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  1. Fairhill

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    I really don't give a sausage about the German guy, but with Sammon there has to be a catch to it!!
  2. We'll take it and run!!!
  3. Think there are now 3 like that, Killie, Accies, Livi, so as long as they are not banned, you have to play on them. So it's not a new or unique experience. Really just have to get on with it and not use it as an excuse for a dreadful exhibition like we produced today. We've had just as bad performances at Fir Park this season.
  4. Did the team bus break down somewhere? Must be a pick up team from the crowd playing today.
  5. Fairhill

    2018’19 Game 13: Aberdeen (H) Saturday 24th November 2018

    Yep, with this combination of commentators, it's already how unfair the ref has been. Lewis will try to concentrate on the game if we're lucky.
  6. Forget all the other comparisons guys, they don't help today whatsoever. This is about us, and it's bad news bno matter how you try to spin it.
  7. True Weeyin, but those were different times. Top level football today is all about money, and we have none that amounts to anything. How many people do you think will pay to support this rubbish?? Even in the bad times we've had more support than now. Sad to say.
  8. Is it time for me to comment on our ownership model yet?? Well and truly hoping to keep 9th place now, but this is atrocious.
  9. Too bad, but the odds are pretty long against the OF with their depth compared to bottom six
  10. Good grief, how many shots do you need???
  11. Yea, keeping me off the beach in Florida!!
  12. I've always felt the sell model simply doesn't build a competitive team, and in looking for the gem you end up with a team like this where decent players like Cadden and Campbell are abused trying to get a spark in a bog. I don't remember a team as bad as what we have now. It's also strange that with the success of Moult and Kipre, that the cupboard was bare last summer, with nobody coming in with any real potential.
  13. Now it will get really tough. Time for heroics!!
  14. Fairhill

    2018'19 Game 7: Kilmarnock (A) Saturday 29th September 2018

    Best manager in the league is maybe stretching it a bit, but that's the difference in securing that 6th position at the end of the year. The other 5 have a massive financial advantage.
  15. Fairhill

    2018'19 Game 7: Kilmarnock (A) Saturday 29th September 2018

    The more I see the more I believe our model just doesn't work at our level. We don't have the support base to generate enough money since football is now, unfortunately, all about money. We've sold three decent players over the last few years, but what we get for them, good as it once was, simply doesn't earn enough to get anybody in who can fill the gap of the exiting players, and we can't afford to pay the wages of any half decent loan player. I admire the work done by the Society, but you can now predict attendance will drop, and struggling supporters might be looking to put their money into more practical places unless something dramatic happens, and I can't imagine what that would be. We're back at the manager issue again n terms of summer signings, team selection, and tactics, albeit there's been injuries as well, and I think sooner than later has to be on the table. Ugh!!!

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