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  1. You don't like getting criticism back do you but like dishing it out....
  2. missed efforts don't score you goals or win you games
  3. When did this happen?. I never once seen him beat his man..!!
  4. If anyone says 'we go again' in the post match video I swear I will scream
  5. MelvinBragg was right...poor show
  6. and you would not have got even the most ardent Motherwell fan anywhere who would have predicted that after binning almost the entire defence
  7. Aarons must be wondering if he can cut his loan short. Hasn't been in a winning team yet.
  8. I left before half time, never done that in my puff but I was so angry. Absolute no effort from that team. Confidence is shot to pieces. Every pass is wayward. Reminds me of the Livingston game few weeks back. Had to get out for my own sanity. As for Mugabi who the hell recommended him an absolute wage thief
  9. Burrows tweeting a response to a question about the need for a pitch inspection. One isn't scheduled but if that changes he will keep everyone informed
  10. I point this out ever single game we play. Grimshaw always tries to tuck in and always, and I mean every single game, leaves their winger no matter what team with hundreds of room. They invariable always have plenty of time to receive the ball, turn and run at our defence. Dont know how many times Gallagher has had to come out and cover for Grimmy
  11. With Aberdeen picking up a point today and us losing to Celtic midweek (mortgage will be on it) that could bring Aberdeen level. After returning from that debacle what I saw made me more sad than angry. We were miles behind livi when it came to our thought process. They were incisive in passing, decisive in clearing any possible build up from us and getting their next attack going. Passionate about wanting to win and their desire to work for each other was at least 2-3 seconds ahead of everything Motherwell could do. We played like we we wearing lead boots, every single thing we did was tiring and laboured. Our build up (if there was such a thing) was excruciatingly slow in everything wee tried. Even the fans were pointing out passes quicker than the players. Not one leader on that park. Our midfield, given much kudos all season were swept aside as if they didn't exist today. Not one midfielder showed for a pass out of defence. We just could not get out of our own half. Not just for 20 minutes or so but for the whole game. We didnt need a striker, which is what we all want signed as they would have sat in the stand for the whole match as they were never going to get a sniff at anything today. Our only out ball in the first half was Hylton who was subbed (wish I knew why), he was the only person capable of getting the ball anywhere near their goal. I can only hope whatever was going on today with the whole team (bar the keeper) is out their system before we play Celtic. Just hope to god it was a bad day and the players can regroup but that was brutal.
  12. Only one name needed and thats the keeper. Everyone else should be fined one weeks wages for that display
  13. Completely and utterly clueless and I am trying to be positive. That is a shambles of a performance.

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