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    Tony Watt

    Yes, Saturday was just one game but Watt's all round performance was to me reminiscent of a certain Tommy Coyne. Intelligent, creative, great touch, good linking with others, eye for goal and a bit of devilment. Yup, Watt needs to string a number of performances before he can consistently be me tioned in the same breath as The Cobra but Saturday could be the start. Down to you Tony.
  2. Anybody got a spare programme for this home match (Airdrie) back in the day?
  3. Goal king Danny Johnson nets winner tonight for the O' s. Again.
  4. Would have been interesting to see if Campbell would have played last night. Usually indicates staying or leaving.
  5. Sorry pal, Maguire's chance as a centre back has long gone. He even failed to impress as a CB when on loan at QOS. His only hope imho is as a back up midfielder and even at that I have serious doubts. For our defence to improve we will have to wait on Carroll' s return to LB which will allow Mc Ginley/ Dunne or eventually Donnelly to slip into left centre defence. Neither Mugabie ( admittedly improving) nor Lamie are dependable or skillful enough. Now, if we could just get the phone number of a certain Tom Alfred!!
  6. Lockdown in Israel doesn't begin until next Monday I believe.
  7. Whilst Coleraine should get all the respect in the world for their defeat of Maribor we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that Coleraine only managed to get by a San Marino team in the previous round with a late goal at The Showgrounds. Can see us winning this 3-1.
  8. Danny is on a roll. 3 goals in 3 games.
  9. I'm sure Robinson/Foyle will be well aware of the large amount of players who will be without a club north and south of the border come October 5. Patience and trust are needed.
  10. Need to say that Lamie should be cut some slack. As our first choice back 4 would be SOD/DEC/ Mc Ginley and Carroll with back up subs being Dunne ( I know!!) and Mugabi, I'm pretty certain Lamie was signed as no more than a squad player. What we are seeing with Lamie is what Livingston fans often said namely that he is a Championship level player whose value is largely restricted to him brought on late in games as an extra defender when defending a lead. I'm quite confident that once Carroll and Donnelly ( who can also be a CB option of course) are back, Lamie will drift onto the sidelines. Moreso as Bevis's form continues to improve and Mc Ginley builds up momentum. Until then it's important we support Lamie so that we get the best from him
  11. Sjarnan is a definite no. Nor do I believe there were progs for Aalesund, Levante or Pana. Yes for the Albanian team but the prog is very hard to find. Hope this helps.
  12. No guarantee that Israeli team will get by Laci as they faced same team last year only going through 3-2 on agg if I remember correctly.
  13. Needless to say we will want to avoid Gothenburg in this round. If we get them a wee ray of hope. Swedish mate tells me they are in free fall and have tried to get ex players to join as a way of averting their plunge towards possible relegation. Apparently they have discarded playing on the deck . Instead its eye bleeding `hoof ball`. They have not won a league game in 10. Is their form similar to anyone we might know???
  14. Also ,if tomorrow goes as expected it's important to remember that in the not too distant we will have 3 automatic first picks back namely Carroll, Mc Ginley and Donnelly. Once that happens (and I suspect 1 or 2 new players arrive by virtue of the DT money) we will be fine. It's just frustrating that us fans will be getting in the neck from others as we go into the international break.
  15. Very good post from The African. Re tomorrow. Although expecting a loss I do feel that Thursday night will have given the team a lift . Consequently I'm anticipating an organised and disciplined performance . Also see the ' runners' Long and Lang causing an already troubled Celtic defence some problems. Factor in the absence of Eduard and you know what we might not be that far away from taking something.
  16. Because we are in the same European tournament now as Celtic and to avoid him being 'cup tied' I feel DT almost certainly won't play tonight. This is a pity as I would liked to have seen a last hurrah from him. I wish the lad nothing but the best for his future. A model professional for one so young who seemingly never let last year's set back embitter him. Also a fantastic talent who I believe will become a star as time unfolds.
  17. And missing out on serious dough as many Polish exiles I believe had indicated a high turn out at FP. Our frustration made all the worse as Sjarnan beat Legia and played Inter Milan in following round. As for finger pointing yes Lasley must have felt hellish but let's not forget Vigurs at FP trying a ridiculous shot when a simple effort to score was on a plate . This occurred when we were coasting . Still seething!!
  18. Glens can consider themselves pretty lucky as HBT were to me the better team. Ain't counting chickens though. We are Motherwell after all!!!!
  19. Turning to LB I think we would all agree that until Mc Ginley and Carroll return ( perhaps as late as October) we are in the grubber. Seriously, we could be facing getting cut adrift as clubs exploit this glaring weakness plus we could be out of Europe toot sweet. Desperate situations therefore require desperate measures. On the clear understanding that he is physically fit and is injury free and that he would need time to get up to speed , would it be that outrageous to consider the re registering of Stevie Hammell as a stop gap?? Think about it. Stevie is 38, only retired just over 2 years ago, knows the system and wouldn't cost a penny. Also , he wouldn't be anywhere near the oldest player to play in the premier League. Davie Weir springs first to mind. Just putting it out there.
  20. Lamenting the competition for Grimshaw at RB it might be worth considering Ralston at Celtic. Before the brickbats start flying I fully appreciate that he ain't Cafu but would I feel offer an upgrade on Grimmy. Nor do I think Celtic would be hard to deal with as Ralston is very much surplus to requirements. Just a thought.
  21. Thanks to DennyC and Ross for help. Greatly appreciated.
  22. When logging in I didn't see anywhere to change my password from that of my season ticket number!! Anybody help? Meantime , having logged in using my season ticket number my TV is now on countdown. Should I leave TV as it is or change the password ( albeit that I'm not being asked too). Apologies if I'm being dippit.
  23. Killie forum reporting that we lost 1-2 today in game played at FP.
  24. Just missed seeing him play for us. From what I have been told he was a very highly regarded player in a brilliant team. Rest in peace sir.

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