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  1. oh my god , iv just caught up on this thread { been working crazy hours } but jesus this makes yodo and i look like best mates
  2. well gazzy while your up bye in tuechter land can you go roond the scheme n see if anybody up there has any good (up to date ) jokes :}
  3. dont think he could go GA strict discipliarian approach to fitbaw, think theres to much nonsence in his heid + he likes to be in the paper bummin up his blue pals, good goalscorer,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, arse of a man
  4. well i hope we dont drag the situation out, give utd a one off date for any dealings to be done by , then tell them fuck off till the summer comes , no pissin about waiting on us to blink on the last day, pay the money take him to feck, or skelfs on his erse as a bit part player till the summer, thats the last all say on this now till something is concluded
  5. they can keep there shite,,,,,,,,,,,,,, shows your dough then he can go emday like that wan
  6. YIP am with you on that
  7. i take your point, but i was not discussing anybody else except TW we can argue here all day, but in my opinion hes not doing the tackle and will be better for all if he basically fecks aff,
  8. P&B hivs fan saying were trying to resign jamie murphy , hope am wrong again ( as with TW ) but meh,,,,,
  9. the question is ,,,, if he stays , and we play him, do we trust him in the situation i was asking regards to the 50/50 ?????? personally i dont, nothing to do with him as a guy, only the mindset says , dont get injured, how do you see that steelboy ???????
  10. you wont want to go to your new club injured , as i said in my opinion he wouldnt we can disagree all day but it wouldnt be clever to go to your new club injured, best for all if that door hits his arse and we forget about him and concentrate on who wants to be here ,,,,,,, happy new year gazzy n put me doon for one of your new joke books , all need something to keep me sane b4 i start back work
  11. i didnt say it did ,, do you think he would go a 100% committed into the 50/50 where he might get injured i dont think for a minute he would
  12. if he stays and plays, do you realistically think come march/ april and the manager thought his head was right that if the chance came up for him to score with a 50/50 where he would probably get an injury does he go for it , or leave it, i think i know the answer, with the carrot dangling in front of him he aint going to risk an injury,,,, bye bye TW dont let the door hit yir erse on the way out
  13. as i also said time will tell
  14. some one ( i know ) left a good job for more money, and within 3 months realised they had made a mistake and were feckin scunnered with there workload there, so started looking for a job else where moral is,,,, the more money employers give you, the more they expect out ofyou , we will soon see if TW rises ,, or as shown before TW sinks, either way we will survive , will he ???
  15. yi canny take mulgrew heez tonys new escort up n doon the motorway to dundee drinking costas n talkin shite bout smellic

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