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  1. HI Sorry not on site as often just now.... (Bit of a loner 2,not realy got freinds)... E~Mail best way 2 contact me
  2. Pubs and Clubs have different bylaws on children. In a club a child over the age of 16 can purchase a certain form of alcohol for there own consumption when purchased with a meal.. Some CLUBs have different laws for different areas of their establishment. Clubs also have Members who are children thus can sit in a bar area whilst with or without there parent or guardian. Dont mind children in club bars but it gets abused by some parents who only use clubs so they dont need a childminder. Plus some adult Banter aint what you'd like your children to hear whilst watchin football. new goverment Law coming out in september 09 got loads a guff on pub and club Laws.

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