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  1. and st j pumped us a feckin hate yaccies GTTF
  2. theres a new vat law came in yesterday " vat reverse " so i think it depends on wether the club is the end user ,,,,,,, or some shite close to that
  3. had a long thought about this and every one of them upt there game by 1000% for the last 2 saturdays shitfests BUT i gave it to lamie just for sticking hid head up and keeps rolling along when me and others on here totally condemmed him so its only fair to stick up for him
  4. what a buzz knowing theve beefed us all season but a 1-0 win relagates them
  5. if xmas would come in april it would be to go to the cannabis plant stadium feck yaccies 1-0 and the 3 points keep us up and the 0 points means there doon aaahhhh what an april xmas that would be c what one win does for my imagination hahahah
  6. to be fair after yaccies n tractor boys not even yourself wouldv seen the next 2 performances coming
  7. unless its the 4th official that sticks him inn
  8. which means " your not allowed to " tell her a said your allowed
  9. he said in the paper last week heez never been sent to the stand as a manager in england but the scottish fefs are " choose your own words " mines is SHITE
  10. a thought you had missed our best display of the season after watching all the shite ,,,,,, were you out building a snow man
  11. ffs the guy wi the lamie mask on is some feckin player hahaha
  12. no not having a go just feeling sorry for all the shite hees seen this year n the one good game we play ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, feck all not his fault but still feel sorry for him
  13. dont tell me after all the weeks of shite texan wellfan has missed this hahahahahahaha
  14. dodododod do dddddddooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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