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  1. shite talker, give yourself a shake man, your one of the most depressing well fans on here, do you want the managers job ???????? am off back to ma cell your a cock end mon i well
  2. i dont post very often now because of some of the pishtalk on here but jesus christ that YODO talks some shite thank you i just had to say that,,,, goodbye again
  3. hi ya yodo ma big pal nice to read your posts again I was missing you ,hope we can spar this year again and probably get up some peoples noses lets get going
  4. smiddy

    2019-20 Rebuild

    whys that then ?????
  5. smiddy

    2019-20 Rebuild

    its not his dad, the boy couldv went to England, but he is a mummys boy so he is still on the diddy and picked them so he could still live at home or in the area good luck with living in carfin with a new car,,, and signing for rangurs
  6. all total basic school boy errors you would expect to see down the miners park by under 12s
  7. as long as he doesn't let himself get hurt b4 his big move ??? ps hope I am allowed to answer you again
  8. will we get the best out of him if its already a done deal ? or will he peedle along giving us 60% and making sure he doesn't get injuried for next season
  9. i wonder after that shite today, that faddy will be back sitting in the nice warm studio giving his opinion and criticising players and team selection when our own league starts back ?
  10. 14 and not very good at English, and your obviously very clever yourself ?
  11. thank you gazza b I just like the topical shite yodo brings to the table so I answer him back, but big andy p doesn't like it, but texanwellfan enjoys the banter , so I cant win
  12. is that what this is all about ,,,, banter ? do you agree with everything mr/mrs yodo says ? cause I certainly don't so I will continue to have banter with him unless you want to be the smart arse and pull the plug on it ,,,, your choice , free speech n all that ,,,,, FUD
  13. good morning mr / mrs yodo even the new guy who has been on here 5 minutes knows that ,, you don't rate grimmy,u don't rate robbo,,your always moaning about something / one and you are generally stuck in your own wee yodo world, have you ever been to fir park ? or do you listen in on the "wireless" just askin like

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