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  1. The player list shows our general turnaround of players in the last decade, not many players (certainly current squad '1') has over 100 games. Although a few of the new generation will hit the 100 mark later in the season. Even thinking back 10 years of some of the players we have be lucky and unlucky to watch. Turnbull on 32 most likely wont see 40 games by the end of the season and will be snapped up during the summer.
  2. Holds well on the line when attacking. Pity the Linesmen in the SFA are garbage.
  3. Only just caught the highlights of the game and I cant believe we won that, Kilmarnocks finishing was very poor. Our goal, the Keeper could easily raised an arm to attempt to get something on it. It feels like a smash n grab.
  4. Im dreading playing Hearts. They are rank rotten, however anytime we have been favourites, we lose. Hopefully we can do the damage in the game early doors.
  5. Haven't beat Rangers since Butcher was the manager. Time for a win. 2 - 1.
  6. jonnymfc

    retro kits

    Toffs - https://www.toffs.com/shop-by-team/football/scottish/motherwell
  7. Reminds me of Theo Walcott, fast but his end product is a bit sketchy. Looks a good signing though.
  8. Hes been very good the last couple of games. Hopefully we can secure him long term.
  9. jonnymfc

    Our chance .

    First 3 points in the bag. Next to smash Dundee and give us breathing space and pull away from Hamilton too.
  10. jonnymfc

    Our chance .

    DWell, this week can make or break our season. I'm confident of 6 points as we are due some results and this will be a punch in the stomach for the teams below us. As long as we better teams results each week we will be OK. If we lose both games I see us going down if we don't have a change in management and playing style.
  11. Why would we get any fee for Randolph when we loaned him?
  12. I feel we should win this game. Bounce back from a fairly poor performance on Sunday. Should win 2 - 1, although, i can see us making it difficult for ourselves if we let them score first.
  13. Having a plumber in the team, should hopefully fix a leaking defence.....
  14. Hopefully a win this weekend, a draw, really doesn't help as if we slip up in any of the remaining games Dundee, have the chance of catching us. Im confident if we win this, we will stay up, and a loss, well, i think a loss with crush the spirit of the team and we head into the playoffs. :-(
  15. Do we? Really, do we? I think at best we are Relegation fodder, all starts from Start of season with McGhee not bringing in players and giving contracts, to lets be honest players well past SPFL ability.

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