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  1. I think it's harsh to blame Las, even for the goalie who on any other day could have been brilliant. Further, him taking over in the short-term gave him no real chance in picking up a team that couldn't care less whether they win or not. You could always count on him as a player to give everything on the pitch. The fault is at the board level where it must have been obvious that Robbo's time was up, and they didn't have a plan A never mind a plan B. For me there should always be a place for absolute loyalty, even if it's not as the manager. Las has earned that, and for me Crags as well.
  2. I wasn't able to listen today, but I didn't think it would be 3-0. I do not believe our develop and sell model will ever lead to a consistently winning team, and today we can reap the rewards. I think we deluded ourselves that we were 3rd last year. If play had not been shut down with covid Aberdeen would have finished 3rd, and Hearts would not have been relegated. We've retired the debt, great, but we're bankrupt in a football sense. We've got a fair price for players, Turnbull, but the fees have just not been put back into the football side of the business, and I really wonder how many supporters will pay to watch the quality that's bee delivered this season.
  3. Part of the failure was not finding a clear leader on the field who can take them by the scruff of the neck and get something going. He may never have won the EPL but I'm thinking of Gerrard and how he could rise up and take charge by his own example. We need a manager who can find and develop such a player. Las was sometimes able but never quite did it.
  4. Surely we need to hear from more than the manager at this stage? We were deluded by getting those 6 covid points, but now we're faced with reality of having to earn them back. I don't think this organisation even cares what supporters think anymore and I suspect, had there been no empty grounds, a lot of supporters would have walked. This was once a club that could play against anyone.
  5. So going in at HT at Ibrox up 1-0, I think we should be awarded 1.5 points. Just sayin'!
  6. I think we need to look at a broader view. Teams by this time in a season would have sorted themselves out from early season issues and should have improved by this point. Clearly we haven't got anything sorted out at all, and if the appeal against the 6 points is upheld not only will we lose them, we'd have a GD difference as well, we'll be in serious trouble. I'm not impressed counting our current position without having earned the points and I hope it's not seen as how well we've done.
  7. I just wonder if anybody in the front office is remotely concerned about the extended recent performance.
  8. There is only one statistic that matters and that's the score, regardless of what the BBC shows. teams with 75% and 20 shots often lose, so just put the ball in the net!!!
  9. I wasn't able to tune in yesterday so missed the play by play. BUT this is quite a simple game really. The manager and many on here are going on about the chalked off goal and how that might have changed the game. Surely it's simply that neither the players nor the manager understood that that was just how that incident played out and we just had to keep WORKING away rather than being downhearted. Even if that goal had been allowed Hibs still scored three without reply. It seems we didn't dig down deeper than they did, so we need not keep on about the referee, even if he got that one decision absolutely wrong. The two keys for any team are motivation (the manager's job) and commitment (the players job), and clearly neither showed up yesterday.
  10. Here we're not even into December and the rest of us are competing for no higher than 5th place.
  11. Relax GazzyB, just a little tongue in cheek from me as I concentrate on the Arsenal Liverpool game.
  12. ...and there you have it, we're the strongest team in the league!!!
  13. Unless something changes dramatically in the next few minutes we'll go into tomorrow's game in last place. Chances are that Celtic will be ready to kill after this past week's disaster, and Turnbull is away. We've got some new money, but do we have any clue how to get out of last place? Still we did finish 3rd last year, and let's not forget 2 cup finals!!!
  14. I just read the manager's comments, unbelievable "I've done everything, it's down to the players!". It's probably safe to say he's now lost the dressingroom.

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