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  1. That 2nd goal was just awful on so many levels.
  2. The question around timing of this announcement is an interesting one that I think deserves more discussion. Is there an upcoming maintenance cost and/or issue obtaining a safety certificate that might hasten any potential move? Or has our already generous benefactor indicated he is willing to assist with financing? Personally, as a fan owned club, I think a potential move to a bespoke new ground (i.e. chosen by the fans for the fans) offers endless possibilities that could see us being the envy of every club in Scotland. The incorporation of safe standing for both home and away fans, for example, would be a major selling point.
  3. At least it's not... "I have to stick it out at Motherwell a little bit longer." Mark McGhee, May 2008.
  4. Even I'll admit there's an angle where it looks a great tackle, but the slow mo is clear as day.
  5. Sportscene's analysis of the red card shows the ref got it spot on. The definitive camera angle is the one from behind the goal and when zoomed in and slowed down it clearly shows Bruce got nothing on the ball and it was in fact Long who clipped it inside. Bruce's reaction at the time was actually what convinced me it was the correct decision, you could see he knew he'd screwed up.
  6. We were right behind it and the movement on the ball was unreal, Brilliant save.
  7. You need a lot of things to go in your favour to take anything from Ibrox and for that reason yesterday was a missed opportunity IMO. Taking the lead against the run of play, not conceding from the inevitable soft penalty, keeping 11 men on the field combined with Rangers resting their best players and not being at it in general - all went in our favour. Not getting a foul on Donnelly in the lead up to the first, a normally reliable Gillespie making a hash of it and then the ball falling perfectly to the man in form - didn't. But sitting in so early and conceding from a set piece (when we had a warning earlier in the half) is all down to us. Polworth and Donnelly were absolutely done mid way through the second half yet no changes? You can't invite that sort of pressure at Ibrox and expect to get away with it, even when they are not at their best. Our second half performance lost us the game and that's down to the players and manager I'm afraid - incredibly frustrating. I get all the chat about budgets, but there is no getting away from the fact our league record against Rangers is far far worse than it should be.
  8. That's a decent chance for Long!
  9. Get Polworth off before he sent off
  10. From the view behind the goal it looked like the ball moved a lot in the air and curled round Hartley's head so he may have seen it late. Still should have done better.
  11. Long doing well to draw a few fouls

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