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  1. The strip looks better every time I look at it. I was wondering if any one from the shop can help me out. I'm tempted to preorder the anniversary strip and get the discount but is it possible to collect it from the store meaning there's no postage fees? There doesn't seem to be an option online to do this and it kind of negates the purpose of preordering it to get a discount when I can buy it cheaper direct from the shop. Thanks in advance
  2. This is direct link to the sky website: Crossbar Challenge
  3. lonewolf


    Out of the two starting forwards tonight I felt the wrong was hooked for Sutton. I can't believe people knock Casagolda when Jamie "powder puff" Murphy actively avoids being in the oppositions penalty box. I've seen pass backs hit harder than Murphy's recent shots. Hope Esteban starts against Stranraer.
  4. Here's the video for anyone interested Sky news video
  5. Just in after spending the day studying at Strathclyde Uni Library. Up until 2ish couldn't get any peace as United fans had taken over the pub behind the library in their hundreds and were making quite a bit of noise(understandably). Usually this would put me in a foul mood but I think I'll let them off this time . Can't believe Motherwell are in Europe for the 3rd successive time, what a great achievement for the team and I really can't wait for the draw
  6. I know it's dreamland but until plans are announced I'd like to think something like this could be round the corner. The other outlook is pretty depressing when you see New Douglas Park and the other stadiums. I know hee-haw about how these things work but if there can be two great buildings built in Ravenscraig surely there's a strong possibility one more could be built, with a bit of money coming from outside sources, in a new community stadium that wouldn't look out of place next to the college and sports centre.
  7. I really don't like the idea of moving to a stadium along the lines of St Mirren Park. I can't see why Motherwell can't aim for a unique 10,000 seater stadium along the lines of the ones in mainland europe. Something like the Finnair Stadium in Helsinki would be my idea of a new ground. A big main stand,no big gaps at the corners and can fit 10,770 folk. I know it's unlikely but whenever it gets built as long as it's not like the other new stadiums in the SPL I'll be happy.
  8. Yup, had the same problem with the away top but went and exchanged it no bother, the collar is still a bit small but I can just about fit my head through it which is alot better than the first one.
  9. lonewolf


    Noticed at the bottom of the page they have a section with other McGlinchey photos and the first one underneath it is a blast from the not so distant past. Wonder how McGarry is doing done there anyway?
  10. Apologies hoof hearted, that's what I get for skimming over the topic. If this is the case then I'm more than happy with Brown and Knox being here for the long term as they are doing really well right now(with the exception of the cup game) and long may it continue.
  11. That was announced last week. BBC Link
  12. Just seen that Brown has been awarded the Manager of the Month Award, which is really well deserved. It's weird how much things have changed in a month for the better. BBC Story Congratulations Craig and let's hope you keep it up.
  13. lonewolf

    Game On Tv

    I imagine you need the pin until the weekend then it'll be free over the weekend. Could be wrong though.
  14. I think it would be great if there was something on here where users can submit questions. For example each month users could post questions in a topic before a deadline, and after that have a poll where we choose which is the best or most pressing question we would like officially answered and the one with the most votes could be answered by someone from inside MFC if feasible, obviously not all questions we as supporters have can be answered but if some were it would be a great start.

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