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  1. I remember getting his autograph when I was about 9 or 10 (I'm now 68!). I was visiting my uncle in Law Hospital and Willie was a patient there as well having suffered a bad leg break. Long long time ago but I can still remember how pleasant he was to me.
  2. Afraid I'm old enough to remember us beating Rangers 5-2 in the Cup at Ibrox in the early sixties.
  3. Wellinessex


    I've had worse days.
  4. Sad news indeed. I remember him well. Condolences to his family and friends.
  5. Excellent, brings back great memories, not just of WP but Gregor Steven, Vic Davidson and Peter Marinello. Also Joe Wark scoring - brilliant!
  6. If true - and I've no reason at all to doubt you - it just shows what a total farce this so-called ballot has been. The Club won't welcome being inundated now with phone calls but they have brought this situation upon themselves.
  7. Hopefully communication with the members I am probably not alone but, since (reluctantly) renewing my membership a few months ago I have heard absolutely nothing (to add to the absolutely nothing I had heard for months beforehand). Also, I am not as much a regular on this site as I used to be and wonder why only this site, and not all Motherwell fan sites, is being used to advertise meetings.
  8. November 1960. Motherwell 4 Third Lanark 5. Beat that !
  9. £10 sent yia Paypal. Let me know if any problems. Cheers.
  10. For once, a name from before my time but a true Motherwell legend. Condolences to all his family and friends..
  11. I remember getting his autograph when I was about 8 - so that'e nearly 50 years ago! I was visiting my uncle in Law Hospital and Willie Hunter was in the same ward with a broken leg. Even that long ago I remember him as a really nice guy. Quinn, St John, Hunter : what a trio!
  12. My dad lifted me over the turnstile in November 1960 to see Motherwell v Third Lanark. We lost 5-4! Can't remember much about the game (I was only but I do remember the smells of fags and pipe tobacco! I think in these days everbody smoked.

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