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  1. Wellfan92

    Aberdeen Travel

    Heading up on the Megabus at 8 from Glasgow couldn't get a seat on a supporters bus
  2. Wellfan92

    Aberdeen Travel

    Anybody know of anyone running a bus? Been searching all afternoon with no luck
  3. Wellfan92

    2012/13 Ins & Outs Thread

    Ronnie MacKay ‏@RonnieMacKay Motherwell eyeing up Craig Samson as are St Johnstone. Danny Lennon has confirmed he's heard teams are interested.
  4. Wellfan92

    Levante Travel

    2 more in the Eurostars Gran Valencia
  5. Wellfan92

    Europa League 2012/13 Discussion Thread

    http://www.thefirstr...eague-draw.html If anyone is looking for a stream
  6. Wellfan92

    Final Anthem

  7. Wellfan92

    Aberdeen Vs Motherwell Discussion Thread

    Did Forbes play on the left or threw the middle?
  8. Wellfan92

    Aberdeen Vs Motherwell Discussion Thread

    Just about shat myself
  9. Wellfan92

    Rangers Vs Motherwell Discussion Thread

    It's 8 pound for a crate of stella in asda....just saying
  10. Wellfan92

    Dundee Utd V Well - Sc Qf

    10 quid yesssss
  11. Wellfan92

    Semi Final

    Steve Kirk new century kareoke..........that is all
  12. Wellfan92

    Ins & Outs

    Would be good if we could have another Motherwell V Motherwell, and get the chance to see the full squad and prospects
  13. Wellfan92

    A Message From Your Own Support!

    I couldn't care less, aslong as i have football to go to on a saturday
  14. Wellfan92

    Motherwell V Rangers

  15. Wellfan92

    Motherwell V Rangers

    John Gilmour to get man of the match.

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