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  1. By far the best thing about tonight's game has been the pitch side mike.
  2. O'Donnell has his hands on the player who scores. Tries to push out, he stands his ground spins in behind and O'Donnell doesn't go with him. Free header 6 yards out. That's how I saw it anyway.
  3. Horrible from O'Donnell. Has looked a bit shaky throughout
  4. I would have if they could guarantee the steam wouldn't go down every five minutes
  5. http://www.usagoals.video/c/football/europa-league-qualifying-third-round/24-09-2020/hapoel-be-er-sheva-vs-motherwell/4/
  6. Must... resist... urge... to.. shoot...ones.... own... foot.
  7. Two soft as shit pens, and a horrendous attitude from halftime
  8. O'hara making a rip roaring c unit of it again losing his man on the penalty spot.
  9. Someone has got to take McGregor down there FFS
  10. Grimshaw left back... interesting
  11. I fully appreciate not everyone will feel the same, but the place just had a very gloomy, depressed feel about it. Not sure what was going on with the floodlights but at one point you could see a marked difference between the lighting level of the Main Stand and East Stand side floodlights which made the place look even worse than it does normally. It all just looked a bit tired and well, amateurish TBH. I'll openly admit to being a bit of a fussy bugger, for example the rust covering every metal surface in the ground drives me nuts, and I've never been a fan of the haphazard layout of the stands, but that's just me.
  12. That was my first visit to the Piggery. I must be getting old as as I could have sworn we were in the upper tier of the new stand as it felt so high up, but from the highlights we were only in the bottom tier. Amazing away support as always back then
  13. Fir Park looked really tired last night, the old girl is really showing her age, The sooner we can move the better IMO.
  14. Carson for me. As much as the game swung on the sending off if he doesn't save the header in the first half I don't see us coming back.
  15. Has someone forgot to turn on half the floodlights!?
  16. Was Polworth not right up there in the assists table last season? No wonder he is frustrated at being dropped.
  17. For being this far in to the season, the quality of the streams is awful. Really not good enough
  18. Not sure which of the two Alan Campbell's to pick from TBH. He was absolutely everywhere today.
  19. Tony Watt showing why he's not being getting a game
  20. This ref is gonna give hibs a soft penalty.
  21. Nice, clean looking font, no daft graphics and the white contrasts well with both strips. Result.
  22. Thank you for sharing Adam's side of the story. The truth, as always, is probably somewhere in between. I still don't see him being the answer to our current full back predicament.
  23. It's actually funny how bad we are at the back right now.

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