, unless he moves into the centenary for good
  13. C&A is grimshaw not on a one year deal ?? i thought he was but ma brain isnt what it was
  14. so who are we left with carson, morrison .lamie .grimshaw, crawrord ,watt, ohara, and no doubt iv missed a few. but there will be a list somewhere

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