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  1. When you support a team that only exists to improve people's lives it's inevitable.
  2. Are our players coached to mark the space? They're very good at it.
  3. Pepper

    Stevie O'D

    Keepers stand in that position all the time. When you have comfortable possession the only way you put yourself in danger is by giving the ball away, and that's by trying a ridiculous long range effort that's never going to go in. Play the pass and there is no danger whatsoever. Marshall can see the game in font of him and would have expected the ball to go wide every time.
  4. Pepper

    Stevie O'D

    The first goal was infuriating. They had players over for about three or four crosses before they scored. Terrible defending from the entire team. Second goal its all Hendry's fault IMO. Taking on that shot when he's got such a easy ball out right was criminal. No other team in the tournament makes that mistake, but that said and 9/10 the striker misses that chance. Credit to the boy for an outstanding finish. For all the Czech Republic looked pretty average we just don't have the quality to take advantage. O'donnell wasn't awful, but he wasn't great either.
  5. Dunne will be in the "invited back to pre-season" category you would think.
  6. Is that not the reason why the front of the roof of the Cooper is so oversized compared to the rest of the stand? They forgot to scale it down from the two tier original design. I'm sure that was mentioned somewhere. or have I just dreamt that up!?
  7. Now the genie is out of the bottle it's going to be impossible putting it back in, and rather than removing options for viewing games (which is a real lifeline for lots of people) clubs should be focused on making sure there are more reasons than ever to attend games in person. One of those reasons, imo, is having a fans group like the Bois. Win lose or draw, these guys have a great time and are a draw for young fans all on their own. I'd wager a lot of life long Well fans will start in the Bois, and the club should be doing everything they can capitalise on it.
  8. Maybe we've had it wrong all along and it was actually his agent holding the gun to his head!? Poor Big Decy being forced out of the club he loves by a nasty, unscrupulous agent (who definitely does not at all act on behalf of his client in everything he does) in pursuit of that elusive final big pay day. Actually come to think of it you could argue that meant Big Decy was actually holding the gun to his own head! It gets stranger every minute. On a totally unrelated matter, I have just come in to possession of some magic beans I'm looking to offload. Anyone interested PM me for details.
  9. Tremendous result. First beer sparked!
  10. Neither commentator mentioning that tackle on Watt despite the replays showing it was clearly over the ball.
  11. I for one am surprised at this lacklustre start to the second half proceedings.
  12. That's going in Barry's highlight reel for next weeks Inside Motherwell.

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