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  1. That top is a thing of beauty.
  2. Lads, I think we might have chucked it.
  3. Getting done repeatedly by simple short corners and free kicks. It's seems like we genuinely don't know how to defend against them.
  4. I fear the injury time equaliser against Livi could be a Sliding Doors moment for all the wrong reasons. The possibility of going 1 win in 18 and Alexander not even being at risk of losing his job is outrageous.
  5. Even when we get the breaks, we are too shite to take advantage. Absolute garbage again.
  6. Pepper


    Not sure which forum it was but someone posted up the stats for the games up till the winter break. We were massively overachieving, winning games with 30odd percent possession and scoring with all of our shots on target. That post predicted a very stark correction in our fortunes if our "form" continued. That's all that's happened. We have been rank for much longer than this 1 win in the league this year run suggests, and there is nothing to suggest that things will improve under Alexander. Just becasue everyone else is sh*te too doesn't make it any easier to watch.
  7. I thought one of the angles showed Bevis catching the player then hooking his leg around him to win the ball. VAR would have upheld the decision IMO.
  8. Some OF levels of delusion on display here. It was a red card all day every day.
  9. Pathetic. Is there another team in the league so powder puff against the OF?
  10. Ojala having an absolute nightmare so far.
  11. A dodgy offside, a soft foul given against Brown and now a goal down. Might as well pack up already
  12. Ojala is clearly not fit, He can hardly run.
  13. Jake Carroll's positioning has been awful. He's just standing about in a daze.
  14. When you support a team that only exists to improve people's lives it's inevitable.
  15. Are our players coached to mark the space? They're very good at it.

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