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  1. lol Smith has not even played a full game for us how the hell can you make that conclusion. How can anyone take your comments seriously when you have not even seen the guy perform in our team. Ridiculous comment
  2. We just signed a Striker and a winger..!! Give them a chance to have at least one full game to see what they can do
  3. Thats us signed Harry Smith on loan https://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/2021/01/21/harry-smith-signs-on-loan/
  4. Alexander's wiki has also been amended by someone as our new manager,,,now mysteriously removed
  5. To tell you the truth am not that bothered about losing O'Donnell. I think we need a clear out and if he isn't showing any interest in the contract then good luck elsewhere. The new manager whoever it is will no doubt have their own ideas of the players they will need and who will be staying or going. I foresee big changes in the player front, within our budget obviously.
  6. Any news on anyone who has left the club today...I believe at least O'Donnell contract is up although I think we had an option until the end of the season or was I dreaming that up.?
  7. Faddy does not have a clue about coaching and probably the reason he left the club. Some people need to take the Claret and Amber specs off. We need a good manager not a previous player with no experience.
  8. lol not one of those coaches would be seen anywhere near Fir Park. I even got as far as Page 20 and still didn't think any of them would even think of coaching here
  9. If they couldn't get the players motivated and hungry in the last year as the assistant manager and first team coach what makes you think they have what it takes to change things??. I am not having a go but genuinely concerned that the players will not give a shit or change their attitudes with the same staff.
  10. wow, if thats the level of player we are going for then I think we are definitely favourites for the drop never mind 10th spot. Totally and utterly underwhelming. Stewart is just the same size and type of player as White. Cummings is a mixture of Long and Watt's style of play, as for his celebration Both are well out of form goals wise and I don't see how they improve on what we have already despite most of them being shit (Lang and Watt exceptions just for work rate alone). Are they coming just to raise confidence a bit?? I would be happy to see every other forward player and so called wingers leave the club in January as none have proven they have what it takes to play at this level.
  11. Lammie is to blame for O'Hara sending off as O'Hara saw Lammie moving forward and leaving the player in behind and he saw the danger and ran in to cover. I also saw what looked like a rammie between O'Donnell and Watt which started in the first half and looked quite heated. They were still at it well into the 2nd half.
  12. https://www.lep.co.uk/sport/football/preston-north-end/preston-striker-louis-moult-has-light-end-tunnel-his-recovery-serious-knee-injury-3061949 Would be happy to get him in on loan even a half fit Moult would add some quality up front with Lang being recalled but I doubt Preston would want to risk another injury.
  13. Devante Cole (hamstring) and Jordan White (calf) out for the game v Hibs. S Robinson don’t know how long Cole will be out for. Some positive news on J Carroll and C Dunne. Carroll joins group training today, Dunne back running.
  14. As soon as I saw the subs at half time I knew the management team had thrown the towel in. As soon as I saw Seedorf on I switched off the stream. It was inevitable. As for someone mentioning Hastie I would never play him even if the squad only had 10 players. Sent from my LYA-L09 using Tapatalk

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