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  1. As Aldred gives away a stone wall pen!
  2. Unfortunately, I don't think you'll be able to return it, Karen.
  3. Given how proficient we have become on the social media and digital front, did people seriously think we had put a billboard up in a prominent part of Motherwell featuring a player who had recently turned down a contract extension?
  4. For anyone not on twitter
  5. Pepper


    He didn't offer a balanced view though. He accused the club of being underhanded and disrespectful whilst leaving out some pretty relevant details of how the negotiations were concluded. He took a gamble and this time he's lost. That does not mean we have anything to apologise for. No great loss anyway, his legs were well and truly gone.
  6. Not sure I agree about the penalty, maybe a good height for the keeper but i thought it was well hit and a good save. I've had the radio commentary on my phone since and once in a while when I've got it on shuffle it will appear and always puts a wee smile on my face. What a game though, has to be one of the best experiences I've ever had at the football. We had to go for (several) pints afterwards as every one of us was high as a kite! better_that_van_basten_mono.wav
  7. This. It was also Hylton who initially won the ball to set up the counter in the first place.
  8. Just watched the highlights. Blaming Hylton for messing up the break away and Hearts goal is absolute rocket material.
  9. Pepper


    4 wine WAG wages war
  10. Pepper


    Domestic violence is quite obviously seen differently
  11. Gillespie should just have held on to the ball in the passage of play that led to the corner for the first goal. We were under the cosh for the first time in the match at that point and he just had to take the sting out of the game. Poor game management. Despite that he was still our best player IMO. Mugabi losing Katic at the corner was really poor, very basic stuff. Midfield were all poor today IMO. Tavernier and Arfield played Hylton well, he completely fell out the game after the first 20 minutes when Carroll to Hylton looked like a good option for us but we could never make anything from it. He has been our creative spark of late and we otherwise offered very little. In saying all of that it took an outstanding save from McGregor to keep them in front. The Morelos sending off was moronic on his part, it's not like he was even getting it tight from our fans. Totally unnecessary from him and Gerrard will be furious.
  12. We have been the better team in the 2nd half by a distance.
  13. Unless he was pulled back ala Kipre on Sinclair it was hard to see any contact tbh.
  14. Hartley is really struggling with Kamberi
  15. Long not tracking the obvious run and Camberi (I thnk) with time to take three touches then shoot in the box.

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