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  1. Was Turnbull not offered an improved contract recently?. You would think he would bite the hand of you for more money for sitting out injured. Anybody actually spoke to him?. Was he at the recent Hall of Fame dinner?. Does he still want to play for us or biding his time until he leaves?
  2. we have a history or returning from breaks pretty rusty
  3. As you will not doubt read from my posts I have not ever wanted to move and in fact in my next post you will see I prefer a complete refurb of our current stadium
  4. Quoting yourself ya big girls blouse
  5. You miss the point. We have the best pitch because we rip it up every year at what cost to a fan run club? Also that's jus the pitch the stadium is a patchwork job everywhere and badly needs proper investment. I would prefer to stay right where we are and rip it back to a shell including the pitch. Groundshare for a season and reap the benefits of a new stadium exactly where we are. However that will again all come down to cost. It doesnt factor in a training area that maybe would come with a new stadium elsewhere
  6. Of course he will not come out and say we need to invest millions on the park in his interview. No one would but it needs a lot more long term work than anyone at the club is happy to admit to. He is a great groundsman and would be a big loss to the club if he was poached. Much like the manager he must have his admirers from other clubs.
  7. Paul Matthew is working wonders on the pitch (How long can we keep him before he moves on considering the work he has done) but we could do with maintaining what we have rather than replacing every year. The reason we cant is as I have already mentioned. Dig down and you come across redundant pipes, sprinklers and a solid foundation from the old pitch thats incredibly hard to break down without digging it all up to ensure the pitch can be properly maintained. Plus if you dig up the surface every year the grass does not have time to knit together and secure its roots to around 12 inches. Replacing the pitch is just a band aid. Don't even get me started on our drainage.
  8. We redo the pitch every year for a reason. There is shit drainage underneath the pitch. All the water runs into the main stand often causing flooding on really bad winters. If you ask anyone who has worked on our park we built this pitch on the foundations of the old pitch which still has old piping all over it. Therefore the groundsmen are fighting a losing battle and have to relay every year. Grass needs a good base level to seed the pitch properly,and we do not go far enough down to lay that base level with all the drainage, undersoil heating and sprinkler system competing for space with the old drainage and sprinkler system. It would cost a ridiculous amount of money to dig down and remove all that stuff and that wont just take a close season. The office space is old and dated. The whole stadium also needs to be ripped back to a shell and completely rewired. We have patched up almost everything we can. I have no doubt we all love our stadium but the costs will only continue to spiral until its not cost effective to live there anymore and I dare say we are reaching the tipping point. The points about its close to somewhere to have a pint is a very limited argument when we are literally patching the stadium up every year costing us money we could be better used on improving the squad, more coaches, physios, better scouting system, investment in our youth system.
  9. Are we not allowed to have light hearted fun now?
  10. Great 3 points but by god do we not make it hard for ourselves. I don't think I have ever jumped up and down as much in my seat in the Cooper as I have done this season. Bloody team is going to give me a heart attack
  11. Full blown meltdown by some, over reaction by others, complete denial by the rest....Motherwell must have lost a game at some point this week
  12. In the one appearance I saw him I really thought he looked very composed, passed well and had one or two intelligent runs. Shame we have not saw more of him
  13. If you saw the incident the manager was screaming towards the physios asking if hartley needed subbed and they never noticed, that's what caused the delay. I agree Campbell's worst display for a long time. Usually very reliable but unusually for him lost possession so many times. Why Maguire was hooked instead of him is beyond me. Motherwell are true to form though. When its a game that counts we rarely turn up. We could have went 7 points clear but the heads went down after that rather casual penalty. Their goals were well taken. Their No 3 ran the show and ghosted past Motherwell players and bullied our midfield the whole game. For me the naivety is still there. We make such spectacular errors when all it needs is some calm heads and experience.
  14. This topic was going to be started by someone sooner or later, was inevitable when we are riding so high in the league, theres an international break and we get time to reflect. I know we all want to stick our heads in the sand and hope no other club notices our players and manager but we have been shifting a lot of decent players last few years for good money and addons whilst bringing in a new wave of replacements every summer. We then manage to get them playing well, improving them and I believe scouts are watching us more closely. I think a few on here are going to be pretty disappointed when a few are sold in January. Nothing at all to do with anything Old Firm related and I never mentioned them once in my opening post or even hinted at them. As for chat about building the team. Never going to happen. Even a hint we have a sellable asset they will be gone. Players and even the Manager signing new deals only increases their value slightly to allow the club a better bargaining position when the inevitable happens. Its a risky tactic that maybe be worthwhile if the club assesses that their value wont decline short term and they stay in the limelight. At least the club look to sell the player at their true value nowadays rather than the first sign of a wallet opening. I banged the drum previously about how we should be building a team for at least a few seasons but I am now in the firm belief that's not our model and never will be sadly. Just my opinion but one that has played out the last few years at the club

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