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  1. A left back will certainly be high on the list now as Jake Carroll is out for the rest of the season with a ruptured patellar tendon. Thats a few bad injuries he has endured with us. We have had some bad luck in recent times with weird injuries occurring, Tanner, Fox, Hartley all spring to mind.
  2. Aberdeen have recruited a lot of players and spent big over the Summer as Goodwin has put his own stamp on the squad, however none of that will matter as a 'Well squad buoyed by the appointment of Stevie Hammell and led by Kevin Van Veen up top will dig out a 2-1 win to keep our fairly decent run against them in recent times going. In all seriousness though they seem to be quite robust at the back now and have plenty pace on the wings. Three points would be tremendous, I wouldn't be disheartened with a draw, tough contest no doubt.
  3. I'm actually delighted for Stevie but he has his work cut out thats for sure. It's funny though as a poster was criticising the board for turfing oot an experienced one and replacing him with an inexperienced one, omitting the fact that we're in the mess because of said experienced manager. It will be interesting to see where we are come the end of August in terms of player recruitment and perhaps a few moving on, I can't say I'm overly confident with the guy Daws recommending any future additions to Hammell. A few folk have mentioned their concern for the left back berth, with both Carroll and McGinley out for the foreseeable I wouldn't be surprised to see Lamie fill in there but obviously he never got much joy when he last filled that position during the Covid season. Obviously we won't be privy to the budgets etc but hopefully he has plenty of scope to make the necessary changes he wants. Most of this side managed to do well up until Boxing Day last year even though the football wasn't too pretty but it just goes to show how losing one player can derail your season. You would hope that if we could add some quality it might give us all a positive outlook.
  4. Ah good old Willie Collum great at being consistently inconsistent, it was great to see a bumper crowd today but sadly a swift kick to the baws after 50 seconds. Looking at general social media posts the general consensus seems to be it was a harsh red, I don't plan to revisit the highlights to watch todays proceedings to check for myself but one thing I do know is not to go into robust challenges with that wee fud running the the show. I do however find it funny with Porteous reaction jumping up and down screaming at Collum to show a red then when he does he jumps about cheers then steps over his team mate stricken on the ground without checking on his wellbeing. I'm sure it's been mentioned throughout the thread previously but Willie was surprising lenient with the guy who dived twice, the keeper with the elbow on Lamie and the elbow from the Hibs forward in the first half. Finally the old chestnut when a keeper keeps wasting time all half then book them on the 93rd minute to pretend your doing something. TBH it was a much better watch than the last two home league games, at least we managed to actually pass the ball around. We managed to restrict them to one decent effort in the second half which was a Doidge header but they have got more joy in the first half. It kinda feels what could have been had we had the full 11 on the field for the full 90 minutes. Just frustrating to miss glorious chances then they go up and score a minute or so later. I see the Hibs fans have tore up a section of South Stand seats and a female steward got her head busted open by a projectile.
  5. The guy has been much improved this year, I think if we were much of muchness in the league with no relegation worries for them then it wouldn't bother me if he started.
  6. Dundee have had two players test positive for Covid with a further five identified as close contacts.
  7. Probably to do with the fact he was on route to the deck before he reached the box. I know the rule for pulling continues to the point where the foul ends but surely that would be the point where the guy was going down which was before the line. Quite frustrating though as if your getting pulled you would go backwards. As GazzyB stated, right at the death Efford was getting pulled right in front of Beaton as he went to attack a cross but heehaw.
  8. Doesn't make it right though, it was a poor decision, but I do agree Carroll was daft. We have been on the end of some howling penalty decisions as of late. ironically enough Beaton was on TV earlier on Wednesday talking about VAR. It's weird to think a positive result on Saturday could see us head back up 4th. With Celtic playing Livi and Rangers vs Aberdeen it would be ideal to try and get the three points.
  9. Woolery for me. Nice to see him using his pace to drive forward more and use a couple of tricks here and there to outfox the County players, more of that please.
  10. Admittedly, I go to games in a group with friends and family but when the Old Firm come calling our numbers fall from 9 to 3. I'm a year older than the poster a few posts above, while I would agree that giving them a better game would temp some of my group back most of us are just fed up with the hassle it entails as you can't pass those fuds without incident, even more galling when I stay a stone throw from the stadium but you see your Motherwell born and bred neighbours nip over to the stadium in their green or blue ensembles. I love the fact that Burrows gave them a clear explanation not that he needed too mind you of why he isn't bowing to their demands. I'm sure Alan mentioned that fans had complained about them being put in the POD end sections with many stating that's the reason they don't show, he addressed that but it seems to be getting more quiet. It is a much more pleasant experience in the POD tbh but many of their fans still filter through the cracks, whether that's with our fans passing over their ticket card or from being on our ticket database from way back when when checks weren't in place.
  11. Thankfully Leigh Griffiths joins Falkirk.
  12. Mr Craigan suggests differently. Just need someone to hassle Siegrist.
  13. maz

    MOTM Celtic 6/2/2022

    Went for Cornelius, you wouldn't have thought it was only his third league start while some of his experienced team mates were hiding. Special mention to Kelly as he made numerous cracking saves.
  14. Quite a few people on here need to get their Y-Fronts checked. Obviously no matter the opposition it is always disappointing getting beat, I do miss the days when we gave them a torrid time at Fir Park, to think the young side in 2002 swept aside probably one of the best Celtic sides in my generation at least, it would be nice coming away knowing the effort and commitment wasn't lacking, in the last few years we have run them close at times. While all Scottish clubs out with the arse cheeks have probably regressed over the years you just have to look at the subs Celtic brought on yesterday, Jota, Bitton, Juranovic, O'Reilly and Forrest while over in Govan they have the likes of Ramsay and Diallo coming on whilst they pump Hearts, it's some laugh for the rest of the clubs in Scottish football.
  15. Obviously if they play to their full capabilities we will get beat without question but the two games so far this season we have done alright the the best part. The first game at Fir Park the Celtic defence was massively shaky the major disappointment of this game was we didn't test them enough and the first goal was gift wrapped, while Turnbull's goal was a real quality finish it was annoying in the sense of we knew what he was capable of and we gave him all the time in the world to get a shot away. Similarly at Parkhead, it took a really soft free kick and a defensive brain fart which gave them all three points. Both games so far we have been denied stone wall pens, a hand ball at our patch then Watt getting wiped out on there's. John Beaton is the ref tomorrow so I doubt we'll get much favours off of him. We will probably come up short as per, I don't think Celtic will replicate the midweek performance against Rangers as I think they were hyped up with the light show and the 60,000 in attendance without a Rangers fan in sight, prior to that game they were grinding out the wins and they were rather fortunate in the last few as Hearts missed a pen and they scored with the last kick of the ball against Dundee United. They haven't lost in 14 games, domestically you need to go back September. I think our worry will be the struggle to create clear cut chances like we have done as of late and inevitably they will get a chance they will take. Any points we can get would be a massive bonus of course.

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