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  1. Aberdeen were rank rotten at the Withdean on Saturday. More than anything else, it seemed to me that they looked several weeks behind Brighton in terms of fitness, and match sharpness. Although Motherwell have not added many, our youngsters are a year older and wiser (hopefully), so its not all doom and gloom.
  2. What are the 1st impressions of our new goalie? Given how influential Ruddy was last year, I have always feared that this may be the hardest position to fill...
  3. Would not waste anyone's time on this one. McCormack has looked lazy for several years now - certainly a skillful player, but doubt he would be able to step up to the pace of the Premier league given that he has looked fairly immobile in League One down here.
  4. This can be argued from all sorts of viewpoints. As a counter I will simply point out that you can take up an early bird option at Brighton's Withdean stadium (the equivalent of EK's Whitemoss running track) for £425 (its £489 after the early bird). For that money you get to see League One football, and for an extra £1 you can buy your very own poncho to make up for the lack of a roof...
  5. Not disagreeing with your post - but suspect that you are possibly ambitious if you think Motherwell have the spending power ie wage budget of Orient. I suspect that players like Scott McGleish would be out of our reach (yes, I know how old he is). There are more than a handful of players in the lower reaches of League One who earn in excess of 4k/week! Suspect the truth of the matter is that Scottish clubs are beginning to target League two and non -league clubs for young and talented players, pretty much in the same way that Championship and League One clubs are looking to plunder the SPL for talented youngsters etc.
  6. Yeh....there are a fair few Seagull fans that remember the abuse I gave Brown (and Davies) during Brown's last game at Preston - they still accuse me of getting Brown the sack and love the irony of him being the Motherwell manager now!
  7. Thats even more humble pie for me then! Well done Jack n Victor - not sure who is looking a bigger #### right now - me or Gannon!
  8. Out of interest, how would McRae compare to McCloy?
  9. Am too young to remember KM - the first keeper I really remember was Hugh Sproat, who seemed to prefer playing full back than goalkeeper. Perhaps through rose tinted spectacles, but I think Maxwell is possibly the best keeper I have seen in the C&A, although its hard not to think about big Sieb at the same time - though as others have said, perhaps more for his character, than his actual ability. Now I come to think about it - we have no exactly been blessed with keepers over the years!
  10. Congrats to Jack and Victor on the MOM award - hope the jinx that goes with that award does not apply to OAPs. Am far from unhappy that they are staying on until the end of next year - and I never thought I'd be saying that about Craig Brown at Motherwell!
  11. As we are coming to the end of the window, how does everyone feel about the squad at this point in time? In many ways we have been busy - secured the Everton pair till the end of the season, secured a new management team until the end of the season, ex-Celt midfielder apparently on the way, and one time Motherwell midfielder possibly off to his boyhood heroes. On the face of it, we don't appear to have strengthened the squad greatly (yet), and will no doubt have to face last minute anguish on whether anyone wants to buy one of our key players (am guessing Reynolds would be the most likely candidate?). Do we have enough to finish top 6 assuming no more signings/departures?
  12. It has sounded to me as if Motherwell have actually done a fair bit to let the lad know that he is very much wanted by the club (certainly since McGhee's departure anyway). Am curious - what more do you think the club should, and could have done?
  13. The abuse McCart is receiving here is out of order. He is doing his job, which sees him doing the best he can for Celtic - not Motherwell! Most people on this thread appear to agree that they will be disappointed IF Slane moves on. Clearly Slane is one of our prized assets, and McCart would not be doing his job if he simply did not try to get the lad simply because it is Motherwell he is dealing with. I would expect Motherwell to be screaming blue murder (or whatever that old saying is) if McCart or Celtic were doing anything remotely dodgy - and I take the apparent silence from Motherwell on this to speak for itself.
  14. Agreed Have mixed feelings about Buzz moving back to Scotland. On one hand, I would sincerely like him to play out of his skin, and stick it right up the Sussex boo boys. That said...it is Hibs he has moved to!

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