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  1. Wellfan92

    Aberdeen Travel

    Heading up on the Megabus at 8 from Glasgow couldn't get a seat on a supporters bus
  2. Wellfan92

    Aberdeen Travel

    Anybody know of anyone running a bus? Been searching all afternoon with no luck
  3. Ronnie MacKay ‏@RonnieMacKay Motherwell eyeing up Craig Samson as are St Johnstone. Danny Lennon has confirmed he's heard teams are interested.
  4. 2 more in the Eurostars Gran Valencia
  5. http://www.thefirstr...eague-draw.html If anyone is looking for a stream
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXfnZ7HYD_k
  7. Did Forbes play on the left or threw the middle?
  8. It's 8 pound for a crate of stella in asda....just saying
  9. Wellfan92

    Semi Final

    Steve Kirk new century kareoke..........that is all
  10. Would be good if we could have another Motherwell V Motherwell, and get the chance to see the full squad and prospects
  11. I couldn't care less, aslong as i have football to go to on a saturday
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huSXi99g2HY
  13. John Gilmour to get man of the match.

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