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  1. smiddy


    not me david av been night shift
  2. the doughnut centres are even better and thats a fact munched my way through a few when i was in texas austin doughnuts yum yum in yir tum / bum
  3. smiddy


    the board meeting is in tim hortons or the villa connection or mc Doo Doos
  4. smiddy


    ffs naw that would mean bringing back craig broons flunky YOUNGY
  5. smiddy


    see grizzly a new a was good at england in skool
  6. smiddy


    yes he deffo was yorky he did like bobby howitt or how ever u spell his name av forgot
  7. has mrs polworth said dunfermline is a shite hole yet ??? i think the common denominator is her shite hole husband
  8. my son just told me some one on "twitter " said some players said today that its not a coincidence tony watt left and others are leaving all down to the manager just saying what he just read me out
  9. working till 2 but even if i wasnt i couldnt muster corouge for that possibly at the start of a new season am tempted but watchin that naw no for me thanks
  10. by fuck your positive its takes all my time to think about going to the home games
  11. ffs yodo we agree on something his football style is fuckin dreadfull as they say you cant polish a shite but ffs dont buy shite
  12. we at least need a draw as utds last 2 games are smellic n rangurs
  13. the post a put up was as regards to goss who in my opion is a waste of a jersey

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