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  1. 0-1 loss and everyone to be shite again.
  2. Not much to add in terms of team selection but definitely need more fight. £40 for me and the boy though. I’ll pass. Shower of *****
  3. Believe it the ref agrees they got it wrong then the booking can be upgraded. But as they make it up as they go along then who knows.
  4. Don’t think I’ve witnessed such an awful long ball tactic since the days of Heneghan punting it up the middle against Accies a couple of seasons ago.
  5. Good stuff. Aye hopefully twitter gets sorted out for the league games. Replying to their own tweets or doing a thread means no notifications. Well for me at least. Sitting here thinking we’re toiling to a 0-0!
  6. Liking the new pre match tops. But £35 notes for the pleasure...deary me
  7. What’s Wes Fletcher up to these days?
  8. Would have liked an ‘easier’ home game in the first five fixtures but hopefully still pick up some good points. County away on Boxing Day. Honest to god fixture man...
  9. Sacrilege I know but can’t help thinking they should have not bothered with a band on the home shirt Away is a belter.
  10. Apparently David tweeted ‘C’Mon Norwich’ in 2015 clearly the clues were always there. As an aside I wonder how much these ‘journalists’ earn who just knock up shitey stories pulled from twitter and forums.
  11. David Turnbull urged to make Celtic decision himself or agents could ruin his career Joe Miller was in a similar position to Turnbull in 1987 and has some advice for him. Hahahaha.
  12. Nah man. The wee fella’s football team get free tickets now and again. I’ve toyed with a season ticket but I just can’t get into it
  13. Watched Ben Heneghan play for Blackpool today against Charlton. Seems to be doing alright if still prone to getting caught out every now and again.
  14. If only skybet were ruling it a save as well

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