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  1. http://theblueseaofibrox.boards.net/thread/984/tbsoi-rangers-motherwell-match-thread
  2. Don't like getting beat but can take it if we a least have a go. Out of the last 3 games I have watched and going by the radio tonight our players just don't give a shit.
  3. We are making a shite team look good. FFS 0-2 to this mob
  4. Funny how we all see the same game in a different way. I thought it was a yellow for McDonald he wins the ball first and then followed through it took no time for the Ref to go to his top pocket right in front of the Rangers dug out. If McDonalds is a red then Rangers should be down to 9 men for the tackle before. This mob are shite, Mon the well
  5. They are shite Yoshi and we are just giving them all the time in the world and making them look good. No second half for me I've seen enough. Well fans at that game have been fleeced and I really feel for them
  6. This is gut renching to watch. We are just watching them make passes FFS show some fight because this is pathetic so far. Rangers are shite and we are making them look good
  7. Well73

    2016/17 Ins & Outs

    Like we don't have enough twats already
  8. Well73

    2016/17 Ins & Outs

    If this is who Flow's talking about
  9. Well73

    2016/17 Ins & Outs

    Daily Record reporting this: I thought we had no sell on clause Johnson joined the Steelmen in 2015 for £25,000, but included in the deal was a 10% sell-on clause for Johnson. Therefore, Motherwell will not pocket all the money from tonight’s transfer.
  10. Well73

    2016/17 Ins & Outs

    Someone on the twitter reporting Luca Belic from West Ham to us on loan?
  11. Well73

    2016/17 Ins & Outs

    Just listened to this as well. IF true Marv must have one squeaky bum right about now, how much of a fool he will look if we get to midnight and he's still our player. My only worry is from our point of view he looks like a huffy big shite and he might spit the dummy rather than getting his head down. Like most fans I come from the school of if you don't want to play for Motherwell then there's the door thanks for coming. The club have handled this perfectly so far after tonight what and how you deal with a distraction like this as a squad would be interesting to see. How today should pan out.......... 500k+ for Marv, nobody in give the youth a chance and fix the Tannoy thanks. (that's why I'm not in football management tho)
  12. Met him in once in Hamilton and he was a total gent as a life long well fan he made my day , my week , my year. RIP Phil you will never be forgotten.
  13. Well done Sir wee tear in my eye but exactly how he should be remembered.

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