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  1. RIP Pat. Enjoyed a wee after-match chat every so often in Daniels. Thoughts are with the family.
  2. Craig


    Judging by those highlights I'm relatively confident we can progress. Bearing in mind our lack of match sharpness and the fact we were playing away from home on a plastic pitch against a form team, i think we showed some real attacking threat there. From some of the chat on here I had been led to believe we simply defended and did not a lot else. Doesn't appear that way to me.
  3. we would be qualifying by our league position of 5th mate. mon the united.
  4. i'd hope so. the scotsman described it as a 'launch'.
  5. Craig

    Ticket Office

    there goes my trip to ibrox then. not willing to sit in with that lot again!
  6. Craig

    Friends Fare

    do you plan on paying the going rate if need be mate?
  7. i thought they got relegated?
  8. delighted with ruddy. we've found a gem there.
  9. sports cafe were looking into it after a fellow well fan called yesterday. with a bit more notice they said it would have been fine. just opting for a quiet one in the flat myself.
  10. Craig

    Paul Mcgrillen

    just heard this on the radio. very sad news. RIP.
  11. unirea urziceni, the romanian champions, narrowly defeated ayr utd 2-1 with a very late goal a couple of weeks back. we're winning this thing!
  12. i looked into that last week mate, was even considering one of the train tickets i used to travel europe last year but it's still right expensive.
  13. my personal favourite review... "If Rigsby from Rising Damp ran a hotel this would be it. The whole place can not have had a penny spent on it since about 1974. The room had a worn out old carpet and there were pockets of dirt about the room. It smelled strongly of perhaps, mothballs." ...Can't wait haha.
  14. Craig


    we had them last year as we were in the first round proper but i'm pretty sure teams in the qualifying rounds don't get them.
  15. same - picks itself really

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