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  1. Aye, you know , if he signs back on with club
  2. What's with the emotive language?Promoting the fact he's available is what he's doing, and I bet the club are right behind him... Motherwell have been selling their better players since way back, no difference here....guys done a great job.What you going to do if he resigns now ?
  3. Is he Motherwell's first ever Cedric? Seems a nice guy going by interview, but worryingly he's only played two games in defence and he's a,ready got grey hairs!
  4. It does , but I still would've preferred Amber shorts.....not taken by the away kit tho, there's so much you could do with claret, Amber and white that wouldn't cause colour clashes...... don't know why we've gone for what we've got
  5. Why would we take a chance on someone who would cost us so much and Imo isn't that good.....his feigning injury nonsense a few years ago with Charlie Mulgrew should be enough in itself, better bringing in lesser known players and taking a chance on them
  6. No shades of grey with you ......did a decent job for Us in play offs, probably punted because he was on reasonable money
  7. That's the problem with social media, giving a platform to uninformed generic garbage like above , take it you are really in the know?
  8. What's with all the anti Hamilton stuff , they have even less fans/budget than Motherwell.....it's also an easy away game to get to......if we were in their position tomorrow, we would want any opposition to act professionally ......the second worst team deserve another chance via the play off, it could've easily been us
  9. http://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/15293711.Neil_Cameron__Who_in_Scottish_football_is_going_to_hire_John_Hughes_now_/ Interesting article, I didn't have a major issue with Hughes, always thought his teams played decent football, but this article puts another slant on things........p.s well done Robbo , you achieved what was asked if you.
  10. If 7-2 and 5-1 defeats are "structured " , then give me unstructured hoofball all day long.....and I quite liked McGhee up until the end
  11. He's probably had to play a certain way to keep us up(hopefully)..........give him a chance with fewer injuries/pressure and will be better placed to judge ......like you say , still got work to do yo ensure safety
  12. Robinson has done a bloody good job considering what he was left with , he's has to do it minus McManus,Tait , Pearson (to a large extent), Cadden and McHugh have had to be moved from the midfield, Moult hasnt been 100% fit ......if he keeps us up he deserves to stay

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