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  1. Tremendous result. First beer sparked!
  2. refereeing has been honking again.
  3. Neither commentator mentioning that tackle on Watt despite the replays showing it was clearly over the ball.
  4. I for one am surprised at this lacklustre start to the second half proceedings.
  5. That's going in Barry's highlight reel for next weeks Inside Motherwell.
  6. Every time I say Ricki Lamie's name in my head it's in the voice of that X Factor announcer, which is quite apt as he's clearly won a competition.
  7. Magloire has major Tony Straker/Zak Jules vibes.
  8. Hamilton were excellent against Rangers. To go into this thinking we just turn up to get the points is scandalous. An absolute pumping on the cards.
  9. It was changed ages ago. You only get a red when you make not effort to play the ball. Was 100% a red card. Daft from O'Donnell.
  10. Getting what we deserve. Down to ten as well
  11. We're getting absolutely bodied here.
  12. Lucky not to be further behind. FFS Motherwell
  13. Yaasssss Alan Campbell is not shite after all
  14. Right on cue Chris, right on cue
  15. Tony Watt has clearly had enough of these player of the month awards.
  16. That Carrol - Cole link up play was a thing of beauty. So in sync
  17. Chris Long could be made out of tar and the ball still wouldn't stick to him.
  18. Doesn't matter if it was inside or not, we weren't getting it anyway.
  19. Spoil the game ffs. Need to use the head.

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