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  1. Charles Dunne must be in the running for worst hairline in world football.
  2. Stuart Carswell walked off the pitch yesterday with Dunfermline after an argument with his own player.
  3. Fraser Kerr with a 3rd minute og to put Alloa in front against Stenhousemuir.
  4. Jason Cummings looked like he'd never kicked a ball in his life.
  5. Scotland started well, just struggling to build their passes when in attack. Edit: But yes Gauld is looking shocking.
  6. Well considering we have Moult, McDonald and Blyth I'd have imagine a midfielder or defender.
  7. All that for a Non League striker.
  8. Thank the lord this only happens twice a year.
  9. As long as a deal paper has been sent we have a 2 hour grace period to finalise all the details.
  10. Fax machine broke a la De Gea to Madrid.
  11. According to football manager it's a solidarity fee.
  12. My first game was Boxing Day 2002 against rangers when we beat them 1-0 with McFadden scoring. My gran and papa had bought me a season ticket and a full kit for my Christmas the day before and I was gutted I wasn't allowed to wear shorts as it was too cold outside!

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