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  1. yeah same...the site cant handle the rush
  2. I would put the boat out and risk the wages of two players on just one guy who can grab the team by the scruff of the neck when things are not going well and get their heads up and motivated. O'Donnell does not have that leadership ability for me. We have been screaming out for a leader on the park in many games last season when so many players were just hiding in games.
  3. I have a great idea lets just strengthen the guys we have on the bench, what could possibly go wrong?
  4. Ticket renewed for the Cooper. Looking forward to the new season as I retire in a few weeks and this will allow me more time to enjoy the season
  5. Blair Spittal joins up on a two year contract https://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/2022/05/27/blair-spittal-signs-on/
  6. Interesting that Lamie has been offered an extension despite signing a pre contract with Dundee...The lure of European football over Championship football
  7. To get back on track Yes I will be renewing my ticket. Life would not be the same without the rollercoaster.
  8. I think it's just one row and it was supposed to be started straight after the match last night. Was there any update at the club AGM about a new training ground? Sent from my SM-G998B using Tapatalk
  9. Well Well


    The usual suspects will be sitting fuming tonight that we won.
  10. my information says the cost is accurate as they need to dig through almost 15 inches of concrete hard ground (an old pitch) over the entire surface. Thats a lot of concrete hard ground to bin. This is the reason why the pitch does not drain well and leads to flooding of the stadium offices. Also does not help that the drainage channels run the wrong way on the pitch. Once they dig down they can get rid of a hell of a lot of old pipework as well. Its a mess just under the pitch and this has been needed for a long time.
  11. Cost allegedly around £2m. Not just the pitch but a total clear out of all the old pipes etc underneath, including renewal of the drainage, undersoil heating and sprinkler system. Also they are digging down further to an old pitch surface which is basically a concrete base and was causing all sorts of issues for drainage and under pitch pipework. NEW PITCH
  12. ..and we didn't give the opposition a goal of a start?. sorry just taking time for this to process
  13. Did we win a game of football?
  14. 100%..he always looked composed on the ball and does not get beat easily. I would love to see him in a Well jersey.

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