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  1. Very good season with relegation off the table before Christmas. I'm not sure how we can cope with that! Merry Christmas to all of you!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I worried if we could hold them off with only a one goal lead, but this team is tougher than we've had for a while, so a good week, and when did we last have this point level at the start of December?
  3. Take the points and run. Just watched the Liverpool/Arsenal goalfest, we should get some of those youngsters on loan! Still, Mon the Well!!!
  4. I watched the game in a Rangers supporter's home and we were both surprised: him with how ineffective they were and me with how we stuck in there and frustrated them. I thought we would absolutely wilt in the second half, but the lads dug deep and hung on fairly well. There should never be a close game the way the OF have been able to get better players, so third is as far as we can really go, but this team seem to have more backbone so I think they might just do it.
  5. As long as the model is to find young players and then sell them on we'll never have ongoing success like the top teams have, and that impacts on attendance as well as budget. We'll never get the kind of money Celtic seem to get from transfers. It will always be season to season, and any comparison to Sir Alex at Man U makes no sense at all. Enjoy what we've had this season while we have it because we're all striving for 3rd place now that the OF are back.
  6. Grief, I haven't been able to be as close as normal, so I'm not sure I can cope with us being 3rd at this stage. The usual script doesn't fit anymore as we're normally hearing hollering for the manager's head by now, and how bad every player has been. It must be global warming that has upset the usual pattern. Crivens!!!
  7. Almost all of the Ancel babes belong in the heroes category.
  8. I've been away for a while and wonder what's happened to Mixr? Seem to have lost the link, and therefore not able to enjoy the group of listeners. Any info about how to follow other than on BBC Sports?
  9. If only that could happen. Those of us who saw that team would match them against any Motherwell team since then. That was pure football magic, and pre-season games were against major teams. Ian St John's six goals against the Brazilians, Thumping Leeds United who were a top team. nobody came to Fir Park and beat us. The only scare was Mc Seveney (sp ?) who was clumsy, but Hastie Weir, Pat Holton, Aitken, Martis, McCann, Billy Reid, Hunter, St. John, Pat Quinn, and Andy Weir, all made Saturday afternoon special. The best part for me was also being with a bunch of friends in the middle of the away supporters and giving as much as we got, except for the Old Firm. Vintage "Team"!
  10. Don't know why I'm doing this, but here goes. We had a brief glimpse of football for about five weeks after a miserable start, and for that time the manager was a hero. But here we are again back where we started. So was the board right in sticking with him for a short time, or have the overall results suggested we really do need a fresh outlook? I don't know what did to get their manager in, but he's worked wonders with players who really aren't any better than most. I think they're now regularly pulling 5K+ at home, and their SPFL payout will be pretty good. I think it's time for serious reflection because at this level of play I imagine many other options look better for a Saturday afternoon.
  11. This looks like an expensive day with Livingston and St. J now ahead.
  12. Defence on holiday today!

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