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  1. only posting what has been widely reported, wind yer neck back in.
  2. Appears Polworth may definitely have moved on. His missus on Twitter having a right go at Alexander and saying the hell will be over in 5 weeks. After a few comments from Well fans she has deleted her account
  3. I dont know if anyone can work out the stats but I have never seen us come back from an International break and win. We always, always start slowly. Even when we have been on fire before a break as soon as we come back it takes us 3 games to get back into it...I see this after every break by Motherwell
  4. Wish we could sign this guy permanently. Such a great keeper
  5. 1 point, will take that..stops the rot and builds some confidence
  6. 4-0 St. Mirren. One of which will be a penalty
  7. Maurice Ross has left the club.
  8. Why is Harry Smith currently in London?. I assume the team were training today and I didn't see him on the Injury List.
  9. Alexander post match interview. Rues the amount of players injured but points out that we didn't get the basics right. Best players were the youngsters..etc. States he thought he thought he had enough players to maybe get something from the game if not a win. I think he is being kind to the players and trying to nurse us to the end of the season. I think once we are secure he will be holding the front door open for a fair few of those players to exit.
  10. Club philosophy not to leave a player in a worse state than we got them
  11. Wonder if Campbell has long Covid as he has never recovered and looks miles off his game.
  12. Watt has been a legend for us and also in this game. Cant believe I criticised his work rate before he joined us. MOM performance
  13. Tony Watt should get a pay rise for having to play with this shite every week. Only one of a very few who looks interested every week.

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