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  1. Excellent 3 pts,not very often we score 5 away goals Last time at Dunfermline in late 80s?
  2. Hopefully keep the good run going with 3pts today
  3. Outstanding 3pts&an excellent turnaround from a few weeks back
  4. Cracking battle underway for 2nd/3rd;avoiding defeat today would do nicely
  5. Possibly the worst result in MFC history,can't think of a more humiliating one in the time i've supported them,even Alloa,Clyde,Queens Park not as bad A big blow for the club finances as they have stated quarter finals or better are required to make any money in a season
  6. Good draw,barring a disaster into next round Been here before many times but with at least 4 SPL clubs out after 4th round maybe a good cup run on the cards
  7. Massive game tonight,with both the weegies out it's a great chance of silverware
  8. Absolutely outstanding! Steve KIrk=Motherwell legend
  9. Two cracking goals scored,good to see Lionel off the mark A game of two halves,would have taken a point beforehand
  10. Home to Ross County Tue 3rd ko 6pm. Anyone know if this game is at Fir Park,if so are all U20 home games at Fir Park this season?
  11. Proper music! Quite a story,i believe he thought it was a wind up when he got a call from Blackmore
  12. Good draw for what will hopefully be the start of a good run in the Diddy cup
  13. All the best to Lionel(not many people called that in this part of world!),hope he does well at Fir Park
  14. Although still early in season important game,along with next week.The earlier points are on the board the better
  15. I totally agree everything should be done to increase Well Society membership,that's not my worry,however would find it a concern the club maybe in trouble financially at this moment in time
  16. Somewhat concerned to see article in local paper today,looking for new members to join Well Society to help with shortfall in club finances
  17. M'well easily beaten,hopefully as season goes on the youngsters will improve&develop PS Good to hear proper music being played over PA this season!
  18. 3 pts would amount to a great start after opening day win,let's hope the players aren't too affected by travel too and from Russia&we get them
  19. Excellent finish by Henri Anier....there's a new sheriff in town
  20. Excellent 3 pts to start league campaign,despite Hibs being in a bad way any away victory is priceless
  21. Disappointing result,but no shame in losing to a team with a budget M'well could only dream of Hollis made 2/3 excellent saves in game,which will disappoint those fans who seem to have made their mind up he isn't good enough,despite last night being only his 3rd? competitve game "Bouncy castle"Easter Road next,let's hope we can get off to a good strart in the league
  22. Patience required tonight,both on and off the park...hopefully we can go to Russia still in with a chance of progressing An outstanding achievement for M'well to have qualified for Europe once again,regardless of the outcome,but let's hope we can keep it going for at least another round
  23. Hi Ian

    Will you have the forthcoming Hibs game on dvd?


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