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  1. So that's what he done when he retired from football
  2. Burrows tweeted earlier that they were still in contact with both players and awaiting responses
  3. Its another belter..I am usually a 2Xl (I know chubber) so if its Macron whats that 5XL?
  4. Captain this year? Gallagher or Turnbull?
  5. what gets me more than the pics is going back to the start of the thread and seeing the old regular posters who are no longer here and haven't posted for years
  6. You don't like getting criticism back do you but like dishing it out....
  7. missed efforts don't score you goals or win you games
  8. When did this happen?. I never once seen him beat his man..!!
  9. If anyone says 'we go again' in the post match video I swear I will scream
  10. MelvinBragg was right...poor show
  11. and you would not have got even the most ardent Motherwell fan anywhere who would have predicted that after binning almost the entire defence
  12. Aarons must be wondering if he can cut his loan short. Hasn't been in a winning team yet.
  13. I left before half time, never done that in my puff but I was so angry. Absolute no effort from that team. Confidence is shot to pieces. Every pass is wayward. Reminds me of the Livingston game few weeks back. Had to get out for my own sanity. As for Mugabi who the hell recommended him an absolute wage thief

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