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  1. smiddy


    correct big stall but the biggar question is WHO thought he was good enough to resign stevie wonder
  2. naw canny really see that happening heez happy and contented and seems to be in a good place, theres more to football than money a happy player gives you that wee bit more percentage wise
  3. must admit when we signed watt i was like meh,, not for me but ffs the boy has proved me 100% wrong of all the teams heez played with he must just have slotted right inn , 10 mins from his house, own bed every night ,happy wife = contented footballer= benifits us win win all round so take a bow TW
  4. didnt say it was more like mrs polworth moving further away from inversnackie to another shitehole hahahahah
  5. oh oh mrs polworth will be calling kilmarnock a shite hole next stop irish league then doon the miners
  6. gordon dalziel is never a well fan heez only a well fan for the radio anybody on here that knows him will know heez a rangurs man
  7. but he wants rangurs to do exactually what we were doing today IF they are winning any points vs lyon away hahahahahahah feckin reprebate inbreed
  8. sure did bomber broon not have 4/5 great games against the original rangurs so they bought him as they did with other layers
  9. not in your future lifetime texan the arse cheecks will spend there way clear in jan but we can only live in hope
  10. slattery young man but bags of energy and guile keeps playing well and getting better, he will be cherry picked next season to bigger and better things
  11. TW is the worst offender for it ffs he must have been the best man fall champion of airdrie / coatbridge
  12. yip , and a sub to start with. all because big kev vv pulled his pants doon n rodgered him hahahahahahahah he started as a sub cause his manager obviously thought he was to blame for the 2 balls into the box that ended up in goals he didnt defend well . and only got on today cause of an injury, i spoke to dons supporters in spoona last sat night and they told me most of there support have already decided that hees not for them and by xmas he wont even be in the match day squads in my opionion thats good enough for me hahahah feckin knob hope heez got a clause for that
  13. get yir self a beer for lunch texan
  14. ffs grimmy whack yir baldy nut on that

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