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  1. Criminal defending leading to the corner and then criminal marking at both corners. Try and not feck this up Motherwell
  2. I can just see Jim Goodwin sitting with his backroom staff "Right lads whatever happens we have to get this Motherwell game off, they are absolutely flying this season". Give me a break. Ross not so subtly accused another club of acting in an underhand manner with no evidence whatsoever and for that he was out of order.
  3. There are countless reasons why there might be multiple outbreaks at any given club, none of which involve impropriety and that alone should have been enough for Mo Ross to keep his gob. shut. Even if the clubs in question are guilty of breaching protocol, it's still a stretch to say they have tried to use it to their advantage. This notion that following protocols at work suddenly makes you immune to infection is baffling. Some people are never happy unless they have someone to blame. It's pretty sad really.
  4. I'm sick to the back teeth of gutless performances against this mob, sick of it.
  5. The number of times we have given away possession cheaply is infuriating.
  6. Arfield is totally bossing the midfield. We cant get anywhere near him.
  7. Pants pulled down all over the pitch there.
  8. Twenty minutes in and we can't get out our own box never mind our own half. This is not looking good.
  9. Lamie cant even boot it out the park properly.
  10. We have been very sloppy in possession.
  11. Shite from O'Donnell there that was an easy pass to Campbell.
  12. By far the best thing about tonight's game has been the pitch side mike.
  13. O'Donnell has his hands on the player who scores. Tries to push out, he stands his ground spins in behind and O'Donnell doesn't go with him. Free header 6 yards out. That's how I saw it anyway.

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