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  1. The biggest disappointment for me is that we are 18 months into his managerial stint, and he still doesn't know what his best team is. How can players be expected to get an understanding of each other, if they play one week and are dropped the next. Also although there are many on here who don't rate S O'Donnell, whether we like it or not, he is a Scottish international player playing in his preferred position, but we put Mugabi, who in my opinion is the best pairing with Lamie, we have at Centre back. At every interview the manager is asked about availability, and my impression is he doesn't know who is injured or not. He has unfortunately lost my support, and I've never felt so disenchanted with a manager in my 65 years of following MFC.
  2. That's a strange booking because Lamie didn't go the crowd, he ran back to the centre line. All he did was score the goal.
  3. Don't think the manager kows what "settled" means. But we can always hope he breaks his Tombola machine, and has to play the same team twice.
  4. The problem is that Robbo will know exactly how we set up (unless something changes). Punt it up the park from the back to their centre halves, who then head it back into midfield (we never seem to pick up second ball), they move it wide to either wing (because we set up narrow all the time), then a cross into the box, where we make one mistake and games a goner. Bring on subs with 5 minutes to go, with no real chance of changing the game. Don't play the same team twice. Does this sound familiar?
  5. He might get a game on Saturday if his number comes out the Tombola machine.
  6. I would love to agree with your comments above, but we have a manager who doesn't know what his best team is. Who makes changes to the team virtually every week, so there is no way we can get any type of consistency. It not just one change every week, it's three or four players every game. Not good.
  7. Alexander will be checking his Tombola machine, to see who is playing in this one.
  8. Why oh why can't we get a bit of consistency in the team selection. Another game where we change the team yet again. Does the manager not know by now what his best team is? Certainly looks like it. Then to bring on players with less 20 mins to play and then 1 min to play. How does he expect them to affect the game. I have never been one to call for a manager to be shown the door, but I'm getting to that point.
  9. I think Alexander has done pretty well overall, but this tactic of bringing on defenders and midfielders for attacking options has to stop. We allowed Aberdeen back into a game they weren't in, and the last ten minutes was nearly disastrous, only for Kelly to make a great save at the death. It puts everyone on edge including the supporters.
  10. I actually thought they played better without those two on the park. So Saturday could be harder than we think.
  11. I guess I get my selection 100% correct.
  12. I reckon we"ll play Liam Kelly in goals and 10 assorted others.
  13. Isn't it about time the manager knew what his best 11 players were. I can't recall us ever playing the same 11, two games in a row. He's had a year to find out.
  14. Totally agree. Don't know what the love in is with this guy. He couldn't tackle a sandwich.
  15. Well at least you got the 4-3 -3 right. That isn't going to change.
  16. How embarrassing was that, as soon as Ross County go down to 10 men, they're the better team.
  17. Of course we had the bargaining strength. Dundee United need him now, not at the end of the season. We could have quite easily kept him on our books until the summer, so the strength was on our side.
  18. If that was correct, Motherwell want their head looked. It had to be £250k, to make it worth our while to sell at this stage, and to a rival.
  19. As I have said before, they need him now, so we should be asking at least £250k for him to leave now. If Partick can hold out for six figures for a relatively inexperienced striker, we should be holding out for a lot more for TW.
  20. Whatever happens we don't want any of their shite in return for TW. Money or nothing.
  21. Lets be clear, they need him in right now, so we play hard ball and make sure we screw them for every pound we can. If they don't come up with the cash , he stays until the end of the season.
  22. Any club who does that to not only their top scorer, but the league's top scorer, is mental. Apart from the fact we'd be intentionally depriving ourselves of a very good player who we will be paying very good money by our own standards, what kind of message does that send to the rest of the squad? From what I gather, Watt is well liked and respected in the dressing room. Unless the player gives the manager a reason to take such harsh action it shouldn't be considered. He's a Motherwell player, being paid by us until he signs for another club. Let's see if the manager agrees with you.
  23. As al lot of people has said, players need to look after themselves, and will move for a good signing on fee and more money. That's fine, but we are talking about a player moving to a rival in the same league, so my only concern is for the good of Motherwell, not the player. If indeed Dundee Utd want the player to start in January then they pay good money for that to happen. Not what they want to pay, but what Motherwell want them to pay. If they can"t or won"t come up with the cash the player stays until the end of his contract, and trains with the youngsters and sits in the stand and watches the games from there. Unfortunately a player who has played for at least 12 clubs, doesn't come across as a very reliable individual, which is a real shame, as he has said he felt at home here. The manager has appeared to have made his position clear, by sitting Watt on the bench for the last game, and I see that continuing.
  24. I've said it on other platforms, in my opinion we do not give Dundee Utd a player who could improve their team in the coming six months unless they part with at least £200k in January. If they don't or can't, Tony Watt stays until his contract is up and can watch Motherwell from the stand every week until he leaves. We will get on without him, as Sunday helped to prove and I'm sure the manager will be looking at other options as well. No player is bigger than MFC.

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