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  1. Behave yourself. The ball takes a ridiculous deflection that leaves everyone in the ground flat footed bar Consadine who was already on the move. Blaming Carroll for that is mental. He's also the best option we have at left back by an absolute mile and if he hadn't been injured for so long there's a good change we wouldn't be in the position we find ourselves in now.
  2. Seems Alexander thinks Watt's fitness isn't good enough to last beyond the hour mark.
  3. I thought that too, but the consensus seems to be he was fouled and the ref played on.
  4. I would rather see us roll the dice and change it than let it continue as it is. Our energy levels are evaporating and our luck wont last.
  5. This is where we need Gallagher to push us 10 yards up the park. Sat far too deep.
  6. Welcome (back) to Motherwell, Stevie Lawleff
  7. Cole had probably the 2nd best chance of the game behind Watt's header when he pulled his shot. We should have been well out of sight in the first half
  8. The big mistake people are making is they are applying logic. This is Scottish football we are talking about here. Wouldn't be surprised if they docked us more points.
  9. Looked to me like Mugabi ever so slightly came through Erwin to get the ball. No way it's enough contact to make him go down but it's enough to give Madden a decision to make.

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