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  1. I sincerely hope you are right and I am wrong. Only time will tell
  2. Your guess is as good as mine.
  3. Think you will find bundesliga clubs are a bit better supported than us mate http://www.worldfootball.net/attendance/bundesliga-2014-2015/1/ Anyway I'm done trying to justify what is MY opinion I really hope I am wrong only time will tell.
  4. So just because I don't agree with the clique on here I am a doom monger. Jeez no wonder I stopped posting a while back. Everyone is entitled to their opinon if you don't like it don't read it
  5. We don't have the fan base to survive on our own our average home gate is what 4.5ķ. Our stadium is falling apart (my daughter was with me at the united game on Friday and complained a few times about water dripping on her head. We will need to sell at least one player per season for a mimimum of 300k to top up the coffers and go on the squad we have just now there is no chance of that happening OK maybe 2nd div within 5 years is a little pessimistic but IMHO we will not be able to survive without someone to subsidise us. My mate who is a dundee fan texted me to say hope you enjoy your slide down the league. Only part time clubs are fan owned.
  6. I said the same thing to my dad last night. Spl football was good while it lasted we will be a 2nd div club within 5 years
  7. My dad says McClair's 5 against Rangers / Celtic within days of each other.
  8. Kilmarnock Away just after we went into Admin. Faddy / Pearson ran the show that day. Cooper against United at FP. (Can't remember the year or score) Malpas must have had nightmares for weeks after that game. Also Russell against rangers when we beat them 3 - 0 ( I think it Last game of season)
  9. The throw incident was laughable how they expected the ball back I'll never know the ref was abismal. We bossed the first half and should have been 3 up by half time the pen was soft. Terrible effort from a very poor Mcdonald . They never looked like scoring and we deserved the win I thought
  10. The Asda and Designer outlet car parks don't charge you after 6pm
  11. Jesus H. Clarkson hasn't even kicked a ball for us again and he's been written off by some on here. I'm more than happy he is back he will score goals and is a bit more mobile than Sutton was. I have a feeling if he has a bad game the boo boys will be out in force.
  12. Link is on the shoutbox. But posting here as not everyone can see shoutbox on phone / tablets etc http://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/2015/06/02/squad-update-june-2015/ Following the conclusion to the SPFL season, the club can announce the following squad updates for summer 2015. The following players have been offered extended contracts at the club: Lionel Ainsworth John Sutton Lee Erwin The following players have been allowed to leave the club following the expiry of their contracts: Stuart Carswell Simon Ramsden Paul Lawson Iain Vigurs Bob McHugh Zaine Francis-Angol Fraser Kerr Ross Stewart The following short-term arrivals / loans have also left the club: George Long Mark O’Brien Anthony Straker Louis Laing Nathan Thomas Conor Grant Scott McDonald ‘Well boss Ian Baraclough said: “I would first and foremost like to take the time to sincerely thank each and every player who is leaving the club for all their hard work and endeavor. “Guys such as Bob McHugh, Stuart Carswell and Ross Stewart have been Motherwell players for a significant amount of time and deserve particular recognition for their length of service. Simon Ramsden, Fraser Kerr and Zaine Francis-Angol have been at the football club during an almost unprecedented period of success and played their parts, as did Paul Lawson and Iain Vigurs. “We wish each and every single player leaving the club all the very best with their future careers. However, I feel we need a freshness in the squad and that’s my role over the summer. “Some of the lads who arrived during January / February certainly impressed and aided in our league survival, and we would be keen to keep them on. However, we still need to have a conversation with either the individuals or their parent clubs to see what is possible. “We have or will also offer extensions to Lionel Ainsworth, John Sutton and Lee Erwin for next season. That process has begun and we hope they will stay, but face completion for all three. We will offer them the very best we can though and hope they see themselves fitting into the way we want to play in 2015/16 and beyond.”
  13. Seriously. Your not going to watch the biggest game in the last 10 years for us. I'm not feeling hopeful but i will stil be watching it
  14. i have been going to the football myself on and off for the last 10 - 15 years as none of my mates support the mighty. Recently i have started to sit beside an old friend who has started attending the games again. I keep trying to talk my daughter into going with me but she doesn't like football.
  15. well-army


    How do you know that Relegation would be a disaster ??. I would like to think Our new owner has this scenario in hand.
  16. OMG the guy hasn't even pulled on a well shirt yet and he's already getting slated because he couldn't get a game for York. Give the guy a chance before you rate / slate him. He can't be any worse than we already have can he ?? Is it any wonder players have been quoted in the past as saying we are the worst support for getting on the back of players and they won't / shouldn't sign for us on that basis.
  17. Andy Goram anyone ? He was waaaayyyy past his best and carrying some extra pie weight when he joined us. Anyway back on topic. We are as poor as i've seen us since Malpas was in charge. We need a confidence boosting performance. heart says 2 -1 Well. Head says 1 - 0 Killie
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    Twardzik easily. Only other person who should get a mention is Ojamma
  19. Looking forward to this. I'm travelling up from Edinburgh and Dad and Uncle are coming down from Thurso. Hopefully we play like we did against United...... 1 - 0 to the good guys
  20. BBC gossip page Former Motherwell striker Owen Coyle is one of the leading contenders to be named manager of the Fir Park outfit, despite initially distancing himself from the role. (Daily Record) And Argentina legend Ossie Ardiles has also applied to become the Steelmen's new manager. (Daily Express) Ex-Newcastle player Nolberto Solano could be named 'Well manager if a London-based consortium successfully buys the club, with a view to showcasing South American talent at Fir Park. (Daily Mail)
  21. no pace no leadership (Leanne dempster is a massive loss) unfit players (kenny blacks fault ??) our spine of the team McManus Lasley and Sutton are the slowest in the league. Players are severely lacking in confidence and mcall is dining out on the last 3 seasons . If we don't sack him now i fear we will be bottom by the end of the month and I don't see where our next win is going to come from. I know we have no money but I'd be tempted to try and tempt the accies manger across the m74 as the job he has done its the accies this season is nothing short of remarkable. I just hope our fans are up for a relegation battle as they have been spoiled in the last 5 years with Europe and league finishes. It's going to be a long hard winter in the shire
  22. All this negativity its only Celtic park........... 1 nil Motherwell and MJC to come on here to say how much of a tactical genius McCall is after our victory.................. I can but dream.
  23. We definitely need to blood some youngsters this season to give them SPFL experience. I don't see Las / Sutton / McManus / Hammell lasting much longer (Or taking longer to recover from injuries) due to their age. I would rather has some youngsters replacing / Learning from them rather than some journey man who we can't sell on for profit

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