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  1. What a croc of shit. Alexander will not go anywhere near that train wreck...we would need to be desperate and in freefall to even think about taking on a massive project that is LG..no one doubts his ability but he self destructs everywhere he goes. Not even remotely similar to the TW scenario and to compare the two is laughable
  2. The Manager had already confirmed it in his pre game interview
  3. Stuart Rennie in goal didn't look too clever for Celtic's first
  4. GA has already said he was not looking to replace Watt. See about 5 minutes 50 secs in.
  5. Like who? most are signed up for new few years. Bevis and Darragh O'Connor are the only two out of the 2022 crop that I would keep. Lamie has already indicated he is leaving in the summer and the rest I would happily let go.
  6. I am hearing that we have agreed a six figure fee to allow Watt to leave
  7. Just my opinion but he is an international player don't you know
  8. I see Ojala is back to full fitness. Solid when he is fit. I would fire him straight back in with Sondre and push Mugabi to right back again. SOD can warm the bench for me. Just need a new left back in the summer
  9. trying to blot it from my memory...truly awful player
  10. Graham Alexander signed a new deal with the club until 2025 New Deal
  11. I think I am the only one who thinks good on you Tony you deserve more cash. You scored some crucial goals and had some brilliant performances for us when we were almost dead and buried and the rest of the team appeared to have downed tools. I have nothing but good wishes for him and if this turns out to be his last big wage before he retires then he deserves it. The club has survived another year in the big league and pushed on this year. So best of luck (except when you play against us) in the future. The club will move on and we will no doubt find someone else who will be our short term hero until they move on and ad nauseam
  12. Think him being benched when all this blew up is all the signs from GA that he will not be playing Mr Watt any time soon (if ever).
  13. Top entertainment when the hibs fans set off their flare which then set fire to their own flag and they all promptly got the jail.
  14. Just back. Managed to get parked right outside the stand after being 15 minutes late due to horrendous Edinburgh traffic. I thought we should have been at least 4 goals up in that first half if we didnt shoot straight at the keeper every time. Their goal was against the run of play but well taken. Bevis just a bit slow to get in front of his man. I won't criticise too much as thats his first mistake in god knows how many games. The central defence injuries are a big worry for the game against Celtic

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